WL//WH Track Of The Day: COMPUTERBANDIT “You Are Digital”

Track Of The Day  Computerbandit  

Following last year’s brilliant “Are You Tired?”via Paradiso Records, Frankfurt-based German synthesizer enthusiast Computerbandit combine electroclash and synth-wave with a heap 80s retro edge in the new self-released single “You Are Digital”, dealing with human struggle with modern technology, paired with the energetic instrumental version and a more atmospheric B-Movie remix.

Equally elegant, sharp and mysterious, “You Are Digital” is imbued with dark and pulsating tantalising synthetic tension that graft on a propelling dry, slashing drum machine, buzzing sputtering bass line menace, while bright and plaintive frigid synth glares wander hopelessly over sensual anxious female vocals, at times interspersed by an icily detached backing male will, casting breathy alluring dismal introspections into the mechanical hollow grind of lost time.

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