WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #35

Peaks Of The Week:

  • Melbourne, Australia dream pop/punk/power pop band (made of members from prominent local bands LOOBS, El Tee, Lazertits, and Tiprats), CLUB MED “Fresh Start” from “Busy, Busy, Busy” on Roolette Records

From the hugely creative Melbourne’s music scene and namely, this time the brilliant DIY tape label Roolette Records (the well known here LVIV, Pinch Points) goes melodious with a gorgeous slice of energetic, impassioned power pop enriched by an endearing male/female vocal interplay.

  • Portland, Oregon noise-pop/shoegaze/indie-pop quartet A CERTAIN SMILE ”Cherry Bomb” from “Bae” EP on Jigsaw Records

Channelling the best bits of noise-pop from the late 80s/early 90s, Portland‘s A Certain Smile delivers a killer hefty sliver of feverish abrasive guitar distortions and melodic dreamy melodies imbued of that timeless ‘holy fire’ of pop that has never been quenched. Infectious and dizzy indie-pop immediacy for ‘the-pure-at-heart’…

  • Indonesian dream pop/new wave/indie pop outfit Les Mains Immaculees – “Carbrain” from V/A “New Wave Of Hype” 5 Indonesian bands re-do The Wake‘s classics, via Dismantled/heavenpunks

As most of you know, there was once a suberb Scottish band called The Wake, for some ‘even bigger than The Beatles and The Cure’ that, between 1981 and 1995, released a bunch of amazing records through two of my absolutely favourite labels, Factory Records and Sarah Records. Five Indonesian young bands re-do five Glaswegian‘s classics with enough raw energy, intensity, and abundance of pristine melody and grace to spare that will lure and entice with their heartfelt DIY sensibilities.

  • Philadelphia‘s alt/country/folk band FRIENDSHIP “Clairvoyant” from the upcoming sophomore album “Dreamin'” on Orindal
  • Boston, MA indie/ethereal folk/dream pop artist GISH “Dreas” from the new EP “The Stitcher”
  • Berlin-based electronic exotica/dream-pop/psych-pop trio (lead by New Zealander Mitchell James), APORIA ”Hawaiian Noir” from the upcoming sophomore album “Hotel Aporia” via Fantasy Fiction and Cosmic Compositions
  • Portland, OR based experimental pop singer/songwriter ARRANGE “Can’t Help Every Way” from the new album “Blood Dust”                                                                                                                                                     
  • Brighton, UK indie-pop 5-piece GARDEN CENTRE ‘‘Naked Ape’’ from upcoming 5th LP ‘‘A Moon For Digging’’ on Specialist Subject Records
  • New York-based bedroom pop/dream pop project of Toronto‘s Orchid Tapes label head Warren Hildebrand, aka FOXES IN FICTION “Antibody” from the upcoming new album “Trillium Killer” out October 18th on Orchid Tapes
  • Portland, OR psychedelic pop solo project of Sarah Nienaber (also of Candace and Web of Sunsets), aka Blue Tomorrows “Without Color” title-track from the debut album via Moon Glyph
  • Ottawa, Ontario grunge/indie/shoegaze trio PINE “Swollen” from s/t debut album on No Sleep Records
  • Mexico City noise-rock/post-punk/psych band ZEIT! “De Noche Beirut” promotional single from forthcoming second EP “Ecos de un Movimiento Perpetuo”
  • Oakland, CA synthpop duo MORNING HANDS “Gilded Throne” from s/t debut album.
  • Melbourne, Australia new dream pop/bedroom pop/indie band founded & fronted by Lachie Gilmour of IV League, BLUEY “No plans” from upcoming s/t debut cassette EP via Roolette Records
  • San Francisco‘s jangle/indie/art-pop project of Carly Putnam (Art Museums, The Mantles, Horrid Red and The Reds, Pinks & Purples), THE OILIES “Biting The sky” new single
  • Norway’s indie-pop/folk singer/songwriter Simen Mitlid “Reality Tsars from the new LP “Neutral”
  • Atlanta, GA experimental/psychedelic/dream pop project of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Thomas Howard aka Orchid Mantis “No one else around” from upcoming cassette EP “Light as leaving” on Z Tapes     
  • Chicago, IL cinematic/garage rock/indie pop/dream pop 3-piece Future Silence – “Ealing Broadway” off the debut “Future Silence” EP on Half A Cow Records.
  • Jakarta, Indonesia indie-rock trio IS MODEST “Disperse” from the debut EP “Fever”
  • Tokyo, Japan DIY shoegaze/grunge solo project 未来電波基地 [Future Radio Station] ‘バルボラ’ from the EP ‘MRIDMP’
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina shoegaze /dream pop solo project of Nicolás Castello, NAX “Redondeado” new single
  • Sacramento, CA dream pop/shoegaze solo project Future Artifact “Feel Nothing” from “Dura Mater” EP
  • Brooklyn, NY neo-psych-gaze band formed by Chris Sherman and Leah Cinnamon (formerly of Sky Picnic), Hanford Reach “Hidden Affinities” new single
  • Brooklyn, NY dream-gaze duo No Swoon “Don’t Wake Up, Wake Up” new single from forthcoming s/t debut LP on Substitute Scene Records
  • Swedish dream pop/indie rock quartet from Gothenburg, Great Hare “Love Is Around” new single                     
  • Sydney, Australia post-punk/indie/jangle pop 4-piece BLAND “The Common Ground” first single off Bland’s second upcoming EP ‘Life After Love’
  • Fredericksburg, Virginia dream pop/shoegaze/doom pop/slowcore 5-piece (members of So Badly, Infant Island, & smallhands), SYLPH “Still Tired” from S/T debut EP
  • Salem-based, Italian bedroom pop/dream pop/jangle pop/post-punk/surf/indie duo GO HAWAII “Blac Slant” new single
  • UK dream pop band from Winchester, TEMPLE OF YOUTH “Rose Tinted” new single
  • Melbourne psych-rock trio Buried Feather “Lightning Hands” from third studio album “Cloudberry Dreamshake” on Cobra Snake Necktie Records
  • Seattle‘s noir, glitter folk elf prince Scott Yoder “Gold In The Hills” new single
  • Tacoma, WA shoegaze/jangle/noise-rock trio RETROSPECTER “Try” from the debut album “Warmhole” on Den Tapes
  • Detroit indie rock/power pop 4-piece EXTRA ARMS “No Enemies” from the new album “Up From Here” out 10/25 via Dadstache Records & Get Party Records
  • London, Ontario post-punk/shoegaze/noise-rock band Red Arms – “Ran Away” from debut LP “Critical State” out now on Yeah Right! Records
  • Wilmington, Delaware alternative/garage punk/grunge trio EyeBawl “No More Bad Nights” from upcoming new cassette EP “Never Again” via Crafted Sounds
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia DIY/lo-fi/indie/post-punk/jangle pop solo project RUSH TO RELAX “Ne bi čekal” from debut S/T cassette album on Look Back and Laugh
  • Spanish dream pop band from Barcelona, Últim Cavall “Tornar a casa” new single
  • Hobart, Tasmania indie/jangle/psych-pop/post-punk musical collective Filthy Little Star – “Bed Of Nails” from V/A “Not Just A Pub – A Fundraising Compilation for the Brisbane Hotel” via Rough Skies Records
  • UK emo/indie rock queer punk quartet Suggested Friends “For Jokes” from the upcoming album “Turtle Taxi” on Fika Recordings
  • Batam, Indonesia bedroom/twee/indie-pop 4-piece MIDNIGHT CLAY “Rising Tide” from the upcoming debut EP “Shall We Dance or Lean to Each Other?”
  • UK dark, psychedelic sonic alchemists from Nottingham, THE CULT OF DOM KELLER ”Right Wrong” (Night Beats cover)
  • Rockford, Illinois experimental/ethereal/shoegaze/cosmic rock/psychedelic rock WHITE SHAPE “Autumn Reds” from the new album “Perfect Dark” on Little Cloud Records/Cardinal Fuzz
  • Greek noisy psych/shoegaze/post-punk lo-fi duo from Athens, ACID BARRETTS “Acceleration” from the debut album “Sustain”
  • Los Angeles‘ shoegaze/psych-rock 5-piece Tombstones In Their Eyes “Open Skies” upcoming single on Somewherecold Records
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands indie/alternative/garage rock 4-piece PIP BLOM “Freckles” new single on Heavenly Recordings                                                                                                                                                                            
  • California lo-fi dream pop/post-punk/shoegaze solo project of visual artist Reuben Sawyer, (also The Column), *drowndeep “Forget It” from the EP “Chamomile – Fumes”
  • Los Angeles‘ early ’90 alt/noise-pop band comprised of original members Brad Laner and Jim Goodall with singer Annette Zilinskas (The Bangles and Blood on the Saddle co-founder), MEDICINE “Sentimental Lady” (Bob Welch cover) from the upcoming covers album “Scarred For Life” on Drawing Room Records
  • Philadelphia new wave/dream-pop duo of Chelsea Brennan and Chris Schackerman (formerly a touring member of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart), ARCH OF LOVE “Reintroduction” second single via 6131 Records
  • Paris-based French-American jangle/indie/psych-pop duo of Guillaume Siracusa on guitar and Erica Ashleson on drums, SPECIAL FRIEND “Low Tide” from the S/T EP co-released via Buddy Records, Hidden Bay Records, Gravity Music, and Howlin’ Banana.
  • Arkhangelsk, Russia dream pop/indie outfit Культура Потребления “Контакт на сближение”                               
  • Tijuana, Mexico lo-fi casio/dark synth-pop artist DANI SHIVERS “Puedes Ver” from the new ‘Half Ghost’ LP on Cranes Records
  • Ottawa, Canada electronic/art rock/indie/dream pop duo PARAGON CAUSE “Kick Me (When I’m Down)” off the EP “Lies Between Us” produced by Sune Rose Wagner of The Raveonettes
  • Paris‘ electronic/synthpop/French pop side project of Il Est Vilaine, VILAINE “Fini Beauté” from 2-track 7″ vinyl single “Vilaine” on Dialect Recordings
  • Russian post punk/shoegaze trio from Rostov-on-Don, WALTZ / Вальс – “Гори ясно (всё, что неподвластно)” off of forthcoming album “Ангелология”
  • Spanish post-punk/dream pop/synth-pop solo project from Barcelona, BALACS “Tóxica (2017 Demo)” off of new EP “Melodías De Un Antisocial”
  • Swedish jangle dream pop project of Fredrik Bergstrand (formerly Valskrik), Scuba Dvala “Mumble” new single
  • Copenhagen, Denmark indie pop/folktronica/dream pop trio Blaue Blume “Lovable” new single on hfn music
  • Estonian dream pop/shoegaze collective Pia Fraus – “Sweet Sunday Snow (Single Edit)” new single EP via Seksound Record Label
  • North East London, UK cosmic rock/drone pop 6-piece The Leaf Library “Hissing Waves” from forthcoming album “The World Is A Bell” on wiaiwya
  • Huston, TX dream pop /shoegaze band SMALL CHAIR “End Of The World” from new “Reimagine” EP


Marisa Mell