WL//WH Track Of The Day : Snake & Friends “Men’s Shed”

Track Of The Day

When you are starting to think that the music sounds all the same and no one dares to experiment beyond the usual trite formulas, here comes the track that surprises and intrigues you for its unpredictable nature.

The visionary, lunatic and anarchist talented Melbourne‘s musician Alistair Montfort already made his mark in several exciting bands from the always fervent Australian underground like Dick Diver, Total ControlLower Plenty, and UV Race and now it’s time of his new project Snake & Friends, a six-piece band that are going to release their debut self-title album via the R.I.P. Society label.

In all its musical heterodoxy “Men’s Shed”, propelled by motorik synthetik beats and repetitive melodic post-punk bass lines, distils and gradually layers the most amazingly noxious and captivating elements of DIY new wave attitude, analogue minimal synth, 70’s psychedelia, krautrock, even an ‘exotic’ prog flute and the indolent vocals into a dazzlingly disorienting and mesmerizing pace embracing a compelling blend of sheer, trance-inducing melodies and relentless, utterly engaging grooves

A bold and utterly creative statement and a reminder of how the music that push the boundaries of any categorization should be.

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