WL//WH Track Of The Day: MESSIER 13 “Beach Khaos”

Track Of The Day MESSIER 13

Hailing from Athens, Messier 13 is a 5-piece band, fresh bloom out from the lively alternative music scene of the Greek capital, with a, slightly lo-fi, debut 3-track ‘Demo’ EP, filled with an energetic, passionate, sometimes introspective, guitar-laden rock sound, nourished by the US noise rock and UK shoegaze from the ’90s with prominent atmospheric dream-pop leanings.

Moving and dreamy, yet subtly crossed by disturbing undercurrents of angst, “Beach Khaos” unfurls wistful and nostalgic moody crystalline guitar melodies that contemplate, shimmer, vibrate, soar and finally take off in sweeping and flushing distortion, deepened by icily bright keyboard swathes, skittering, punchy drum beats and heart-pulsing bassline, in sync with enticing male/female dual vocals, drenched in emotional turmoil, finding perfect harmonies within piercing “agony and ecstasy” and low whispered breathy secrets, swept in overwhelming feelings and fantasies of escapism.

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