WL//WH Track Of The Day : PLEASURE VOID “The Pleasure of Sin”

Track Of The Day

Pleasure Void is an ‘anti-misogyny, anti-romanticist’ coldwave project from Houston, Texas lead by singer/guitarist Simon Alchor, who have just released the 2-track single “Ovulation: The Singles” from the forthcoming debut album “Beautiful Decay”.

“The Pleasure of Sin” underpinned by propulsive synthetic bass, pounding drum beats and outbursts of glittering cold synths, is Simon with his take no prisoners, confident, alluring almost hypnotic raunchy punky vocals that quickly pulls you into his world of sex. Where sin is pleasure, and pleasure rules. His wealth of life experience and acceptance of self, allows you to be drawn into his world without guilt, infact, excited to become a secret sin.

A cold synth pleasure.

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