WL//WH Video of the Day: ÄNIMA “Entre el Tiempo y Tú”

Video Of The Day ÄNIMA

Mexican Dark Wave/ Coldwave duo from Tamazula De Gordiano, ÄNIMA, comprised of César Barajas (programming, synth) and Fab Paranoico (lyrics, voice, guitar), in a provocative video release, starring “Janet (Nokturnalia)”, for the trance-inducing track “Entre el tiempo y tú”, stirring an eclectic mix of 80s-tinged electro-wave with emotional guitar melodies and new age lyrics to form a cool, unique sound of nostalgic bliss.

A relentless undertow of retro oscillating and warbling bassline menace winds hypnotic tinny beats with eerie, glowing synth strains and prickling abrasive guitar slivers to create a retro spacey electro vibe around elusive, spoken Spanish male vocals echoing cool whispers of excitement through the dark ethereal lyrics drawing Apocalyptic fantasies from the timeless realms of the human psyche where desolation and dreams merge with a blind, broken subconscious connection made manifest “Entre el Tiempo y Tú.”

A surreal musical performance choreographed with a striking and seductive female dance sequence set against a post-modern industrial cityscape.

The hypnotic video, created and photographed by Nora Pacheco ( Soez) spins disorientation and modern edge into a blue moonless horizon, shining doubt through a cascade of thin black veils and ritual idols. A sexy, alluring model poses clad in metallic studs, fishnet hosiery, and jewelled fingers paint intrigue into the time-lapsed stormy skies set against mystical sculpted dragons, embellished skulls, and ancient gods to form a balanced harmony of supernatural dominion.

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