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Industrial Records Studio, 1980

French electronic producer from Lyon, Gil.Barte “Sssjp (excerpt)” title track of the upcoming new EP out March 15 on Neubau.

Swedish industrial / electronic / EBM project of Anders Karlsson (Severe Illusion o The Pain Machinery), Celldöd “När Förnuftet Sover” from the new EP “Kall Fusion” on Medical Records.

North of the Netherlands‘ acid / electro / techno electronic music veteran Marcel Caron, CARON “Terra” from the new EP “Haunted Memory” on brokntoys

Paris-based Industrial / Noise / EBM / Electronic producer (one half of Sexual Desire), USELESS POSITION “Kurtzs” from the upcoming album “Trouble Game” out end of February on Larmes.

Dutch industrial / punk / hardcore electronics duo of Parrish Smith + Mark Van De Maat aka VOLITION IMMANENT”Blueprint Chain Supplier” from the upcoming self-titled debut album on Mind Records.

Parisian experimental / ambient / kosmische producer duo made up of Stéphane Laporte (Domotic) and Olivier Lamm, EGYPTOLOGY“Wunder Der Schöpfung (Merveilles de la Création)” from the upcoming album “Sur Les Autres Mondes” on Hands In The Dark Records.

Brisbane, Australia industrial / acid / dark electronic solo project of 100% member Grace Stevenson aka REBEL YELL“Pressure Drop” from forthcoming debut album ‘Hired Muscle’ out June 2018 via Rice Is Nice

San Francisco based electronic / HI NRG / Italo disco producer and Honey Sound System’s collective member Robert Yang aka Bezier “Parler Musique” title track of the upcoming debut album on Dark Entries

Danish minimal electro / synth electronic solo project from Copenhagen, DELAYSCAPE “Fourmer” extended and unreleased version of a track from ‘Aether’ (ZCKR records 2017).

French dark electronic / EBM / solo project Paul Mørk “Choke Me Ft. Nurs” 

Collaborative electro project of Slovenian producer Zeta Reticula aka UMEK and mysterious co-producer Helga Neuer, Zeta Reticula & Helga Neuer“I Am Mensch” title track from the forthcoming ‘I Am Mensch’ EP on Mechatronica

Lithuanian electro / dark disco / coldwave dj/producer Manfredas“Pink Industry (V Mix)” from the upcoming first Opium Club compilation on Le Temps Perdu label.

Berlin-based collaboration between Hayden Payne, AKA Phase Fatale and L.A. producer Silent Servant, Phase Fatale & Silent Servant“Plastic Motion” from upcoming EP “Confess” on Hayden Payne’s new label Bite.

Scandinavian industrial / experimental / electronic / techno trio of Posh Isolation’s Christian Stadgaard (Damien Dubrovnik, Vanity Productions), Jonas Rönnberg (Varg), and with Isak Hansen (Iron Sight), The Empire Line ”Ø (for Vainio)” from the new Empire Line’s ”Rave” album out now on Northern Electronics.

Berlin-based post industrial / ebm / techno producer Andrea Riberti, UNCONSCIOUS “Victim” taken from the EP “Clerical Perversions” soon on Blacksilk Records.

French electro producer Franck Kartell“Sigma Octantis” from the debut split 12″ EP on Dmitry Distant’s Electronic Leatherette new label.

Italian spoken word  / minimal wave / elettro music project led by Alessandro Camilletti, PSYCHO KINDER “L’Incomunicabile (Kill Your Boyfriend Remix)” from the remixes album “ExTension”.

London, UK electronic synthpop project of Richard Baldwin (formerly Stakker), The Soviet Union“Anamnesis (Original Mix)” from the new EP on Phantasm.

Sweden‘s collaborative project between Michael Idehall and Æther’s Jonas Lindgren, Amalthea “Solidarity Of Ancient Ways” from ‘I’ out now on Cloister Recordings.

Mexican dark disco / dark electronic duo from Puebla, FLXXX “Blackslash” from upcoming “Pals. Vol.4” 5 years compilation compilation on Play Pal Music.

UK Radio Slave‘s Rekids, Hopeworks curator and techno producer Lo Shea “Iterations (Peder Mannerfelt Remix)” from the upcoming “Iterations” EP on 17 Steps.

Paris‘ industrial / EBM / dark techno producer Tomas More, aka December “A Place To Stay (Live mix)” from the EP “64 Ways To Rob A Friend” on Return To Disorder.

Barcelona‘s industrial / noise electronics / dark ambient solo project Titan Arch ”Lower Bound” from the forthcoming cassette V/A “Now There’s Only Light Inside My Eyes” on Cønjuntø Vacíø

Berlin-based Spanish experimental / avantgarde / electronic artist LUCRECIA DALT “Tar” from forthcoming album “Anticlines” out May 4, 2018 via RVNG Intl.

Spanish dark electro / synthwave dj/producer from Bilbao, WLDV [We Love Dolce Vita] “Demon Wind” from the new EP ‘Ritual Six’ out now via Waste Editions.

Berlin-based industrial / techno DJ and a producer, Patrick Gräser aka Answer Code Request “Ab Intus” from the forthcoming Ostgut Ton album ‘Gens’

Mysterious industrial / dark techno producer DiNT “Skewer” from upcoming “Hooker” EP on Horo.

Düsseldorf, Germany krautrock / elektronik / ambient project of Jochen Oberlack, aka Das Blaue Palais “Welt am Draht (Fred und Luna UFO Hawaii Mix)” from the remixes album “Alexander Zwo” on Bellerophon Records.

Slovakian ambient neo-classical electronic artist Lukáš Bulko, aka Alapastel Bride Of The Mountains” from the upcoming debut LP “Hidden For The Eyes” – first release of a new limited edition ‘Slowcraft Records Presents series’ created and curated by James Murray.

Berlin-based ambient / drone / electronic producer Inslavement “Glory Of The Dead” from the new EP “The Fairy Tales” on Systolic Records.

Italian experimental / industrial / dark techno project R A S H ‘Asbestos’ 

Ukrainian psych minimal techno producer from Dnipropetrovsk, Stanislav Tolkachev “Vhs7” from upcoming 10″ EP ‘VHS PT. 2’ EP on Delirio.

Manchester, UK experimental ambient drone electronic producer Liam Blackburn, aka ANCESTRAL VOICE “Meruah” from the album “Mycelia” on his own The Fifth Kingdom label

German dark electronic duo, Furfriend “Geck (Istigkeit Unofficial Remix)”

Berlin-based industrial / experimental / electronic / drone sound artist, field recordist and record label YGAM founder Pablo Diserens, aka Ōtone “Wegener’s Tomb from the 4-track cassette EP “Polaris” via his own YGAM label.
Rotterdam‘s Danny Bosten dark electronic synth project DAS DING “Conum Drum” from the split 12″ Ep with DJ Overdose out now on Go!Finger
Cornwall, UK hypno / slow techno project of producers Nick Mackrory & Phil Banks, aka Forgotten Corner “Prosthetic Limbo (Cassini Division remix)” from forthcoming EP “Prosthetic Limbo” on Forgotten Corner label.


Industrial Records Studio, 1980


  1. Jochen Oberlack 4th March 2018