WL//WH Video Of The Day: ASTROPHYSICS “Nothing But Evil” (Official Lyric Video)


Astrophysics is a Proletarian Gothic/ Dark Glitchwave band led by André Luiz hailing from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil who follow their 2022 21-track LP “Hope Left Me” with an Official Lyric Video, shot by DJ DENGUE DE MARICÁ, for the latest emotional-ridden Dark Wave ride “Nothing But Evil.”

A metaphysical song about a powerful consensus of ‘evil ones’ who try to erase and imprison those who do not agree with them.

Warm, dramatic anxiety-inducing surges of relentless sparkling pain-fueled guitar ripples, snappy lashing, breakbeat-inflected rhythms, buzzing bass lines, and hollow icy bright synth melodies, overwhelm layers of haunted, emotional vocal agony with frightening conflicting textures of disruptive chaos and soft ceremonial glows.

Smoky black and white live performance footage strobes in sync with the anxious vibes of the soundtrack whilst a powerful lyrical message suggests danger is afoot, as the world is not as it appears. Crafty editing blends hand-sketched overlays by 倫理的暴力 (@hold_party_) with disjointed flows of motion, and alternating focal points to break the hypnotic chains of mental imprisonment where manipulation into oblivion thrives.

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