WL//WH Review: The Seductively Defiant “Submission Deluxe” new LP by FLUID GHOST [Mother Solitude Records]


In the hallway of the picture above, the rooms have a gift or a threat to offer, and each room may also hide one seductive deed or even the defiant truth. All new music by Fluid Ghost in one picture while all its adventures are somehow implied in the photo on the front cover of the new intrepid album which was released on July 6, the new long-play “Submission Deluxe” through Mother Solitude Records.

Fluid Ghost is another alternative of the Italy-born Paris-based electronic artist and producer Adriano Iacoangeli from Echoberyl while a song in the new album has lyrics by Arianna Todero from Polyverso. The new album is a thoro and sonorous escapade to the precious fields of the dark alternative electronic music, it is a feast with grooves and a party of emotions, all seductive and so lustful with heavy pounding, sharp basslines, the lively snare spanking all, a lot of struggle by the electronic machines, and by all means the darkwave kiss in every single song of the album, put in the discreet post-punk veil in many incidents of the album and here you have it; the bare electro EBM oriented carnival. Try this as a starter and I’ll be back in a bit…

The whole new album is like a study on the old-meets-the-new electro music, or even more like the new flesh in the pitch of the dedicated dancefloors. Fluid Ghost offers stunning work like blending cleverly and targeting the minimalism required with the epic sound from the urban battles of the Batcaves of the world. The kind of electronic music that can easily impose on you and you can happily disappear in it because passion comes first; the passion of lovers, the passion of dancers, the passion for music, all in the seductive and ambiguous sense of good/bad…

you will hear lyrics like

I want to speak with your voice/ I want to hold your secrets/ Let me wear your skin/ That is what I need/ Submission/ I want to live in your place/ Eat your food/ Sleep with your lovers/ living your life/ Submission

…or unrest concerns like

Neon lights from the void/ Where are you? Where are you? Synthetic noise, a call/ Give me a sign, a sign /to Get lost in the sound/ Close my eyes, be no one/ Get lost in the sound/ Running out all the air in Anoxia in anoxia.

I will not give you any focus tracks but I want you to discover alone (or together with somebody else) the entire record. So, put on your urban mask, dress like there’s no tomorrow, and let “Submission Deluxe” LP become your armor and your soundtrack for the remaining summer, all clear and sound (and loud of course).!!!

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Adriano S.

Written by Loud Cities’ Mike 

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