WL//WH Track Of The Day: QYBURN “Ruby Red”

Track Of The Day  QYBURN  

Having left behind last April’s fourth compelling album, titled “Wax Mask” via UK independent label Matriarch Records, in just over a year and a half, in which the Los Angeles based artist under the QYBURN moniker of “Game of Thrones” fame, has been able to develop and refine an atmospheric and emotive ‘doom & gloom’ synth-laden sound rooted in Darkwave aesthetic, seamlessly enhanced with Synth Wave-Pop and Gothic rock leanings and somehow Cosmic and UK Prog suggestions, to build on further sonic richness and allure to the dreamlike, introspective and esoteric atmospheres shrouded in spectral shadows with a touch of existential melancholy and dark romanticism, while the emotional-ridden voice and the lyrical poetry breathe, palpitate and dance in tune with hypnotic rhythms and ethereal evocative synths.

The new single, “Ruby Red”, a foreshadowing of the upcoming new album “GRAVE. LORD. SERVANT”, lyric-wise paints an apocalyptic realm where the ancient archetypes of life and death battle to preserve their destiny.

On a vibrant carpet of rolling arpeggiated hollow basslines and steady lashing beats, glowing wistful synth flashes and sparse ominous celestial hums surround emotional painfilled vocals paving the way for distraught fear and agonized longing through icy bright twinkles of hope and comfort.

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