WL//WH Video Of The Day : COMPUTER MAGIC “Amnesia”

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New York-based producer/musician Danielle “Danz” Johnson, a.k.a. Computer Magic is not only a synth lover and DIY-minded, two qualities that make her immediately special to us, but, as we can realized from her mesmerizing, claustrophobic and disturbing beautiful homemade video for the song “Amnesia”, is also a very talented girl of multiple interests from horror and sci-fi movies, Philip K. Dick, Oliver Sackstape machines, Japanophile, even The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Radiohead fan.

Computer Magic is gifting us of captivating and addictive analogue and futuristic synth-pop gems for years now, her Japanese-only album ‘Scientific Experience’ was released in 2012, but her real debut was only in 2015 with ‘Davos’.

The brand new LP is going to be her far darker and more personal to date, as shown by the cold and hypnotic “Amnesia”, wrapped in an uncanny dream-like atmosphere of anxiety, deploys her usual amazing array of synthesized sounds built on Kraftwerk-like subtle synth arpeggios and downtempo electronic beats, deepened by Danielle’s warm haunting vocals, that remind me of the late Trish Keenan, gives us once again a unique slice of infectious avant-pop magic.

Computer Magic‘s sophomore full length, simply titled ‘Danz’, is out now via her own Channel 9 Records in ltd. green vinyl and digital formats, don’t miss out on an highly talented artist that has been overlooked for far too long.

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Danielle “Danz” Johnson, a.k.a. Computer Magic