WL//WH Premiere: SERGEJ TIMOFEJEV, OID, STEREOVOID Critique the “First Photo of A Black Hole” with Poetry and Synth Sound


A Dark, Electronic, Synth Wave unique collaboration project, started 2 years ago, between Latvian poet Sergej Timofejev, Riga-born Russian composer, producer and electronic musician Andrei Antonets AKA OID and Synth Wave artist and musician Stereovoid (Peine Perdue, La Chatte) seamlessly flows, equal parts atmospheric and furiously danceable, into the just released 10-track debut album, “Things & Fingers”, via Berlin-based Stephane Argillet Stereovoid’s very own Objet Trouvé, a music label and workshop for the creation of «record-objects».

The album is built around 10 original poems written and recited by Sergej Timofejev, set to music by OID (side A) and Stereovoid (side B). Each side reflects the respective musical styles of the musicians: side A, composed by OID, explores finely stylized electronic territories, layers of intriguing noise and arabesques of powerfully evocative sounds. Side B, composed by Stereovoid, offers a dark synth interpretation that accompanies the poet’s voice between ruined industrial architectures and haunted dance floors.

WL//WH is pleased to Premiere Sergej Timofejev (vocals, Poetry, Latvia) and Stereovoid (synthetics, France) as they join forces to create a trippy immersive experimental track/video for “First Photo of a Black Hole,” giving us an entrancing glimpse from the LP.

Curious mesmeric spoken word vocals recite a witty poem about the schism between simple common sense observation and spectacular mainstream scientism set against an intoxicating synthetic backdrop of warbling, off-kilter, sprightly icy bright melodies, spacey spirals, atmospheric winds, and marching, stumbling beats to bring forth a heady atmosphere where logic and fantasy spring into eternal dreams.

An engaging DIY video by Stereovoid uses a black-and-white PowerPoint lyrical presentation to curve perception with a strategic layering of universal symbols, shifting chiaroscuros, and embedded subliminal imagery to extract a persuasive subconscious interpretation in sync with suggestive fringe theories of the soundtrack.

The 10-track full-length album, “Things & Fingers”, is out now on a standard Vinyl LP edition of 200 copies: All covers are silk-screen handmade printed and therefore all unique in their final version (cut-out sleeves or PVC cover prints).

As for our previous releases, the record has also been produced in 19 unique Collector editions. Composed of successive layers of raw materials, wood, cardboard, and black or transparent plexiglas: two colours, black and gold, applied in silk-screen printing, recall the illuminated golden backgrounds of sacred manuscripts.

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