WL//WH Track Of The Day: DOUST “After The End”

Track Of  The Day  DOUST

Hailing from Subaraya, Indonesia, Doust, a name curiously pulled from the twisted pronunciation of the last word from Siouxsie and the Banshees’ song “Cities in Dust”, is the ’80s-tinged Synth-laden Wave / Post-punk music project, started in 2021 by Flandy Vian on vocals and Ben Prasojo on synth, soon joined by guitarist Fafa Fitralandi, to finally drop their 2-track debut single, titled “Strange Places”, via the fellow independent label Paska Records.

An atmospheric and poignant lead track “After The End”, reminiscent of the crepuscular, reflective auras of early The Wake flecked with The Cure gloom, glides, laced with underlying urgency and somber heart-rending melodies, through a sparkling haze of pain-filled guitar introspections, enveloping lonesome synths and ghostly lyricism.

Thoughtful lyrics transport a working soul from a cold isolated machine state to a comforting romantic escape mode where wishes float eternal.

Constantly retro-charged, lashing rhythmic patterns drive a hiccupping and rippling rubbery bass line, streaked with wistful echo-filled sparkling guitar melodies, and smeared by glaring weeping synth swirls, to infuse forlorn-laden sweeps of despondent emotive intensity over numb haunted vocals, rising into the anger and frustration of hopeless dreams.

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