WL//WH Track Of The Day: PORNOGRAPHIE EXCLUSIVE “A Party In Tears”

Track Of The Day Pornographie Exclusive  

Pornographie Exclusive is a Brussels, Belgium-based  Coldwave /Synth Pop duo made up of Séverine Cayron & Jérôme Vandewattyne who have just dropped their debut single, “A Party In Tears”, via RAUM antibody label.

Pornographie Exclusive stems from the creative and amorous alchemy between Severine Cayron and Jerome Vandewattyne since their encounter in 2020 and arises as a natural extension of their lives and careers. Her as an actress and him as a film director, both musicians, both extreme and passionate about everything they do, driven by a sense of urgency, a vital need for uncompromising unity and musical expression.

Imbued by a sensuous, unrestrained, and dramatic dark feel, “A Party in Tears’ is an all-consuming Electro-Rock Gothic Romance, where two spellbound lovers dance over the perpetual throbbing heartbeats of heavy, clang-charged, thumping drum programming, and the undulating slipstream of droning flickering bass lines, surrounded by rising lonesome eerie synth glows, and insistent bleeding glistening guitar strains, whilst a beautifully tragic male-female duet fuses harsh whispery secrets with loving harmonies and aching desperations through an agony and ecstasy of eternal, push and pull, passion.

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