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Electronic Music Tips

Niederaussem, Germany

  • Electronic ambient drone music project based in Denmark, RIME TRAILS “Sanctum IV” from the album “Sacred Groves” out now on Shimmering Moods.                                                                                                
  • Siberia, Russia ambient / dark electronic / witch house project by ex-Suicidewave producer, WSXW “Nature” from the EP “Usalaa”                                                                                                                                                 
  • Berlin-based Italian ambient / dark electronic project NORS “A Syrian Gaze” (live in Berlin  2017) title track of the cassette (a collaboration between Mare Nero and ASG) out now on A Sacred Geometry                                    
  • French Experimental | Drone | Ambient | dark techno producer Clarence Park ‘Romane’ from the new EP “Seven Ages” out now on Larmes Records                                                                                                            
  • Melbourne‘s electronic / ambient musician (also member of Jaala and Rolling Mass) Carolyn Schofield, aka Fia Fiell ‘At The First Clear Word’ from cassette ‘All In The Same Room’ on Nice Music                                         
  • Darkwave / EBM / Synthwave female solo project from Turkey, BEWITCHED AS DARK ‘Mind Control’             
  • Valencia, Spain deep ambient artist Agustín Mena, aka WARMTH “Parallel” title track of the third album on his own Archives Music                                                                                                                                           
  • German ambient electronic producer Siegfried Grundmann ‘Metamorphosis (Remix by Wilfried Hanrath)        
  • San Francisco‘s dark electro synth trio INHALT ‘Alles (Instrumental)” off forthcoming V/A ‘EP 1’ for new Mechatronica White series with Violet Poison, Sneaker / Opus Leopard and Daniel Holt out May 11th, 2018                                                                                                                                    
  • Argentina Industrial/Dark Techno/Acid /Electro/EBM collaboration ???????????? ???????????????? & ????????Ï????????????????????????Ø ‘???????????????????????????????? ????????’       
  • Frankfurt am Main experimental / neo-dada / electronic / synthpop project of MMODEMM tape label co-founder and half of Les Trucs, Charlotte Simon, aka MUTANDINI KARL “Oh Jessica” from the new album “Goldne Zähne” on Croatia’s 0.5 Label                                                                                                                       
  • Turkish industrial / ambient / drone collaboration f!z & Tolga Baklacioglu ‘Fluctuation Of Soul’                                                          
  • Melbourne, Australia industrial/noise/EBM/dark electronics producer, one-half on Die Orangen and master-mind behind Power Station/Power Cuts, Kris BAHA “Fuels A Liar” off of V/A ‘Opium of the People’ double album out April 27th on Le Temps Perdu                                                                                                                  
  • Copenhagen‘s experimental / ambient / techno producer Rune Bagge “Simple Dreams” from upcoming album “Pink Dreams” on Northern Electronics                                                                                                                           
  • Thessaloniki, Greece experimental electronic project of KinetiK Records owner Savvas Georgiadis, aka DIGITALIA “Temporal Feedback” from the new album “Retrocognition” out now on KinetiK Records                 
  • Sidney, Australia dark electro/EBM collaboration Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code “Battery Assault” from the upcoming “Trigger Zone” EP on International Chrome                                                                            
  • Italian lo-fi electronic producer (also Raw Ambassador) Antonio Barbetta aka ANTONIO “Moment Of Terror” from upcoming debut V/A cassette “Meta Moto 01” on the new label Meta Moto                                                         
  • New York industrial electronic duo composed of Kathleen Malay and Jason Kudo, ORA ISO “Digital Crutch” from Ora Iso’s upcoming new album ”Image Certifies” will be released on 27 April via Regis’ Downwards            
  • Edinburgh based, Scottish dark electronic synthpop solo project of John Bryden aka Eyes of Others “Lust For Unrequited Love (Mugwump Erratic Throw Remix)” on Mange Moi                                                                                   
  • Paris based experimental / ambient / electronic / post-wave solo project A V G V S T “Zürich” from the new “The Other Sea” EP out now on Anywave                                                                                                               
  • Body/techno/wave/noise/drone project of Berlin-based Australian musician Saxon Jørgensen of Ascetic:, Halv Drøm “Aquarius Monster” off “Young Gods” 6-track cassette on Total Black                                                            
  • Parisian experimental / dark techno / cinematic duo Second Spectre “Obsidienne” from the upcoming album “Les relations invisibles” on Champ Libre Records                                                                                                                                
  • St. Petersburg based Russian industrial/EBM / techno producer, Regulaar “Disconnected” from V/A “Myth Machine” on NEN Records                                                                                                                                      
  • Dutch ambient synth electronic music DJ & producer from Rotterdam, Nadia Struiwigh “Bldrnnr” from upcoming album ‘WHRRu’ out April 26 [CD|2LP|DIGITAL] on Denovali Records                                                     
  • Belgian acid electro producer Thomas Blanckaert (aka Palermo Disco Squad), INNERSHADES “Revenge” from upcoming 4-track EP ‘Flanders Fields‘ on Parisian label Nocta Numerica                                                                
  • Bucharest-based psychedelic cosmic electronic krautrock Romanian duo Khidja ‘Am I Really Here’ from forthcoming new 2-track single ‘Plot‘ on Malka Tuti                                                                                                     
  • London-based, American/Australian analog electronic music boy/girl duo The Golden Filter “All The Way In”       

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