WL//WH Track Of The Day: SACRED BLUE “Aligned”

Track Of The Day SACRED BLUE

Surrounded by thunderous and oppressive clashes of war, we take shelter from our impotence and immerse ourselves in the surely not upbeat, yet deeply suggestive and intensely emotional sun-dazzled soundscapes woven by ethereal, sparkling and delayed guitar chords along with dreamlike, seductive and obsessively unsettled vocalizations, leaving room for soul-stirring escapism.

Australian 3-piece band from Brisbane, Sacred Blue, are back, after more than a two years hiatus, with their third single, “Summer”, filled with their distinctive mesmerizing ’90s tinged guitar sound straddling the line between slowcore and dream pop with hints of shoegaze.

Sparse minimal drum beats scatter on reverb-strewn, shimmering melodies weep from the energetically strummed strings of a solitary guitar that draws contemplative hypnotic landscapes of profound melancholy, floating languorously around the breathless agony of heartfelt vocals, ebbing and flowing in vulnerable harmonies of pain and obsession to drift desperately into the excruciating heartache of broken dreams.

More unrestrained with wider and enveloping riffings the flip that deserves and worth your listening to.

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