WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #38

Picks Of The Week:

  • Finnish jangly guitar-pop combo from Helsinki, Tvärtom “Kadun Humina” from the debut s/t EP

A little late on this brilliant Helsinki-based 4-piece Tvärtom with a bunch of deftly crafted tunes replete with sparkling jangly guitar riffs flourishing along with lithe rhythms, uplifting yet wistful harmonies, and captivating hazy melodies. A true gem of an EP that blossoms with heartfelt vocal intensity and tuneful instrumental grace.

  • Sydney’s indie/surf/psychedelic rock 5-piece LIQUID TIME “Heads Heart” new single

Sydney’s combo provides a lush, sultry and elegant slice of blissed-out psych-pop wonder that builds upon itself in a mesmerizing and infectious way through glistening guitar chords, woozy synths, intoxicating percussion, upbeat grooves and ecstatic vocals crammed with loads of allure and magnetism. Sublime stuff.

  • Los Angeles, CA shoegaze/dream pop 4-piece Sonic Apparitions “The Chase” title-track from the debut album

L.A. outfit Sonic Apparitions serve up a brilliant understated solid debut of invigorating yet poignant classic shoegaze in a dizzying fine balance of energy and ambience, melodies and distortions, darkness and light that speaks directly at the heart.

  • Melbourne-born/London-based minimal art-pop/dream-psych/experimental pop artist Carla dal Forno “I’m Conscious” from the sophomore LP ”Look Up Sharp” out now on her own Kallista Records
  • Irish chambery folky pop music from Austin Moore of Cork, Sans Chateaux “Ludwig Leichhardt in Fairfield” from the second album “Ephemeral Heights”
  • Italian lo-fi/jangle pop/dream pop solo project WAKE IN JUNE “OBE // OBE” from the upcoming V/A “Para Siempre II” via Stupid Decisions
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan C86/shoegaze/indie-pop band Failed Flowers “Faces” upcoming 2-track 7″ single on Slumberland.
  • Spanish indie/new wave/dream pop band from Barcelona, Últim Cavall “Incendi” from the upcoming album “Alaska” on Discos de Kirlian                                                                                                                                 
  • Canadian five-piece indie project from Hamilton, Ontario, CAPITOL “Never Been to Paris” off of the upcoming album “Dream Noise” via Meritorio Records and Kingfisher Bluez
  • Brooklyn, NY-based indie rock band LONGWAVE “If We Ever Live Forever” title-track from the upcoming new album through Original Signal Recordings
  • Manchester, UK grunge/indie/noise-rock trio The Empty Page “He’s Very Good At Swimming” from the upcoming 2-track 7″ single “You’re Tame / He’s Very Good At Swimming”
  • Sidney-based fuzzy garage punk new project from Aussie bad boy Alex Wall of Bleeding Knees Club and Wax Witches, aka CANDLE “Dream Fingers” off of the cassette album “Master Of The Multiple” on Burger Records (2019)                                                                                                                                                           
  • Austin, TX-based dreamy synth psych-pop US/Swedish duo ROUTINE DEATH “Tubeway Revolution” from upcoming new LP “2 Weeks to 4 Months” on Fuzz Club                                                                                        
  • Kiel/Leipzig, Germany garage punk rock’n’roll 4-piece NO SUGAR “Times Up” from the debut album “Rock’n’Roll Isn’t Boring, It’s You” on Sabotage Records
  • New York-based psychedelic baroque space-folk trio multi-instrumentalist Hewson Chen (The New Lines), drummer Matt Schulz (Holy Fuck / Enon / SAVAK) and vocalist Allison Brice (The Eighteenth Day Of May and The Silver Abduction), LAKE RUTH ”Extended Leave” upcoming 2-track 7″ single “Extended Leave / Strange Interiors” on Slumberland Records.
  • Portland, Oregon dream pop/psychedelic singer/songwriter Cat Hoch “Just Myself” from the debut album “Temptations”
  • Brazilian psychedelic band from São Paulo, BIKE “Vento Solar” from 2-track single “Quarto Templo 2/4” on Quadrado Magico
  • Lucerne, Switzerland ethereal/shoegaze/dream pop project of Andy Jossi, THE CHURCHHILL GARDEN “The Same Sky (feat. Krissy Vanderwoude)” off of the album “Heart & Soul Collection”
  • California ethereal/post-punk/darkwave/dream pop duo Purple Dynamine “The Awakening” from the new EP “Through Opal Eyes We See” on Shore Dive Records
  • Florida based shoegaze/dream pop project of Matthew Messore, aka Cathedral Bells “Heavy Rain” off of Cathedral Bells’ debut album out early 2020 on Good Eye Records                                                                            
  • Moscow, Russia shoegaze/dream pop duo of Dmitry Gruber (Galatée) and Diana (Lotusotus, Camille Paulette-Odell), STOP SUFFERING “Ciao” from the “Win” EP on Hjördis-Britt Åström
  • Kansas City bedroom pop/dream pop/shoegaze solo project SEVENTEEN YEARS “Silly Mess” from the new EP “Ivory Tower”
  • Rotterdam, The Netherlands alt rock 4-piece LEWSBERG “Cold Light of Day” new 2-track single
  • East Yorkshire, UK indie/fuzzy/jangle pop band PRIESTGATE “Summ(air)” new single                                           
  • Seoul, South Korea-based indie noise pop band STARS ON FIRE “Salty Kiss” from the upcoming EP “Songs for the summer” via Emma’s House Records
  • Charlotte, NC post-punk/dream-pop 4-piece WINE PRIDE “Nostalgia” from the debut EP “Weekend (Demo)”
  • Perù dream pop/shoegaze/indie rock outfit Vida en Marte “Qué Descubriste” new single
  • Busan, South Korea surf indie-pop four-piece SAY SUE ME “Your Book” off of new ‘Your Book / Good People’ 7″ single on Damnably
  • Los Angeles-based bedroom pop/dark twee/jangle rock project of Athens, OH‘s Ashley Rhodus, aka WISHED BONE “Trees We Couldn’t Tell The Size Of” from the forthcoming debut album “Sap Season”
  • Griffith, Indiana shoegaze/dream pop duo of Neil Burkdoll and Krissy Vanderwoude, aka WHIMSICAL “I Always Dream of You” from the upcoming album “Bright Smiles & Broken Hearts”
  • Stockholm, Sweden C86/power pop/’orthodox indie-pop’ duo of Gustav Tranback (Paper Hearts, Dismal Plight) and Mikael Carlsson (The Honeydrips, Dorotea), aka Salt Lake Alley “But You Do, You Do” new single
  • Guadalajara, Mexico dreamgaze solo project of Eduardo Vela, aka EL GLUM “Lejos” new single
  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana dream-pop gaze trio Dinosaur Girl “Ice Sickle Cream” from the new EP “Astrotonin”
  • Los Angeles‘ dream pop/psychedelic rock 4-piece THE BLACK WATCH “Much of A Muchness” one of two b-sides of a 7″ EP from Hypnotic Bridge Records
  • Washington, D.C./Baltimore noise-rock/dream pop/shoegaze duo of Flip and Troy Bradbury, ETHERPOOL “Polara (feat. Jennifer Kuethe)” from the new EP “Fawn”
  • AngloGerman C86/jangle/dream pop/indie pop 4-piece The BV’s “Clipping” from split “Vague Clipping” EP with Toy Tambourine via Shiny Happy Records                                                                                                     
  • Cuernavaca, Mexico bedroom/indie pop/dream pop project, Anuncio en Blanco “Ahora” new single on Stupid Decisions
  • Dutch cinematic/dream pop/slowcore/indie pop duo DONNA BLUE “Desert Lake” new single on Snowstar Records
  • Brisbane, Australia ambient/shoegaze/dream pop solo project RELAY TAPES “Teeth” new single
  • UK noise-rock/shoegaze band from Bath, CHIARIVARI “Lotus Eater” second single from forthcoming debut album “Descent” due winter 2019 through Worst Bassist Records
  • Seattle dream-pop duo Night Hikes “Vera” 2nd single from the debut studio album “Chalice”, out later this year.
  • Melbourne, Australia based shoegazey/dream pop/indie band KODIAK GALAXY “Running Out of Reasons” first single from the forthcoming album “A Bad Time For Dreamers” due out in early 2020.
  • Montreal, Quebec dream pop/shoegaze duo MURMURE “La bataille” from the new EP “Espace-temps”
  • Glasgow, UK indie-guitar-pop 5-piece Wojtek The Bear “Tonic Youth” from the 12″ vinyl EP “Old Names for New Shapes” on Scottish Fiction
  • Jakarta, Indonesia dream pop/jangle/indie pop 5-piece Secret Meadow “Of One’s Desire” new single
  • Chinese electronic/indie-pop duo Caslean & Half Toast Sandwich ‘即興大冒險 (sweet adventure)’ new single
  • UK indie-pop outfit (also The Title Sequence), No Middle Name “Meet the Folks Part 1”
  • Copenhagen-based Danish lo-fi /dream pop/psych-pop solo project of a member from Eerie Glue, BÜNNI “The Toll Of The Bell” from upcoming album ”A Better Future”                                                                             
  • New York dream-pop/dreamgazer solo project of Dani Mari, aka PRIMITIVE HEART “Dying To Live” new single on Shore Dive Records
  • Miami, FL dream-pop 4-piece airhockey “The Signs” third single.
  • French slowcore/dream pop duo formed in Toulouse, DOCKS “Bitter Flags” from the upcoming cassette EP “Terracotta Ladder” via Hidden Bay Records
  • Japanese psych/cosmic/dream pop project of Ryota Miyake, aka SPARROWS “La chanson du Kisuki (feat. Vincent Ruiz aka Yung Veerp)” from the album “Berries” on FLAU
  • London, UK folk/psychedelic duo The Cold Spells “Here We Go” from the upcoming album “Interstitial”

Photo by Martin Munkacsi