WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips January #01-21

  • French dream-pop/synth-pop/new wave/indie rock artist from Rennes, Tropique Noir “Carrière solo (Feat Djokovic)”

Nostalgic scents of Beko days infuse a fragile bittersweet sense of brooding isolation with sinuous deep bass pulsations along a web of tingling guitar melodies that juxtapose, overlap, and develop anxiously over dreamy sad male vocals’ desperate longing, in a suffused yet restless and elusive sensory realm of distant memories poignant sting, tinged with hissing electronica and perpetual melancholia.

  • Tokyo, Japan gazecore /indie rock /emo /shoegaze band THE FLORIST “Nocturne” new single                                                                           

After releasing a couple of excellent albums, last one 4 years ago!, replete of a distinctive multi-faceted and densely textured, both dreamy and rich shoegazing sound, Tokyo band are finally back into the scene with a glint of neon-lit nocturne shimmer, made of hard-hitting drumming, sparkling energetic guitar chords, cascading glittering piano notes and evocative string flourishes around breathless exhalations of bittersweet harmonies.

  • Philippines‘ shoegaze/dream pop band based in Manila, Polar Lows “Pila Pila” new single

Suspended between allure and energy, light and dark, enchantment and disenchantment, the new single from Filipino trio shifts amid gentle, soothing guitar strings and spiralling abrasive seething distortion around sad ethereal soul-stirring vocal’s emotional outpouring left falling through hazy bliss.

  • Russian indie rock/dream pop band (formerly known as Gaarden), LURVE “Thursday 31st” new Christmas single

Novosibirsk-based Russian, band formerly known as Gaarden, is back with a new name, Lurve, and a new sarcastic anti-Christmas single with a softer indie and dreamy guitar sound through nostalgic vocals meander longingly through a strummed and piercing guitar buzz of a hopeless day.

  • North East London, UK ambient/cosmic rock/drone pop 6-piece The Leaf Library “Acre/variation” off the mystrerious/non mysterious charity album “Swim Variations”
  • Edinburgh, Scotland ambient/post-rock/shoegaze duo Sun Shines Cold “Blind”
  • Austin, Tx based experimental ambient pop singer/songwriter (previously known as Pat Moon), Katherine de Rosset “Canyon Air” off upcoming 2-track single “Fire Rises”
  • L.A. shoegaze/dream pop project of Cold Shower’s Chris King, KAI TAK ” Kai Tak (feat. Draag)” new single
  • Portland, Or bedroom echo fuzz & reverb solo project Mascara Ashes “she sings through starry eyes” new 2-track single
  • Bordeaux, France bedroom pop /indie folk artist Jaromil Sabor “Only Hours Roam” off upcoming cassette album “The Sun Inside” on Hidden Bay Records (tape) & Safe in the Rain Records (CD)
  • Montreal, Québec ’60s /indie rock/ baroque pop singer/songwriter E.G. Palermo “Lyra, Dear” debut 2-track single “Lyra, Dear / Look Outside” on Flagless Records
  • England, UK indie pop outfit The Third Cut “Bad Idea” new single
  • Melbourne based neo acoustic/indie pop band Foreign Correspondent “The First One” from “The First One” ltd. 7″ vinyl on Tokyo’s blue-very label
  • UK shoegaze /indie /dream pop band from Leicester, Dayflower “Metrazur (fast mcKfly)” from the collection of demos “On A Different Day: A Demo Mixtape”
  • Neston, UK based indie pop /shoegaze /dream pop project of Phil Wilson, aka THE RAFT “Twisting (feat. Claire O’Neill)” from the new album “Summerheads And Winter Beds” on Shore Dive Records
  • Vancouver, BC indie/ dream pop /shoegaze solo project Sleepy Gonzales “Sally On the Avenue” from the album “Slow Apocalypse”
  • Thomas, West Virginia lo-fi mountain gloom rock trio Corpse Factory “Florida” sophomore single.
  • Oxford, Mississippi indie/shoegaze/dream pop/psych rock band MAGNOLIA GROVE “Pavement” from the sophomore album “Manic Pixie Dream Girl”
  • Ufa, Russia dream pop/shoegaze 4-piece TIRED UP “Ice Cream Lips” new single
  • Texan Darkwave /Post-Punk /Dreampop trio based out of Houston, Monochrome Lover “Methadone” from the debut S/T EP
  • Filipino indie pop band from Manila, Public Places “A Love Song” from the new S/T EP on BoringProductions
  • Los Angeles based indie/dream pop project of Jackson Phillips, Day Wave – “Waiting For Nothing” (unreleased recorded in the Fall of 2014)
  • Shoegaze band from Massachusetts, The Dreamtoday – “Don’t Miss It” title track taken from the new EP “Don’t Miss It”
  • New York psych/dream pop/shoegaze/noise/alternative rock band from Brooklyn, MINAXI “Leaving Feeling” from “The Zia Fantasy Trilogy / Luna, Isra, Noor” album
  • Moscow, Russia shoegaze /dream pop quintet LIFE ON VENUS “Everything Ends Here” new single
  • Massachusetts shoegaze/indie rock moody one-man-band, Mourning Collective “Glue” off new “Winter” EP
  • Buenos Aires-based kraut/psych/dream pop shoegaze project of musician/artist Ferran Pont Vergés, aka Die Noia Futuriszka “Estaciones” from the EP “En Vivo en el NMER Festival 2020” on No Me Escucho Records
  • Turin, Italy indie rock/jungle pop band Smile – “Stuck In The Middle” from V/A “A Polaroid For Christmas 2020” on Polaroid – un blog alla radio
  • San Francisco DIY kitchen pop project by Glenn Donaldson (Skygreen Leopards, Art Museums etc), The Reds, Pinks & Purples “Pour the Light In” title track from the new EP
  • East Bay, CA lo-fi/jangle/indie pop new project of Ryan Marquez (Carnival Park, The Haircuts, Apple Orchard, Golden Teardrops), The Umbrella Puzzles “Slip Through The Cracks” [Single Mix] new single on Boring Spaghetti Records
  • Edmonton, Canada surf rock/shoegaze/psych-pop outfit BEACH TOWELS “We’re Gonna Run Away” new single
  • Toronto, Ontario post-punk/dream pop/shoegaze outfit GENTLE “Phil of Emotions” from debut single “Mutual Comedown”
  • Oakland, Ca percussive indie pop duo 300 D “Valley Riff” debut single
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina lo-fi/indie pop band HAPPY CAT MEOWS “Dormir-me” from “Para siempre en internet” EP
  • New York City noise rock/shoegaze trio Yeah Baby “Car No. 5” from the new single “Car No. 5 / Maniac”
  • Cassadaga Florida’s dream pop/shoegaze trio Cathedral Bells – “Dark Aura” new single from the upcoming album “Ether” on Spirit Goth
  • Fresno, Ca based, Spanish Indie/Shoegaze band, Aire Espacial “Lost” from the EP “City in Friction”
  • Bangkok, Thailand indie pop/shoegaze band trio (formerly The Passion of Anna), Traveling With Monika “Creeping” new single
  • Lancaster, PA psych /shoegaze /dream-punk band Vicious Blossom “Goth Girl” from the upcoming EP “You Breathe Inside Of Me”
  • Washington, DC. Heavy Shoegaze/Grunge outfit, DAY ACHES “Breeze” first track off of upcoming Promo Tape
  • Los Angeles noise pop/indie rock/shoegaze band The Meeting Places “Stay The Same” from “You and I” EP
  • Brooklyn, NY Heavy Shoegaze one-man-project SUNFLARES “Wounds” from debut “Sunflares” EP
  • California ambient/electronic/dream wave/shoegaze solo project (half of Clipd Beak), BLUE MINUTE “No More Years” from “Live or Hope” EP
  • Devon, UK kraut/shoegaze/dream pop trio Pale Blue Eyes “Motionless” upcoming 2-track 7″ single “Motionless/Chelsea”
  • Boise, ID dream pop /shoegaze duo SEPALS “Seeds” new single “Seeds / Contortionist”
  • Tampa, FL indie rock /shoegaze outfit COLLYER “Debris” debut single “Debris/Blue”
  • Houston, TX ambient/noise rock/post-punk/dream pop/shoegaze foursome GLIA “Nicotine Queen” from “Buffer” EP
  • Omaha, Nebraska heavy shoegaze outfit RUNNER “Kicking Ass for the Working Class” from “Runner” EP on Montreal’s Demo Fest
  • Vancouver, Wa post-rock/shoegaze/dream rock solo project, The Anthropophobia Project “Dreaming In Color” new single
  • Poznań, Poland post-hardcore/noise rock/shoegaze duo (former members of Syndrom Paryski and Revive), RAW PLASTIC “Hazy” off 2-track ‘Promo 2020’ on New Morality Zine
  • Perth, Australia dream pop/shoegaze solo project Seven Hour Days “Hangxiety” new single
  • Russian lo-fi/shoegaze/indie rock solo project Егор Попс “Пока все дома (демо)” from “Пока все дома” (EP) on Raw Pop Syndicate
  • California based Japanese rock/post-rock/shoegaze quartet KYOZO – UWASA「うわさ」 off debut ‘EP 01’
  • Four-piece indie pop band based in the Bay Area, TORREY “90s Loop” new single
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland bedroom pop project HEART SHAPED “Dizzy” from debut cassette EP “Second Hand” on Poison Moon Records
  • Columbus, Ohio noise-pop/dream pop/shoegaze artist MIMETE “In My Time” off the single “Milk & Water”
  • Park City, Utah ambient/dream pop project of Henry Ambrecht (formerly Beach Weather), Ösla “Strangers Talking” from “Elko” EP
  • Swedish ’emo-pop’ /dream pop /synthpop quartet from Lund, No Suits In Miami – “I’ll Never Lie Again (Just to Get a Synth from You)”
  • Dublin-based indie/electro-pop 6-piece, The Crayon Set “Moment” new single
  • Münster, Germany retro synthpop/indie-pop solo project of half of Nah, Sebastian Voss featuring lyrics by André Bosse, aka The Fisherman and his Soul “Perfect Bathrooms” new single on shiny happy records
  • Maasmechelen, Belgium synthwave /dreamgaze /synthpop solo project of Martijn Hermans since 1984, Lost Century Kid “Distant Hearts” off “The Cold Wait” EP
  • Canadian atmospheric/Balearic/dream pop/shoegaze project Prepare My Glider “All Is Love – Ibiza ’89 Remix” off the new EP “Remixed”
  • Slovenian Dream Pop /Synthwave /Synthpop singer, songwriter, producer, guitarist from Ljubljana, NAP “Remember To Dream” title track from the new EP “Remember To Dream”
  • Depeche Mode – “But Not Tonight (Mint Julep Cover)”
  • Walthamstow, UK  indie pop/synthpop/folk singer-songwriter and guitarist (former Hefner and The French), DARREN HAYMAN “Here’s The Stillness” off the EP “Actually I Still Really, Really Miss You” preview of an album ‘You Will Not Die’ to be released in 2021.

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