WL//WH Video Of The Day: FLU FLU “Mi Apotema Personal”

Video Of The Day  Flu Flu  

Andalusia‘s capital Seville seems like a ‘torrid’ land to create an intoxicating melodious pop alchemy of shoegaze reverberations, dream pop introspection, subtle noise-rock abrasions, sprinkled by bright synth washes, if we think, and surely I’ll forget some, to such bands as Beladrone, Martes Niebla, Blacanova, Escuelas Pías, Terry vs. Tori, The Royal Landscaping Society and Swimming Pool.

From the latter, authors of a couple of brilliant EPs and a bunch of singles, is born the side-project of guitarist and singer Fran Lora, under the moniker FLU FLU, with a need to publish songs with a noisier and more distorted quality, which poorly suited the more synthetic and mellower sound of the main band.

With the collaboration of Cristina Mohedano (keys), Javi Vass, (bass) and Carlos Díaz (drums), FLU FLU have dropped their first, ‘dreamgaze’ filled, 6-track EP “Mi Mundo Interior”, through the Brighton, UK based independent label Shore Dive Records, first of a series of three EPs, encapsulating different sonic nuances, to be released over the year, from which is taken the Springtime video for the dreamy track “Mi Apotema Personal”.

Abrasive noisy strums and nostalgic sparkling guitar riffs weave reverb stung emotions into steady mid-tempo beats and low humming bass lines, while lost and lonely male vocals croon daydreams into modern dystopic bliss amid asymmetrical keyboard tinkling melodies airy stream of consciousness.

Tireless carefree days glide through the hypnotic motion of a skater girl, whose on point style, fashion, and aloof eye contact draw you into her too cool ways. Fluffy cloud-filled skies overcast a carless park road session lined with the fresh green tint of grassy knolls, rolling along in simplicity with the effortless push of a sneaker, to pave warm summer waves of calm tidings.

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