WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips // JULY #27-24

Max Roh, ‘Hommage a Max Ernst’, 1935


  • “Caio Amici” Selected & Mixed KURT KJERGAARD

A blast of vibrant and euphoric modern/timeless Italo Disco sound from the dynamic, eclectic German DJ, Producer & Remixer Kurt Kjergaard.

  • Athens, Greece new beat /ethnic /psych /acid /techno /downtempo eclectic electronic DJ-producer Anatolian Weapons “Another Desert track” from V/A “No More Bloodshed” Palestina charity compilation [Confused Machines]

25-track charity compilation from an ensemble of international Acid/Drone/Electro/Techno artists compiled by the Mule Driver-run Israeli independent electronic dance label Confused Machines, committed to doing what they can to end the Middle East conflict, and provide aid to the residents of Gaza, as well as all Palestinians in the West Bank. Athenian electronic sound traveller explores the scorching desert heat through low-slung , crackling and stumbling percussive hypnotics, squelching acid bass drones and eerie acute echoing frequencies, jacking the listener into a hallucinogenic trip of claustrophobic paranoia.

  • Barcelona-based ambient /acid /bass /house /breaks /trippy /downtempo /trance Dj-producer oma totem – “Choreos” from the upcoming “The Trick” EP [Kalahari Oyster Cult]

Barcelona‘s producer unravels a heady intricate rhythmic maze of sentient, rubbery warm basslines, shuffling, loose-limbed drum patterns, topped by obsessive trippy droning synth oscillations and tinkly keys, to expand the depth of your dance floor perception.

  • Brighton, UK-based acid /breakbeat /techno /electro DJ-producer R. Smith, L/F/D/M “Primary and Secondary” from the upcoming cassette album “Group Variations” album [Diffuse Reality]

UK modular wizard L/F/D/M deftly blends tribal Techno with sci-fi Electro through relentless obsessive loops of boisterous pounding percussion patterns and groovy rippling low ends, layered with eerie spacey string shivers, to propel into outer dance-floor dimensions.

  • New York ambient /acoustic /minimalist /neo-classical pianist Bruce Brubaker “Music For Airport, 1/1 (Radio Mix)” from upcoming CD/12″ LP “Eno Piano 2” [InFiné]
  • Hyogo, Japan-based ambient /field recordings /piano artist Masakatsu Takagi “Marginalia #167”
  • Bristol, UK experimental /ambient /field recordings /electro-acoustic /minimal electronic musician Kayla Painter “Sacrificial Magic (feat. Neil Gay)” from the 6-track cassette EP “Questions for Giants from Ambient Owl Core vol. 2” the second instalment in the Ambient Owl Core Series
  • Kansas City-based ambient /ethereal /neo-classical /cinematic lullabies and creation of composer Laura Boland, aka Elska “M​å​ngata” from the album “Dancing Alone” [Time Released Sound]
  • Sardinia, Italy ambient /drone /neo-classical /electro-acoustic /piano /electronic producer Federica Deiana “Forward” from “Faith” EP [Home Normal]
  • Paris-based ambient /drone /tape loops /experimental electronic musician, and multidisciplinary artist Georges Daou, aka Daou “Dreaming of fireflies” from the CD album “Bluebird” [Whitelabrecs]
  • Sweden/Lithuania dark ambient /drone /melancholia /electronic /poetry collaboration between Pär Boström and Vytenis Eitminavičius, aka Teahouse Radio & Skeldos “The Wind Swayed Like Dreams” from the CD/cassette album “Night Moss” [Hypnagoga Press]
  • Danish ambient /drone /minimal /electronic Copenhagen-based musician and visual artist Paw Grabowski, aka ØJERUM “Coreless Whisper” from the album “Cut Paper Flowers” [LINE]
  • Montreal, Quebec ambient /drone /field recordings /guitar loop /electronic musician and co-founder of Florina Cassettes label, Francis Tremblay, aka Grandbruit “Récital5” from the album “Récital”
  • Nigerian ambient /drone /minimalism /field recordings /experimental electronic musician and violist, Ibukun Sunday “Arrayed on the Battlefield” from upcoming “Harmony / Balance” LP 12″ [Phantom Limb]
  • US/Italian ambient /experimental /world /instrumental /microtonal /electronic collaboration, Robert Rich and Luca Formentini “Lamplight Chime” from the album “Cloud Ornament”
  • German ambient /Berlin school /downtempo /electronic producer Dvevoted Love “The Aeonic Kriya Breaths of Beings Beyond” from “Crystalline Being” EP
  • Mumbai, India-based ambient /drone /soundscape /space /electronic producer Rishi Bhati, aka Spacecraft “To the Milky Way” single
  • Tennessee-based ambient /dreampunk project deathpoem “중지” from the album “망치다” [DreamShore]
  • Nashville, Tennessee ambient /drone /experimental /minimalistic project of sound artist, composer, and performer Nicholas Maloney, aka Blanket Swimming “Antarctic Ice Shelves” from the 5 part album “Balance” [Drone Works International]
  • Derby, UK ambient /drone /soundscape /soundtrack /guitar-tronics musician Wodwo “Windhover” from the EP “Dappled Things”
  • Washington, D.C downtempo electronic producer (of trip-hop group Thievery Corporation), Eric Hilton “Vessel” off “Out of the Blur” LP, his first full-length album of ambient music [Montserrat House / Emerald Wave]
  • New York ambient /drone /experimental /electronic musician Thomas Meluch, aka Benoît Pioulard “Metal In Trace” from “Collected EPs [2015-2023]” a collection of (mostly) instrumental EPs, rarities and subscriber exclusives from the last decade
  • Ambient /drone /field recording collaboration between London-based multi-disciplinary artist Liz Helman and Japan-based Northern Irish sound artist Darren McClure, aka Longswarm “Autumn Falls To Form” from “Hemispheres” album [Elm Records]
  • Brighton, UK ambient /drone /electronic sound artist, Lori Pate​ -​”Riverbank Lore” from V/A “Timber Management Volume 1” first Peak CD compilation [Peak]
  • Brighton, UK ambient /drone /field recording /soundscape /electronic music artist Lewis Broad-Ashman, aka Winter Silhouette “Borassus (Palma Mix)” from the album “Palma Ramus” [Atlantea Records]
  • Indianapolis-based ambient /ethereal /hauntology /library music /psychedelia /experimental /soundtrack /avant pop multi-instrumentalist-singer & songwriter Jackson VanHorn “Refraction” from the instrumental EP “Liminal Music vol. 2”
  • Düsseldorf, Germany ambient /drone /Berlin school /cinematic /soundscape space /electronic composer and musician Volker Rapp “Mesa Verde” from the CD album “Blade Runner 2099” [Cyclical Dreams]
  • Danish Ambient /Drone /Soundscape /Electronic project by Copenhagen-based Kalle Christensen and Henrik Laugesen, aka Lauge & Baba Gnohm “Drifting In Space” from “Awakening” EP
  • German/Polish ambient /deep /minimal /techno sound designer Toxido Mask “Along The Vibe” from V/A “Ember Oasis” EP [Pregnant Void]
  • Hamburg-based ambient /dub techno producer DeepNorth “Tree Line” from the album “Secrets of a Mountain” EP [Insectorama]
  • Madrid, Spain ambient /minimal /glitch /dub /techno producer Javier Marimon “Db/Bt III” from “Ns/Nc Db” EP 12″ [Huinali Recordings]
  • Austria-based Dutch ambient /IDM /minimal /deep techno /electronic producer Martin Van Rossum, aka Martin Nonstatic “To the Skin (Miktek Remix)” from “Pulsatille Remixes” EP [Ultimae]
  • UK/US Ambient /IDM /Techno collaboration of Darren Nye & Fragmented Soul, aka Deep Space Dwellers “Saiko No Okurimono” from “Things Pass” mini-album (double 7″/CD) [Móatún 7]
  • Japan ambient /IDM /Detroit techno /electronic producer Yasutaka Sato, aka VIRGO “Life Form” from the third album “Standalone” [FORM@ RECORDS]
  • Paris-based Paris ambient /acid /techno /IDM /electro producer  Gaussian Blur “House Black Metal” off “Low Electrical Worker” EP 10″ [Intellitronic Bubble]
  • Ambient /techno /electro collaborative project of Iceland based Árni Grétar (aka Futuregrapher) and Irish Mick Gainford (aka Mick Chillage), aka Skua Atlantic “Skua Rising (MD74 Mix)” from “450 313″ EP 10” [Móatún 7]
  • Berlin-based ambient /cinematic /futuristic /breaks /electro Ukrainian producer Koloah “Mind Control” from “Mind Control” EP [Salon Imaginalis]
  • Brussels, Belgium ambient /IDM /breaks /electronica producer Spoutnik – “Little Robot” from V/A “C O L O R S Q U A D 0 1 6” compilation [Color Squad Records]
  • Cork, Ireland ambient /sci-fi /percussive /dub /breaks /drum & bass producer Ruff Cherry “Ixchel” from “Exonda” EP [Midgar Records]
  • London-based Japanese world /folktronica /bass /tribal /slow house /electronic DJ-producer Ozwcik “Groe ur self” from “Grow Ur Self” EP [SABI]
  • Goa, India ambient /chillout /psychill/ psychedelic downtempo /electronic artist Sofia Laniakeia, aka Laniakeia – “Into dust” single
  • Koh Chang, Thailand downtempo /tribal acid /slow trance /psych /ethnic /electronic producer The Dude Of Stratosphear – “Ketchup Bath (Original Mix)” from “Batakusaï (バタくさい)” EP [Sphearic Records]
  • Stockholm-based FilipinoAmericanSwedish indie rock /psychedelic / house /disco /downtempo /electronic songwriter Baba Stiltz “Stockholm (DJ Python Remix)” from “Stockholm Remixes” EP 12″ [Public Possession]
  • Berlin-based acid /techno /house producer EZ Jam “Modern and Emotional” from “The Notion” [Unknown To The Unknown]
  • Berlin-based acid /house /breaks /downtempo /electronic DJ-producer Nicolai Toma “Phase Binder” from “Phase Binder feat. Zorimira” EP [Subject To Restrictions Disc]
  • Mozambican field recordings /acid /world /tribal /chug /exotic /psych /electronic live artist and producer Nandele – “AMT992″ from the upcoming cassette concept album “1994” [Already Dead Tapes and Records]
  • French experimental /ambient /drone /ethnic /psychedelic /post-techno trio featuring Frédéric D. Oberland (Oiseaux-Tempête), Romain Barbot (Saåad), and Paul Régimbeau (Mondkopf), aka FOUDRE! “Visions from Zūrūtetsu” from the upcoming sixth opus “Voltæ (Chthulucene)” [NAHAL Recordings / ZamZamRec]
  • Brussels-based ambient /industrial /EBM /electro-techno mutant project Jean Grünewald, aka Ottoman Grüw “U (Control and Destroy)” from “Hauptform” EP 12″ [New Flesh Records]
  • Lithuanian ambient /acid /breaks /electro producer Darius Cybulskis, aka Subliminal ‘’Full Speed’’ from the forthcoming EP “Inside The Wave” [Distrito 91]
  • Enigmatic French machine funk /electro producer KafkaCtrl ”Hashing Technic” from “Split Machine Vol.3” split EP series with UHF [Gladio Operations]
  • Berlin-based breaks /d&b /bass /industrial techno collaboration between Mads Lindgren // Monolog‘s chaotic frequencies (Ad Noiseam, Murder Channel, Hymen) and  Simon Hayes // Swarm Intelligence‘s dark sonic architecture (Acroplane, Voitax, 47), aka Diasiva “Veil” from the cassette LP  “Vehemence” [Bedouin Records]
  • London, UK experimental industrial techno live duo of Rommek & Aimée Mullen, aka Torn Relics – “Stigmata” off upcoming V/A “Sublime Creatures Vol. 2” 4th Anniversary label compilation [House of Reptile Records]
  • San Diego, CA tribal /industrial techno producer Hellacopta “Apothic” from “Apothic” EP [Third Foundation]
  • French EBM /Electro /Industrial Techno DJ-producer Grimr “Agony” from the cassette EP “Comma” [SOIL]
  • Ukrainian industrial /EBM /techno producer Kusto – “Morto Galaxia” from V/A “NECRONOM 1” compilation LP [NECROMECHANICA]
  • Berlin-based IDM /EBM /industrial /hard techno /cyberpunk Cuban–American musician Joey Blush, AKA Blush Response “Avulsion” from the LP ” SPRAWL_” [Artoffact]
  • Arras, France EBM-electronic-industrial band PSYCHOSOMATIK “Stress (Neurobash Mix By SEXGUN)” from “STRESS” EP
  • Brooklyn, NY EBM /post-industrial electronics brainchild of Fade Kainer, aka STATIQBLOOM – “BEHIND GLASS [CERVELLO ELETTRONICO REMIX]” from “MASK VISIONS POISON (Special Edition)” hand-made CD
  • Berlin-based, German new beat /avant electronic /proto-techno producer & live performer Stefan Junge, aka PISKA POWER “Schwarz (Ignacio Rosa Remix)” from “SCHWARZ” EP [DISCOTECA NEGRA]
  • Hamburg, Germany industrial /EBM /techno /electro DJ-producer and live act L.F.T. “Auf Meiner Haut (with Bella & Viva)” from cassette “Minecrawler” EP [Osàre! Editions]
  • Berlin-based Australian cyber body /EBM /prog /trance /techno producer Kris Baha “Breathe” from upcoming “Breathe” EP [Power Station]
  • Slovenia/Croatia EBM /techno /dark wave /dark electro duo Christian Kroupa & Le Chocolat Noir, aka Black Dot “A Tale Like That (Gently Longer Version)” from “Love At Glance” EP 12″ [Italo Moderni]
  • French EBM /electro composer, producer, remixer and Black Strobe member, Arnaud Rebotini “Blind Man” from “Songs About Death, Life and Truth” EP [Blackstrobe Records]
  • LA Coruña, Spain techno /synth wave /downtempo /indie dance /dark disco /electro DJ, performer and electronic music producer Félix Fernández, aka Jëan Fixx “Serial Killer” single [Iptamenos Discos]
  • Mexico City ambient /IDM /techno DJ-producer Carlos Alberto Cruz, aka GEISTECH – ” Baile Prohibido” off “Regresión” EP [Discos Prohibidos]
  • Bogotá, Colombia Italo /EBM /electro /techno /acid producer Disco Radical “Spacid” single
  • Paris based indie dance /dark disco /cosmic Italo DJ-producer Zaratustra “Noche sin Cielo Ft. Ama (Original Mix)” from “Noche sin Cielo” EP [HEARec]
  • Munich, Germany indie dance /dark disco DJ-producer Alemao “Don’t Stop (Rem’s Martinez Remix)” from upcoming “Drive” EP [Side UP Works]
  • London-based electroclash /house /synthwave /Italo disco DJ-producer Louis De Tomaso – “Deimos″ from “Kaiju” EP [Polari Records]
  • London-based HI-NRG house /Italo/disco DJ and producer COHN – “Margiela In The Streets” off “Kafka In The Sheets” EP [BordelloAParigi]
  • Parisian Wave /EBM /Italo producer Karassimeon – “Fantasmagoria” off  V/A “Buone Vacanze Vol. 5″ EP 12” [Bordello A Parigi]
  • X-PRESSINGS #020: Siouxsie and the Banshees “Peek-A-Boo (Roswell Brothers Edit)” Edit of the 1988 classic by Mexican/Chilean EBM /acid /trance /indie dance /dark disco duo Roswell Brothers [XPRESS Records]
  • Berlin’s dark-acid-chug-indie-dance cosmic-disco-rockers Tegel Boys “Flight Force” single
  • Catalunia acid /house /Balearic /indie dance /electronic producer Gabriel Berlanga, aka Undo “Naranja Lima” off “Naranja Lima” EP [Darkroom Dubs]
  • Mexican disco /house /percussive /indie dance production duo Borgetti & Josefo – “Ganga Tanga (Roe Deers Remix)” off “Ganga Tanga” EP [Roam Recordings]
  • Moscow bass /house /electronic producer LADO “lit” [System 108]
  • London-based ambient /techno /percussive /bass /house producer 1-800 GIRLS ‘Like You Do’ off ‘That’s Just How I Feel’ EP 12″ [all my thoughts]
  • Japanese Ambient /Techno /Trance /Electro-Drone producer silentwave “Tropical Sunset” from the long-form cassette album “Southern Wind Dance” [Field Guide Index]
  • Dayton, OH ambient /dub /techno /electronic music producer Brian Grainger (aka Milieu), aka Coppice Halifax “Transient Logics” CDr long-form album [Milieu Music Digital]
  • Wuppertal, Germany space ambient /Berlin school /electronic producer and live performer, Martin Stürtzer “Serene Twilight” from the album “Dreams without Words” [Echo Elberfeld]
  • Italian ambient /experimental /drone /electro-acoustic /piano sound artist Emanuele Liguori (aka 祭司), aka Sad Graffiti “White 1” from “White” LP [Neotantra]
  • Nashville, Tennessee ambient /drone /minimalism collaboration between Nicholas and Victoria Maloney, aka Picture Rather Muted “Parallax” 
  • Portland, OR improv drone psych folk founding duo Skyler Pia and Emmet Martin, Water Shrews “Water Refraction” off upcoming new cassette album “Red Eared Slider” via Mossy Tapes
  • UK/US dark ambient /drone /field recording /modular electronic collaboration project of Paul Mallatratt and d york, aka MYPD “Tempestuous (Part 1)”

Max Roh

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