WL//WH Video of the Day: SUNNY SIDE DOWN “Baby Teeth” (Official Music Video)

Video of the Day SUNNY SIDE DOWN

Started by a group of queer friends to create a bright and emotive distinctive Folk-tinged IndiePop sound with twinkly Emo sheens, the London-based quartet Sunny Side Down return in the new year, after a quite memorable 2023 celebrated by the release of the band’s first EP, “Dog Food”, with the new single, “Baby Teeth”, and the related  Official Music Video, edited by the guitarist, singer and lyricist Maya Nutter and featuring a baby Maya.

Beautiful clear, evocative vocals deliver a soul-stirring song about the shame and guilt endured when growing up atop a stream of slight tinny chill strums and light sparkly rippling guitar chords, before a tumultuous influx of cymbal-charged thumping beats, a slow swelling bass line, and abrasive weaves of echoing riffs rise around a now tragic emotional vocal, falling full circle into a minimal outro of deeply felt introspective hums.

Dramatic visuals, edited by Maya Nutter, shuffle sunny heartwarming memories with a dark, intimate performance and simple lyrics to sync with the intense nostalgia of the soundtrack. The contrast brings forth a deep sense of pain and sadness, as we can see happy, shared moments against a presently distressed and crying regret-laden darkness.

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