WL//WH New Music: Weekly new artists, tracks, videos and weird stuff #2

Weekly new artists, tracks, videos and weird stuff #2

7 days x 7 exciting brand new artists, tracks, videos and possibly weird stuff selected by Toze Cardoso…enjoy!
  • Another week has passed by but the cats didn’t forget to turn on the tap, so we start off with a new Experimental Minimal Synth female artist, Eleanor Marie, a.k.a. GOLD CHAMBER project coming from the Bay Area, CA. Already she’s been publishing track after track on YouTube since the end of last year. Her sound is minimal synth wave in general but with sentimental personal feeling flavours ranging from dark emotions to dreamy melancholia & psychedelia. Her latest video track “Your Vacancy” gives just that feel, entrancing us with a beautiful synth skipping a heartbeat. Don’t forget Eleanor has also another project with French musician Nicolas Albin (Then Came The Rain) called…LOWER SAVAGE with its debut EP called “Undertows” that just came out this Friday. Check them out. Both are Beautiful & Puurrfect!                                                                   
  • Coming from La Ciotat, South of France is PARADISE COVE, a new band that has been testing & giving demos last year, now they just put out a first new track this year called “Inside” it’s available now on the official band’s Soundcloud page. With Nicolas on voice & guitar, Stephen Key on bass & keyboards plus a drum machine they altogether give us the sound that we much love in the ’80s: Cold Dark Wave Post Punk in a clean, crisp & with revolt. Please give us more soon. Puurrfect!                                                                                            
  • Next up is an interesting quite new dark genre label called Chicago Research Ltd. based of course in Chicago, IL. With artists like BRUISED / CIVIC CENTER / DEATH VALLEY / PRODUCT KF / THE ARNO & UNDERSTUDY reminds of similar labels from the end of the ’70s like Manchester’s Factory label or early 4AD & MUTE and also that Sheffield‘s synth & industrial experimentalism deeply rooted in a punk background. They’ve just released a couple of cassettes / digital albums this week. Check them out. You’ll certainly won’t regret it!           
  • THX 1971 is Thomas Meier-Goldau electro minimal synth wave project from Augsburg, Germany. He’s released recently a new album called “Nutze Deine Zeit”, full of beautiful robotic, tight minimal synth layered tracks, my cats keep jumping with joy when hearing them. Oh, don’t forget to check his YouTube channel, the videos are a treat! Ping! Pong! Puurrfect!           
  • Menyhara Zayd is a young lady, possibly from San Francisco, CA, with a unique dark downtempo minimal tinged psychedelic sweet coloured sound with traces of R&B. She just released a couple of days ago her debut EP called “Cloud Dwellers”. She says “I’m just trying to make the ride interesting” Well girl my cats will go on that ride…Anytime! Beautiful & Captivating….Just Puurrfect!
  • Next is “Stripped”, the Depeche Mode cover made by French/American collaborative duo INTERDIT (aka Éric Reeb from Nancy) and Fornicata (Dark Wave from California). Puurrfectly done staying well in the genre & pushing it a little further, synths are great & voice is fantastic. Well done guys. Puurrfect!                                     
  • So that’s it…..Oh, wait my cat is telling me “You forgot JEZUZ!” Oooops yes, the last track is a noisy grungy psychedelic (possibly made in a garage full of good stuff) drenched in chaotic black hole reverb debut called “Walkin’ With Jesus”, an immersive cover version of the very 1986’s first single from the legendary Spacemen 3. The mysterious band is called PSYCHIC COMMUNION (nice name) and they are from Glasgow, Scotland. Try them out. Trippy Puurrfect Stuff! See you next week!     


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