WL//WH Track Of The Day : S Y Z Y G Y X “Burning Graveyard”

Track Of The Day

 S Y Z Y G Y X is the moniker of Arlington, Virginia based duo comprised of Luna Blanc and Joshua Clark (formerly known as DJ Impulse, from Corrupt Souls/Sinthetix in the DnB genre). They have just released few weeks ago their second 4-track EP “Broken Mirrors” via Cleopatra Recordsan infectious industrial-coated blend of new wave, post-punk and darkwave.
Drawing from the vicious and raw industrial rhythmic intensity,“Burning Graveyard” combines strong danceable beats, haunting melodic electronic pulses and ominous and eerie synths to create a addictive and intense array of powerful dark, bleak emotions. Luna’s distinctive and hypnotic robotic vocals add an air of disbelief and detachment from her heart giving us a feeling that she is desiring her object of affection in the distance or possibly through a computer screen.
The stand-out track, together with “Eye of the Beholder”, of a an overall compelling EP, highly recommeneded!

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