WL//WH Track Of The Day: GUERRA FRÍA “The Day We Rot”

Track Of The Day GUERRA FRÍA

Located in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala‘s Western highlands, Guerra Fría is the one-man band masterminded, since 2022, by Osman Carrillo, who has developed a bleak, atmospheric and vibrant 80s-tinged, Synth-laden Dark /Cold Wave sound, brimming with profound introspection and indissoluble melancholy, wrapped in a veil of gothic mist, to delve into the thick shadows of a tormented soul, lost in a murky pool of alienation and agony.

As an initial vocoded voice introduces and will reiterate towards the end, the new single, “The Day We Rot”, deals with an obsessed person who “has been waiting for so long” to see a loved one’s face.

Stripped of any ethereal lush guitar flourishes, while intensified by mesmerizing trance music inflexions, a metronomic punchy dry drum programming along with wavering humming basslines, interspersed by rolling synth plucks and wistful tinkly stabs, carries somber listless baritones, longing in disconnection and depression, into a final euphoric release of a glaring, swirling and lonely arpeggio.

The Trance-Techno Remix from our, so to speak, ‘old’ favourite French artist and musician Sad Madona palpitates on the urgent pace of hypnotic thudding drum kicks topped by mournful stuttering vocal clips, and shivering plaintive synth motifs of stirring desolation.

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