WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – January #02-22

  • Albacete, Spain shoegaze /noise pop trio Pálida Tez “Las Cenizas de un Verano” from 2-track debut single “Las Cenizas de un Verano / Joven Cuervo”

Central Spain‘s trio Pálida Tez reveals their first beguiling, fresh and nostalgic 2-track demo rife with lightly reverberated, fizzing shoegaze textures, restrained breezes of noise and melancholic dreamlike vocal harmonies. The opening tune depicts hazy, slow-moving chiaroscuro shadows of strummed guitar chords and achingly sparkling piercing strains, that unfurl beneath dreamy sad vocals longing in helpless lovelorn tragedy, through a distorted rain of poisonous tears, burning fond memories with deadly deceptions into “The Ashes of Summer.”

  • Münster, Germany bedroom /dream-pop /indie-pop solo project of half of Nah, Sebastian Voss, aka The Fisherman and his Soul “A White Actor (These Walls Have Ears)” from 2-track single “Ennio Ennui”

German musician Sebastian Voss, through his solo moniker, gives free rein to his boundless bygone imagination into a meticulously crafted, effervescent and infectious retro pop. Conjuring nostalgic Morriconian cinematic impressions and blaring Calexico-tinged Latin vibes, the opening jam unfolds over crisp peppy, at first jerky, rhythmic patterns, that surge trotting with hopeless anxious urgency, amid shimmering strummed guitars and evocative flourishes, surrounded by invigorating yet devastating trumpet blows, atop racing breathless baritone croons laced with an impassioned story of shattered self-esteem, rising paranoia, and reversal of fortune. Swaying laid-back beats, funkified guitar riffs and groovy organ sweeps define the nightly ’60s lounge jazzy theme on the flip.

  • Austin, TX Lo-Fi /Post-Punk /Dream-Pop solo project EVNTYD “Parisian Fur” single

Third single for the Austin based newcomer that displays a further improvement adding chunky bass emphasis and energetic sharpness to his already sparkly emotional guitar work recalling bands like DIIV, Wild Nothing and Real Estate, not to mention The Cure, to create a captivating heady dash of crystalline melancholic guitar pop through luscious, bittersweet, ripples of chiming 6-string melodies, underpinned by mumbling swelling basslines, that wander, at time twang and ring out with anxious and desperate soaring intensity, topping off distorted high strung vocals and soft haunted whispers through a rollercoaster ride of regretful emotions to unveil a sad dreamless destiny.

  • Portuguese experimental /ambient /library music /hauntology /psychedelic /analog synth solo project The Flipping Candy “My Favourite Tangerine Tree” off of the debut album “From A Cosmic Childhood” on Prisma Sonora Records
  • Scotland‘s psychedelic folk 4-piece Modern Studies “Wild Ocean” from the upcoming LP “We Are There” on Fire Records
  • Latvian electronic artist and producer Agata Melnikova, aka SIGN LIBRA “There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart)” single (written by Eurythmics) on RVNG Intl.
  • Bay Area psych /electro /jazzy pop project led by multi-instrumentalist-vocalist Jenny Gillespie Mason, aka SIS “Flower in Space” from “Gnani” EP on her own Native Cat Recordings
  • Berlin-based Norwegian ethereal synthpop artist Ellen A. W. Sunde, aka Sea Change “Is There Anybody There” third single from the upcoming LP                                                                                                                             
  • Baltimore, Maryland experimental pop band Tomato Flower “Red Machine” from upcoming “Gold Arc” EP on Ramp Local
  • Michigan lo-fi /indie/ slowcore DIY project Auto-Pilot “Oh How Tragic” from “Shadow Coast” E.P. tape on Useless Plastic Toys & Candlepin Records
  • Mid-80s formed Glasgow‘s indie-pop band THE ORCHIDS “I Don’t Mean to Stare” from the upcoming collection V/A “Under the Bridge” 14 new or little-heard tracks from Sarah Records label affiliated bands and musicians on Skep Wax
  • Clare, Australia jangle /dream /indie-pop solo project ENGLISH SUMMER “A New Colour for You” from the demo collection “As You Walked Away (Demos 20-21)”
  • Cambridge, UK art-rock / post-punk /indie folk collective Black Country, New Road – “Concorde” from upcoming sophomore LP “Ants From Up There” via Ninja Tunes
  • New York lo-fi indie pop new project by Phil Sutton (Pale Lights, Cinema Red and Blue and once of Comet Gain), Love, Burns “Dear Claire” from the upcoming LP “It Should Have Been Tomorrow” on ATHRecords, Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten, Calico Cat Records and Jigsaw
  • Oakland, Ca based newest collaborative fuzz indie pop music project of Christina Riley (of NorCal band Burnt Palms), Mario Hernandez (Kids On A Crime Spree, Ciao Bella) on drums and Donna McKean (Lunchbox, Hard Left) on bass, ARTSICK “Look Again” from the upcoming LP “Fingers Crossed” on Slumberland Records
  • Manchester, UK dream pop /indie pop project of Juliper Sky guitarist, Jesse D’Kora “The Fourth Day of November” new single.
  • Arizona bedroom pop /indie rock musician/songwriter Hayden Casey “Hearse” off of the single “Hearse / Circling” from upcoming LP “Endless”
  • Brazilian Bossanova /Tropicalia /surf rock /psych /dream pop singer-songwriter based in Melbourne, aka Sugarloaf Beach “Champagne Beach” single
  • US jangly, indie-pop duo from Southern California, AND HEARTS “Clumsy Boy” from the EP “Enjoy The Ride”
  • Singapore‘s fuzzy indie-rock/dream-pop 4-piece The New Modern Lights “Runaway” from the EP “The Distance Between Us”
  • Louisville, Kentucky ambient /shoegaze /post-rock solo project, Bradley Coomes “Lost In You (ft. Jackie Kasbohm of Echodrone)” from the upcoming album “Communion” on Deus Marginalia
  • Highland Park, New Jersey indie /shoegaze /dream pop solo project (member of electronic groups You Shriek, Model Behavior, Project Sphere and Provocateur), Skot Kremen “2022″ single
  • Late 80s formed Dublin, Ireland indie rock band led by Craig Walker, Power of Dreams “It’s My Choice” from the album “Become Yourself”
  • Swedish experimental post-rock duo OH HIROSHIMA “Humane” from the upcoming 4th studio album “Myriad” via Napalm Records
  • Minneapolis indie noise-pop trio Jim Blaha (Blind Shake/Shadow In The Cracks), Annie Sparrows (Soviettes/Awesome Snakes), and Dan Henry (Sgt 6 Assault/Dummies/France Has The Bomb), aka Green/Blue “Day Gone” from “Offering” LP on HoZac Records
  • Glasgow-based indie-rock 4-piece lead by Perth-raised singer and guitarist Craig Angus, SAVAGE MANSION “Football Weather” PostMap Club 099 single series on Lost Map Records
  • Portland lo-fi /psych /indie pop duo Reptaliens “Take It” new single off their upcoming third album “Multiverse” on Captured Tracks
  • Mid ’80s San Francisco experimental /post-punk /psychedelic /folk band The Ophelias “Sleepy Hamlet” from the upcoming retrospective LP collection plus 5 unreleased tracks “Bare Bodkin” on Independent Project Records
  • San Francisco, Ca DIY kitchen pop project by Glenn Donaldson (Skygreen Leopards, Art Museums etc), The Reds, Pinks & Purples “I Still Owe You Everything” new 2-track single
  • UK indie rock band (fka British Sea Power), Sea Power “Green Goddess” from the 8th LP, “Everything Was Forever” via Golden Chariot Records                                                                                                                          
  • Brighton, UK indie-rock /new wave band Youth Sector “Is Blood” new single via Family Values                                     
  • Melbourne‘s psych /blues /punk trio of Joel Morrison (Tankerville), Liz Turner (Lost Talk / If So Why) & Swiss (Shit Tatts), aka Bodies “Drowned” from their sophomore LP ”Ghost Hoaxing” on Kasumuen Records
  • French garage noise rock trio based in Lyon, SALO “Algeria” from the upcoming LP “From Melmac With Hate” via Bigoût Records
  • Bristol, UK Garage Punk /Pop-Psych group The Total Rejection “Ten Minutes Off The Top Of My Head” from the upcoming album “Off The Top Of Our Heads …And Other Forbidden Pleasures” on Raving Pop Blast! Recordings
  • Manchester-based via Spain alternative darkwave psych outfit, Neu Oscuro “Ragazza (Single Version)” debut single
  • Manchester-based Rock ‘n Roll Psychedelic Dream-gazers, Frankie Teardrop Dead “Hardmachine” from the upcoming 4th LP “Tais-toi et Dance” on Sister 9 Recordings
  • Harrisburg, Pennsylvania electronic /shoegaze /alt-rock duo The Casual Distractions “Burns My Eyes (feat. Miss Sarah Ruth)” from the LP ” The Art of Self Offense”
  • Mexico City noise rock /shoegaze 4-piece Howless “Levels” from the upcoming debut LP “To Repel Ghosts” on Static Blooms Records
  • Japanese indie /shoegaze band STOMP TALK MODSTONE “I’ll Believe” (Single)
  • Brooklyn, NY shoegazers Dead Leaf Echo “Milk.Blue.Kisses (Foil In Motion)” from the upcoming EP “Milk.Blue.Kisses.And.Whalebone.Wishes” on Moon Sounds Records
  • Philadelphia experimental shoegaze outfit led by frontman Doug Dulgarian, aka TAGABOW [they are gutting a body of water] – “Diamond Dallas Page (feat Hooky)” from TAGABOW & Full Body 2 Split cassette EP “EPCOT” on Citrus City Records
  • Ottawa, Canada grunge /shoegaze /indie rock duo SOFTCULT “Gaslight” (Single) on Easy Life Records           
  • Hemel-Hempstead, UK based alt-pop newcomer Low Girl “So Cool” title track from the new EP “So Cool”                                                 
  • New York wave /electronic /dream pop /synthpop duo R. Missing “Saturnining” from the new EP “Placelessness and Saturnining” on Sugarcane Recordings
  • Providence, Rhode Island solo electronic project of Mindy Stock, aka VIRUSSE “Yet” single from the  upcoming EP
  • UK post-punk /indie rock trio of Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood (Radiohead) along with drummer Tom Skinner (Sons of Kemet), THE SMILE ” You Will Never Work In Television Again” single on XL Recordings                  
  • Oslo, Norway indie /dream pop solo project Yndling “Like Love is Real” from Yndling’s debut S/T EP
  • Chicago, Il indie rock duo No Star “Slip” from “Palm Reader” EP
  • Chicago, IL-based, Northern Californian indie-rock songwriter and musician, Sam Rosenzweig “Chances” single
  • Los Angeles based psych-pop singer-multi-instrumentalist Elephant Castle ‘Quicksand‘ single
  • Brisbane, Australia dreampop /indie rock solo project Seasoning “Friends” single
  • Oklahoma City‘s surf /psych /indie rock /dream pop duo HUSBANDS “Wishbone” new single
  • Tucson, AZ pyschedelic garage pop project THE RESONARS “I Lost You” from the EP Music from “Blood Bath”
  • UK Hookland /freak folk duo Gordon Stranger (Bogquake) & Pat ‘Flowers’ Bouquet, aka TUMULUS “Walking in the Sun” single (originally recorded in 1971) on Harmonic Union Music
  • Manchester, UK ambient /post-rock /synth /electronic one-man project APTA “Elegy” from 7″ single “Elegy / Lullaby” on Woodford Halse

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