WL//WH Track Of The Day: CORRIDOR PEOPLE “Altered States”

Track Of The Day Corridor People

Swedish synth-punk squadron Corridor People based out of Stockholm, have just released their eponymous vinyl 12″ debut album on Push My Buttons label

Stalwarts of the local underground rock music scene with such bands as Moralens Väktare, Svartanatt, Hanna Hirsch, Impo & the Tents, Toads Of The Short Forest, Second Sun, Teddybears, Monster and Nya Krösus, the 5-piece is made of Anton Fors (Vocals), Lars Ekman (Synthesizers), Dan Gräns (Guitar), Marcus Hedman (Bass) and Glenn Sundell (Drums and percussion).

8 infectious slabs of dark synth-boosted punk, influenced by krautrock, film scores and oriental melodies, replete with infectious manic grooves chagging and weaving between glittering excitable, humming synths, sharpening guitar injections, hectic drumming over eargely detached vocals, seamlessly flowing with driving intensity, sharp energy and steady danceable buzz.

“Altered States” lyric-wise deals with primal fears materialize from distant visions, shocking a man to his core.

Abrasive and vigorous guitar riffs screech and make their way through dangerously mercurial zippy synth melodies and urgent steadfast rhythms persisting under a droning krautish haze of swirling urgency, as distant, desperately urgent vocals hurry helpless disbelief.

Buy the vinyl LP directly at Push My Buttons label (here).

The gang will play the full album live at Corridor People Release Fest • at Stockholm’s Bar Brooklyn on March 14, 2020, don’t miss out!

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Photo: Linnea Amedé