WL//WH Video Of The Day: LITTLE BOY LOST “Greener Pastures”

Video Of The Day Little Boy Lost

LITTLE BOY LOST is a Danish synthpop duo from Copenhagen made up by Patrick Ringsborg (Vocals/Synth/Programming/Production) and Rune Alexandersen (Bass/Guitar), both former members of disbanded wave/post-punk band MOTH , the latter also with punks Motorsav.
“Greener Pastures” is the first single taken from the soon to be released very limited edition vinyl album “Vestiges” due July 2019 through Spanish label Oráculo Records.

A song about love, regret, and longing. A beautifully sad love song about the end of a relationship that leaves one partner unable to let go and the other comforting them with kind words, “It’s safe to say, Even this will be okay.” Imagine If all people could act this way… Addictive lyrics, tearfully touching sentiments and a highly danceable beat make this a go-to break-up song! Prolonged ethereal synth melodies powerfully ebb and flow as angsty longing guitar inflexions mix with lively, active, and tense bass lines peppered with spunky, erratic, and highly danceable percussive beats. Strong, distinctive drawn out croons mix with spoken word echoed in a deep baritone and hushed whispered backup surrounded in swirling, soaring, crying synths.

The vintage-tinged visuals take a sweet older couple in love set against the backdrop of a brilliant sun shooting rays of warmth upon the earth below. An image of black rotting bananas placed next to the cheerful scene rich in blooming flowers illustrates both the duality and the complementary features between happy/sad.

Life and death, love and hate, unique and ordinary do not exist without the other… a mad, mad, world indeed.

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