WL//WH Premiere: NUL TELEXES “A Play”

WL//WH Premiere  Nul Telexes

Nul Telexes create electronic pop music with cold cinematic scope. The duo consist of two life long friends who have played together under numerous guises over the years, namely Liverpool post-punk band People/Talk and Oh Well Goodbye (of Bleeding Gold Records).

Three musical movements make up the first release from Nul Telexes. Layered lush synths move alongside delicate shoe-gaze guitar to create a cinematic swell all confined within a pop song; further enhanced with a baritone vocal that completes Nul Telexes dark romanticism concept.

All three tracks are accompanied by the related visuals, available soon on the band’s YouTube channel, made of colourful fluid textures and kaleidoscopic images left transforming in the mind’s eye of imagination.

The opening track “A Play”, WL//WH is very pleased to premiere, unravels airy, bright synth chords that organically swell around steady brisk lashing snare beats, laced with bleak galloping bassline, while achingly impassioned piercing guitar melodies wail sparkling heartfelt pain and forlorn nostalgia encompassed by deep emotional male vocals, brooding obsessively in heady repetition.

“A Play” smoulders with introspective lyrics lost in lonely longing and uncertainty where an unrequited love from afar begs the question, “Do you feel?” bringing a chilling and haunting aura of darkness to the song.

Nul Telexes‘ debut three-track digital EP will be released on all streaming platforms on 31 July.

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