WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – JULY #29-22

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  • Colorado‘s goth-rock /synthpop /post-punk /darkwave project Autumn Sonnet “Apparition” second single

Goth-club-ready Synth-laden Darkwave cut from Colorado one-man band that builds cold hypnotic anticipation through the visceral and sullen dancing drive fueled by pounding snares and ominous droning bassline throbs, shrouded by sparkling icy bright melancholic synth swathes, whilst dramatic, alluring, and angsty vocals deliver a ghostly poetic devotion toward a lovely nocturnal “Apparition.”

  • Parisian shoegaze /coldwave /new wave /post-punk solo project of multi-instrumentalist composer Anton Guillou, aka GARDEN DYNAMICS “Proklinat” from the upcoming album “Volna”

Spectral, atmospheric, yet subtly tense New Wave /Post-punk from the Parisian producer, lead by urgent motorik rhythms, while warm punctuated bass pulses, echoing gleaming guitar brilliance and icy airy synth whirls create a bleak, hypnotic and enveloping vibrancy around cold shivering anxious vocals, coalescing haunted breathless fear with secretly scared whispers, to invoke dire desperate dread from a sinister supernatural realm of dark energies cast in ancient “Proklinat” of unseen deception. While missing the resonant poignant melodrama of the Russian counterparts as stated in the notes, Garden Dynamics could be associated with the mid-80s introspective post-punk bands from Midnight Music or Independent Project catalogue.

  • Bern, Switzerland industrial /post-punk /minimal synth wave collective PLAGUE PITS “An Atlas of Human Suffering” from the new “Exterminator” EP

Brand new compelling 3-tracker EP from the Swiss collective that entirely delves into eerie, grim and dystopic electro-industrial wastelands inspired by Cabaret Voltaire, SPK or Skinny Puppy’s heavy and resonant percussive edge. Mechanical, rattling and vibrant rhythmic patterns, menacingly fueled by undulating EBM-strewn bass vibrations, bounce and roll over one another, surrounded by icy alienating synth flows, to build a toxic undertow of relentless pent-up tension underneath strategical obsessive vocal samples, layering of grunting moans, unrelenting authoritarian oppressions, quirky robotic echoes, and drugged aghast observations to depict “an atlas of human suffering.”

  • Dutch experimental /industrial /wave /psych /techno longstanding pivotal Amsterdam‘s radio show host and producer Richard Zeilstra A.K.A. Genetic Factor “Don’t Enter The Poolroom Now” from the full archival 2xLP compilation “In Deadly Wet Dreams” on Artificial Dance
  • Belgian retrowave /synthwave act from Brussels, Analog 80 “Private Relation” monthly track from upcoming “ATOMIUM” album.
  • German synth wave solo project from Bremen, Mental Minority “Falling Apart” new single.
  • Vancouver, Canada retro synthwave /synthpop project FM Attack “City Lights” single on Starfield Music
  • French EBM /darkwave /post-punk /coldwave solo artist POLTERGEIST – “La Grande Dame” from “Kämpfer” LP on Vitalic’s Citizen Records / Clivage Music
  • California‘s dark electronic /new wave /post-punk /synthpop project VANDAL MOON “Sweet Disaster” from the upcoming LP “Queen Of The Night” on Starfield Music
  • French new wave /coldwave /minimal synth collaboration between Brest‘s Jean Marc Le Droff (Egoprisme) and RennesBoris Völt (Mode in Gliany, Irène de Milo, Cinématique inverse), aka Premier mouvement – “Claustrophobie”
  • French darkwave /synthwave /electronic project of Sébastien Carl from Bordeaux, HØRD “Ice” from the upcoming album “Sciences” on AVANT! Records
  • Belfast/London industrial /dub /post-punk electronics duo of Christian Donaghey (Autumns) and Oliver Ho (Broken English Club), AKA Vacant Heads “Street Toucher” from the debut S/T EP on Touch Sensitive
  • Chicago, IL industrial /reggaeton /synth pop duo Conjunto Primitivo “Tafetán” from the upcoming debut album “Morir y Renacer” on Chicago Research
  • Scotland, UK goth /coldwave /synthpop /darkwave solo project Propter Hoc “The Mystick” new single
  • Voronezh, Russian lo-fi /synth-wave / synth-pop duo КУЗИНА [KUZINA] “Нас ждут из темноты” (Sektor Gaza cover)
  • Palma, Spain-based dream-pop /electro-pop artist, and musician, Sofia “No lo sé” single
  • Brooklyn, NY post-punk /darkwave duo Temptation – “Transfiguration” off of s/t Demo EP
  • Chicago, IL experimental /industrial /noise /post-punk act Civic Center “Toil” from the sophomore vinyl album “Settlements” on Chicago Research
  • Seattle, Wa goth /synthwave /post-punk duo Khlyst Sect “Let Go” from debut s/t EP via 18 is 9 Records and Tapes
  • Kyiv, Ukraine traditional goth /deathrock act, Old Cat’s Drama “Time” single
  • Darkwave /post-punk /dark synth project of Sydney-based Ant Banister (Sounds Like Winter, Lunar Module, Def FX) and Colin Gallagher (Burnt Souls), along with US guitarist Bruce Nullify (Orcus Nullify) and live member Adrian Leppard, AKA Sequential Zero “The Last One to Fall” from 2-track single “Fourth Sequence”
  • Chilean Post-punk band from Santiago, PARASOMNIA “Cuerpos Digitales” from the debut LP “Vigilia” on Swiss Dark Nights
  • L.A. post-punk band The XRAY5 “The Pain” from the new EP “Requiem”
  • Rosario, Argentina new wave /post-punk band BELARUS “Las Luces” title track from the new EP “Las Luces”
  • South Korea darkwave /coldwave /post-punk solo project of Zujeka from Seoul, AKA Bendi Boi “Nachbarinnen” from the EP “Hochzeitstag”
  • Stavropol, Russian post-punk duo Ночь. Улица. Фонарь. “Унисон (Unison)” single
  • New York based new wave /post-punk solo project Postlooperish “New Place” from 2-track single “Fawning”
  • French shoegaze /coldwave /post-punk band Lunar Lock “Lightning” from the debut EP “Holy Quarrel”
  • Dallas, Tx five-piece Dark Wave /Cold Wave /Post-Punk /Dream Goth band formed by SEVIT frontman, musician & singer/songwriter Jackie Legos, Happy Phantom “Curses” single on InClub Records
  • Valencia, Spain Post Punk trio Mausoleo “Verte Ser” single on HUMO Internacional                                         
  • Polish new wave /post-punk outfit KORUS “Strefa Upadku” single on Pegaz
  • UK Gothic Rock /Post-Punk /Darkwave musician, composer and producer Peter Burns AKA Kill Shelter “Buried Deep ft Antipole” from the sophomore album “Asylum” on Metropolis
  • US coldwave /post-punk /synthwave act Soft Glass “The Faithless” from “War” EP on Dark Entry Records.
  • Manchester UK-based Goth /Darkwave /Post-punk band SPIRE CIRCLE “That Friday Night” single
  • Ocala, Florida post-punk /new wave duo COLD EYES “Black Liner” single
  • Los Angeles-based darkwave /post-punk /synthpop solo project Casket Cassette “Gone” from debut S/T album
  • Vancouver, BC new wave /post-punk /coldwave outfit Cathedral Scene “Filth” from the EP “Scene I” on  Strawberry Coffin Records
  • Portland, Or post-punk /new wave duo Perimeters – “Hold On” new single
  • Spanish Post-punk /Synthpop /Dark Wave duo from Madrid, The Red Dots – “A Glimpse of Tears” from “Collapse” EP
  • St. Louis, Missouri EBM /synth-punk duo Mark Plant and Spencer Bible, aka THE MALL “Deconstruction” from the upcoming debut LP “Time Vehicle Earth”
  • Barcelona‘s darkwave /synth-pop artist, PARALELO “Todo lo Sólido” from the new EP “Todo lo Sólido se Desvanece en el Aire”
  • Mexican Dark Synth Pop artist Felipe Casas, SUNDATA “Lose Everything” single on Cold Transmission Music
  • Mexican post-punk/synth-pop project of Edwin Hernandez aka SheUsedToBeHuman “Death Disco” from s/t album
  • Trip-hop /synthpop /futurepop /electronic music project led by Italian singer, songwriter, composer and producer Sascha G, AKA Beat Noir Deluxe “Start Over Again” single on Echozone
  • Stockholm, Sweden sci-fi darkwave/ synthpop /dark electronic band Priest “A Signal in the Noise” from the LP “Body Machine”
  • Brussels dark electro body music act WÜLF7 “I DON’T WANT (ANYMORE)” title track from the new LP
  • Portland OR noise rock /post-punk trio Public Pleasure “3am” from the EP “Isolation Demos”
  • Croatian Punk /Post-punk gang from Zadar, Mižerija “Gradski Cvjetovi” from vinyl 12″ debut S/T EP
  • Cologne, Germany post-punk /punk band TV Cult “Videodrome” single
  • New York‘s art-rock /post-punk five-piece Bodega “The Art Of Advertising” from the new album “Xtra Equipment” on What’s Your Rupture?
  • Grenoble, French wave /coldwave /synth-punk /cold-grunge duo of David Litavicki (Bleu Russe and Pupard) and Piero Gheno, aka CHURROS BATIMENT “Cent Mille” from the album “Tendre Macaque”
  • Reykjavik, Iceland kraut/psych/post-punk band (members of Andi, Kælan Mikla, Grísalappalísa), RYBA “Hvert fer ég þá?” single
  • Chester, UK indie /post-punk project of Benjamin Mace-Crossley, AKA Gen-Why? – “Keeping Up With The Joneses” from debut EP
  • London, UK ’80s indie pop /post-punk troubadour Michael Tooney-Head, aka Mick Trouble “Glad I’m Not Me” from the EP “Oddities and Sodsities” (B-Sides and Flexi Disc Singles)
  • New Zealand via Berlin Dark Goth Punks, The Pleasure Majenta “Sad2Say” from the LP “Looming, The Spindle” on DeadStrange

©Daido Moriyama Photo Foundation