WL//WH Track Of The Day: CLOUZOT “Drops”

Track Of The Day Clouzot

Debuted in the Summer of 2018 with a self released lo-fi demo EP “MMXVIII” full of promises, London-based combo Clouzot is back with following 2-tracker“MMXIX”.

Stripped down as a 3-piece, comprised of Cecilia Corapi (Vocals & Keys); Alvaro Fernandez Orviz (Bass) and Justin Colley (Drums), the band plays a dark and melodic, yet steadily urgent, sharp and angular style of synth-punk with ’80s UK post-punk undertones.

The first tune, “Drops” is jettisoned by incessant thunderous drums and bleak rumbling bassline, while icy spacious synths, both unsettling and paralyzing at once, rise and flow dramatically, injecting layers of intense emotional distress over upset, anxious vocals, caught in impending doom, ripe with claustrophobic fear and pain.

The less dynamic, yet not less hypnotizing and fascinating, “The End” is laced with distinctive post-punk flair in an all-pervading tense and poignant concoction of eerie chanting vocals, glacial synth washes, and an achingly beautiful, sorrowful bassline hopelessly throbbing throughout.

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