WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #34

Tom Lovell – Common Ground (1940)


Peaks Of The Week:

  • Paris‘ home-recorded lo-fi electro camo-punk/pop solo project MUSIC ON HOLD “A Charming Race” from the upcoming cassette “Return Of” via Gone With The Weed

Channeling new wave, garage, post-punk and indie, young Parisian musician, under the Music On Hold moniker, unbridles a bunch of stripped-down and thrashing, home-recorded lo-fi electro-infused tunes oozing insanely melodic and infectious punk-flecked pop.

  • Sweden dream pop/noise pop/shoegaze project DISTORTION GHOST “Kisses” from debut EP “All the drums in hell” (demos, scraps and thoughts)

This week’s best find is a mysterious shoegaze project, possibly a duo, from Sweden , whose debut six-tracker is saturated by layers of abrasive fuzzy guitar distortions, hypnotic drum machines and submerged aloof vocals steeped in irresistible raw noisy lo-fi allure and fragile, hazy precious melodies.

  • Fredericksburg, Northern Virginia‘s psych/post-punk/ noise-rock/shoegaze project of former Skywave, John Fedowitz together with Sandra Fedowitz on drums, CEREMONY east coast “Black Jeans” from the new album “Candy”

As usual one of the albums of the year, new full-length of Fredericksburg veteran musician John Fedowitz and his wife is a high-octane searing streak of powerful, ominous, hectic mind-melding shoegaze-jams peppered with searing fuzzy guitars, vibrating droning rhythms and emotional vocals, dripping with raw energy and sheer noise, simultaneously melodic and dissonant, a must-hear for those drawn to the darkly heavier side of shoegaze.

  • Ohio-via-Southampton experimental folk home-recording project of Mat Sweet, aka Boduf Songs “Gimme Vortex” from the 7th album “Abyss Versions” on Orindal Records
  • Russian ethereal/dream-pop married duo from Taganrog, Малыш Камю [Malish Kamu] ”Birds” from lathe cut 7″ “Like You And Me” on Boring Productions
  • Wellington, New Zealand Alternative/Dreampop/Shoegaze project of Ash Smith, Secret Knives “Spinning Top” new single from the upcoming album “Snuff” out 22nd October via A Low Hum and Prison Tapes
  • Moscow-based shoegaze/synthpop/dream pop project of Dmitry Gruber (aka Hjördis-Britt Åström aka Galatée) with vocalist and lyricist Diana (Lotusotus, Camille Paulette-Odell), aka Stop Suffering “Ocean Breeze” from 2-track single “Ocean Breeze / Big Waves” via Hjördis-Britt Åström 
  • Danish dream rock/pop quartet from Aarhus lead by Jeppe Dengsø, Moon Loves Honey “Crystal Clear” new single off Moon Loves Honey’s forthcoming second studio album.                
  • London-based cosmic pop/psych pop 4-piece MOON PANDA “On The Attack” new single
  • Seattle based indie/pop-punk one-girl-band LISA PRANK “Rodeo” from the sophomore album “Perfect Love Song” (produced by Rose Melberg of Tiger Trap and the Softies) out October 4 on Father/Daughter Records & Lost Sound Tapes
  • Melbourne-based, New Zealand-grown goth/dream pop/grunge/folk singer-songwriter Plum Green “Lions in Darkness” title-track from new 5-track EP
  • Barcelona-based SpanishSwedish indie/synth-pop duo based of Anna Fredriksson (vocals, vocoder, and keyboards, and also of LOS GANGLIOS) and Elena Comas (voice and bass, and also of NELEONARD), DIE KATAPULT “Bäckerei Digital” new single from upcoming debut LP “DKXD” on Elefant Records
  • Rouen, French electronic self man synth musician Bernard Grancher – “L’immodéré bien-être de l’imbécile (feat. Laetitia Sadier)” 7″ single from forthcoming “Assemblée Lunaire” new album on Polytechnic Youth
  • Vigo, Spain indie/dream pop/synthpop/shoegaze trio comprised of former Juniper Moon members Ivan and Eva, LINDA GUILALA – ”Agosto” new 7″ single on Dreams Never End Records (vinyl) and Elefant Records (digital)
  • Northeastern, PA Experimental/HeavyAmbient/Psych/Gaze duo THE STARGAZER LILIES “Living Work of Art” from the forthcoming album “Occabot” on Rad Cult
  • Austin, Texas shoegaze/dream pop quartet BLUSHING “Control” from the new S/T debut LP out now on Wallflower Records/Hands and Moment
  • Mexican noise-rock/shoegaze project, Mons Regalis “El faro” debut single on Stupid Decisions
  • Parisian French pop/dream pop/shoegaze duo Fleur Du Mal “Regrets” from “Spleen I” EP on Shore Dive Records
  • Paris, France dream pop/shoegaze/psychedelic 4-piece HEALEES “June” from the debut EP “Heal’s Beals” (2019 demos)
  • Antwerp based shoegaze/noise outfit OHIO MARK “Shimmers of Darkness in Voids of Happiness” from the debut cassette EP “Exotism” on Sentimental Records
  • London, UK indie pop/dream pop five-piece NIGHT FLOWERS “Fortune Teller” title track from the forthcoming second album via Dirty Bingo Records
  • New Zealand-born/New York-based shoegaze/gothic dream pop singer/songwriter Tamaryn Brown, TAMARYN – “Terrified (Robin Guthrie Remix)” on DERO Arcade                                                           
  • Berlin-based noise-rock/shoegaze/dreampunk project of Alexander Donat (aka Vlimmer), Fir Cone Children “Into The Sea (feat. Krissy Vanderwoude)” from the upcoming LP “Fog Surrounds Us” on his own Blackjack Illuminist                                                                                                                                                     
  • Los Angeles-based indie/synthwave/dream pop/guitar pop singer/multi-instrumentalist Kamtin Mohager, aka The Chain Gang of 1974 “Hide Tonight” from the new “Pollen” EP                                                                               
  • Japanese indie-pop/shoegaze/noise-pop 4-piece CATTLE “Boy Wanders” from the debut album “Sweet Dream,Tender Light and Your Memory” via TESTCARD RECORDS
  • Malmö, Sweden jangly pop-rock band HATER “It’s A Mess” off of new ‘Four Tries Down/It’s A Mess’ 7″ single out 6th September on Fire Records                                                                                                                        
  • Los Angeles‘ dream pop/psychedelic/shoegaze project of Shawn Michael, aka Daydream Cathedral “Sparks Will Fly” from the forthcoming LP “Leviathan Romance”
  • Palmerston North, New Zealand dream-pop/emo-pop/shoegaze duo SPORT DREAMS “sports dreams” from upcoming s/t EP on Papaiti Records
  • Swede-pop trailblazers Eggstone “Late” their second single in 22 years on Crunchy Frog
  • Portsmouth, UK indie/jangle-pop 4-piece (formerly early 90’s band The Kites), LOST SHIPS “All of the Pieces” title-track from the new EP on Pretoria’s Subjangle
  • Australian noise pop/shoegaze/punk band from Melbourne, ISN’T “I Can’t See Tomorrow” from the new sophomore EP “When the Autumn Hides the Sun”
  • UK space-rock/psychedelic/shoegaze band lead by Stephen Lawrie, THE TELESCOPES “Dead Inside” from new 10th CD album “Stone Tape” (originally released on a ltd. LP by Italian publishing house Yard Press in 2017) on Cold Spring
  • Minneapolis‘ Gloom-pop/Sludgegaze trio (formerly known as Hollow Boys), ANOTHER HEAVEN “Running Up That Hill (Flexi Disc Version)” [Kate Bush cover] included as a 7″ Flexi-disc and digital download with the vinyl edition of the “For Ever” EP.
  • California‘s dream pop/shoegaze one-man-band thelakesidedrive “Break Away” from the new EP “Let It Burn, Burn Right Through You.”
  • Seattle dream-pop duo Night Hikes “Avila” new single                                                                                         
  • US shoegaze/noise-pop trio from Portland, Havania Whaal “Horizon” from the upcoming “Babcia” EP out on Seattle’s Youth Riot Records.
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina post-punk/shoegaze/dream-pop duo Corriendo Por El Bajo “Sistema” title-track from the sophomore EP “Sistema”
  • Montreal based art/psych/jangle/guitar pop band CORRIDOR “Topographe” from upcoming album “Junior” on Sub Pop
  • Paris, France shoegaze/post-punk/coldwave/new wave project of multi-instrumentalist Anton Guillou, GARDEN DYNAMICS “Trans Lucid” from the new album “Ultraviolet Cat”
  • Malmö, Sweden alt/shoegaze/dream pop trio SPUNSUGAR “Native Tongue” new single on Adrian Recordings
  • Los Angeles’ guitar pop band The Drives “No More Romance” new single                                                           
  • Vancouver, Canada noise-rock/grunge trio Dead Soft “I Believe You” new single
  • Brighton, UK dream pop/psych-pop artist NANCY “When I’m With You (I Feel Love)” new single via cannibal hymns & B3SCI records
  • Italian post-rock/shoegaze/indie trio FLAMINGO “Mother” new single on We Were Never Being Boring Collective
  • Sacramento, CA indie pop/jangle pop 4-piece The Plastic Shoelaces “Hip Happiness” new 2-track single on Secret Center Records
  • Austin, Texas lo-fi /indie-pop /dream pop duo HOVVDY “Ruin (my ride)” from the upcoming third album “Heavy Lifter” out October 18th, 2019 via Double Double Whammy
  • Portland, OR electronic/dream indie-pop trio STRFKR – “Fantasy” new single on Polyvinyl Records
  • London, UK electronic/dream pop quartet Deep Deep Water – “Something in the Water (edit)” title-track from the upcoming debut EP on Aphrodite
  • Los Angeles indie/meditative pop/dream-pop band SONODA “Half-Life” new 2-track single “Half-Life / The Mark” via Anniversary
  • New York indie/psych/ethereal/dream pop outfit, Lightning Bug “I Looked Too Long” from the new cassette album “October Song” via Marble Arm
  • Three-piece indie rock band from Lynchburg, VA, L.A. DIES “New” from the upcoming debut vinyl album “Drifting Still” on Harding Street Assembly Lab
  • Ukraine‘s psych-folk band Nameless (UA, Ternopil) ‘Втеча / Escape’ from the new LP ‘Жовтий Пес / Yellow Dog’
  • The Netherlands‘ synth-pop/dream pop project of Goodnight Moonlight‘s member Jasper Boogaard, Midwinter Bonfire – “Bonfire” from the new album “Kaji Island” on Coaster Records
  • Viedma, Argentina indie/dream pop duo Plazoleta “Idilio” from “Al Amanecer” EP on Hikikomori Discos
  • Oxford, Mississippi indie folk-pop singer/songwriter Kate Teague “Good To You” from s/t EP on Muscle Beach Records
  • Austin, TX bedroom/indie folk-pop project of Shirley Zhu, aka fuvk – “is there anything you’d rather be doin” (Noizybrain cover recorded in 2016)
  • London, UK psychedelic folk pop duo The Cold Spells “Here We Go” from the forthcoming sophomore LP “Interstitial” on Gare Du Nord Records
  • New York lo-fi/folk singer/songwriter WILL KARMIS “String” new single

TOM LOVELL- Shot in the Dark (1943)