WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips #31

Peaks Of The Week:

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina coldwave/darkwave/EBM/dark electronic duo Balvanera “Saviour” from upcoming “Suspense” EP on Buenos Aires’ Anormal Records                                                                                                  

Brand new EP from Buenos Aires‘ darkwave duo Balvanera with an increasingly ‘technoid’ dark electronic sound leaning towards EBM, not less seductive, disturbing, exciting and insanely straight danceable.                                                 

  • Vladimir, Russia lo-fi/indie/post-punk 4-piece, БЕСПОКОЙСТВО [bspkstv] ‘Леди, Продающая Кайф’ new single                                                                                                                                                                       

I love the way the sparkling yet jittery surf-tinged guitar chords intertwine with spacious enigmatic synth lines and deep pulsing bleak bassline aptly integrating with terse declamatory vocals. Brilliant tasty preview from bspkstv‘s new album due this Autumn.

  • Melbourne based ‘bratwave’ duo (formerly Heat Wave) featuring Kalindy Williams and Kurt Eckardt, Hearts and Rockets “Drama Club” off of Hearts and Rockets’ forthcoming ltd. blue vinyl LP “Power” out August 23, via their own label Psychic Hysteria.

Channeling The B-52’s, Pylon and Riot grrls punk and mixing punchy beats, bold obsessive guitar riffs, meandering gloomy basslines and rousing girl/boy vocal interplay, Brisbane-based duo Hearts and Rockets deliver another energetic and gritty ‘bratwave’ stomper.

  • Omaha, Nebraska post-punk/darkwave/neo-folk project FUNERAL FLIES “Goodbye, Purity” from the album “Withering”
  • Minsk, Belarus synth/soundtrack/coldwave/new wave project Cold iLLusions “Lost” new single                         
  • Colombian post-punk/dream pop/indie rock/synthpop project Münchhausen “Fragile Heart” from Bogotá, from debut EP “Undisclosed Words”
  • Atlanta, Georgia post-punk trio OMNI “Sincerely Yours” from the forthcoming album “Networker” on Sub Pop
  • Oakland‘s post-punk band RAYS “California” off of V/A “VOLUME 1: Hot Sick Vile And Fun” on Rocks In Your Head Records
  • Canadian darkwave/industrial/synthpunk solo bedroom music project from Montréal, Plague ’94 “Parasitology” from new album “Surgical Masks”
  • Montreal, Canada dark synth / minimal synth / synthwave project NO “Just”                                                       
  • US post-punk/darkwave solo project LAPIS EXILIS – ‘Secret Fire’ from the upcoming sophomore album “NIHIL”
  • Adelaide, Australia darkwave / electro / post-punk gothic disco project The Ghost Of Bela Lugosi ”Portal Through The Ether”
  • NYC-based dark electronic/coldwave/synthpop duo of Jasmine Golestaneh & Eddie Cooper aka TEMPERS “Capital Pains” from the forthcoming album “Private Life” on Dais Records
  • Toulouse, France based dark synth/coldwave/synthwave collaboration between Mathis Kolkoz and Alison Flora (half of Nocvlt, Sun Dogs, Abyssal, AFB), Blind Delon & Sopoorific “Fadin” from the upcoming EP “The Seep” on TONN Records.
  • French post-punk/synthpop/synthwave musician from Paris, SYDNEY VALETTE “FORMER LIFE (SUMMER HAZE)”
  • Hereford, UK dark electronic synthpop trio Nature of Wires “First Light (Mesh Remix)” from double CD “Modus” on AnalogueTrash
  • Los Angeles based synthpop duo since 1989, Mind Machine “Further Than Far (Frozen Plasma Remix)” from the upcoming remix album “Remix The Machine”
  • Greek synthwave music project by Panos Zervos and Dj Thodoris One Two from Athens, FILL THE VOID “Find the Way (Full Moon Dance remix)”
  • Berlin-based, Argentine Synthpop/Synthwave act formed by Maru Pardo Saguier [vocals] and Sebastian Cordoves [synths/programming], Cosaquitos en Globo “Fast Cars” title-track from the new EP
  • Mexico goth/coldwave/darkwave one-man-band THE ENDLESS “Dream Stalker”
  • Houston, TX industrial/electronic/synthpop/darkwave solo project of James Reyna, aka MELODYWHORE “Now It’s dark” from the remix album “HUM Remixes”
  • Munich, Germany based ItaloBrazilian dark electro/synth-pop duo, HERTZEN “Free”
  • Cologne, Germany coldwave/synthwave/darkwave project Silent Shouts – “The Moon” (demo)                         
  • French electro/coldwave/darkwave solo project from Bordeaux, Eaux Saines “The lowest Stair” from MODERN MEN / EAUX SAINES Split tape EP on Rouen’s SOZA / Collectif 5024
  • The Hague, Netherlands post-punk/80s electronica/minimal wave duo STERK WATER “Nergens Naartoe” from the new sophomore album “HET HAD ZO MOOI KUNNEN ZIJN”
  • New York‘s art-rock/post-punk five-piece Bodega “Shiny New Model” from the upcoming EP out Oct 11th on What’s Your Rupture?
  • Queens, NYC based, Gainesville’s post-punk/psych-punk duo UV-TV “Inside Out” from the new album “Happy” out now via Deranged Records
  • Russian goth/darkwave/new wave band from Krasnodar, Социальная Фобия [Social Phobia] – ‘Somebody (Escape With Romeo cover)’ from ‘4our’ EP
  • Sunderland, UK art-rock/post-punk four-piece Roxy Girls “Trials and Tribulations” from upcoming mini-album ”A Poverty of Attention” due September 6th via Moshi Moshi
  • Portland‘s fuzzy post-punk trio fronted by Summer Cannibals’ Jenny Logan, DEATHLIST “Blood” from the 4th cassette album “Loved”
  • Los Angeles based post-punk duo, Dancing Tongues “Shotgun” new single                                                       
  • Tampa‘s post-punk rock band fronted by Phil Taylor, Sleeping Pills “Smoke and Mirrors” from the new album “Mirror in the Window”
  • Dallas, TX-based synthwave/post-punk/synthpunk trio Nervous Curtains “Final Scene” from the 4th album ”I Tried To Fight It But I Was Inside It” on Dreamy Life Records
  • Thessaloniki, Greece‘s post-punk/no wave/noise rock duo, BLANK VEINS “Both Sides” from the upcoming album “With The Ashes” on Estranged Communications
  • Athens via Crete art punk/post-punk/noise-rock/garage rock duo HAND & LEG “L.I.P.” from new LP “Lust In Peace” on Black Gladiator/Slovenly Recordings/Fourth Dimension Records                                                          
  • Californian Fuzzy Post-Punk Dark Noise trio from San Francisco, 100FIRE “Guillotine” from “Demo II” EP
  • Panama‘s lo-fi/shoegaze/post-punk trio Vida Nocturna “A medianoche” from the debut album “VN1”
  • Seattle new wave/post-punk/punk trio Emergency Contact “Proletariat” from 3-track EP ‘Population Control / The Ladder / Proletariat’
  • New York coldwave/post-punk outfit Driving Dead Girl “Distorted”
  • UK art-rock/post-punk band formed in 2011 by former Charlottefield singer/guitarist Thomas House, Sweet Williams “Ride A Gold Snail” from the upcoming album “Where Does The Time Come From” on Gringo Records
  • Sidney, Australia post-punk/new wave/ dark minimal electronics long-running yet casually intermittent collaboration between Anna John (Holy Balm) and Lucy Phelan (Lucy Cliche, Half High, Naked On The Vague), aka Knitted Abyss ”Fear Of Ice” first single off the upcoming debut album “Bad Lassies” out soon on Paradise Daily Records                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Russian electronic/synthpop duo from Saint-Petersburg, Электрофорез [Electroforez] “Паническая Атака/Panic Attack” new single                                                                                                                                  
  • Mexican darkwave/post-punk project of Javi Maldonado, aka NACROMATIC “Another Place” from the new EP “II”
  • Paris, France minimal coldwave project of artist Rom B, DEAD MASCOT “When Trauma Beats It” from the forthcoming album “Victims”.
  • Spanish analog dark synth / post-punk solo project URCO “Again”                                                                                
  • American/Slovakian Darkwave/Synthpop/Doomwave duo of Raymond Nelson and André Savetier, aka Deus Faust “1000 Nights” from V/A “La Danse Macabre 6” on At Sea Compilations                                                           
  • Hamburg, Germany Post-punk/Minimal Wave/Cold Wave duo VIRGIN TEARS “Silver Death Rope” from the debut “The Beauty of Broken People” EP
  • Queens, NY-based post-punk/dream pop/goth-gaze project of Daniel Manning, Reduction Plan “Deliver” from the upcoming new album “(Ae) Maeth” on Redscroll Records / Dune Altar.
  • Mexican dark synthwave artist Daniela Vald “Maldita Confusión” debut single on We are one Records       
  • German neo-folk/electro/darkwave solo project of Death in Rome member Kan Menes from Mannheim, FEHUCLUB “Between my eyes”