WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

The Infamous ’50s London Girl Gang photographed by Ken Russell

  • Cleveland, Ohio ambient / psychedelic / shoegaze / dream pop 4-piece NIIGHTS “Generator” new single from the upcoming Lp “Hellebores” on Tragic Hero Records                                                                                                            
  • San Francisco‘s psychedelic / shoegaze trio Bellavista “Sideways Kinks” new single                                             
  • Brooklyn, NY shoegaze / dream pop 4-piece SOONER “Notes from Underground” from the new “Stranger” EP
  • Champaign, Illinois ambient / shoegaze / emo / post-rock sibling 4-piece AMERICAN FOOTBALL “Silhouettes” taken from American Football’s third self-titled album, out March 22, 2019 on Polyvinyl               
  • Italian dream pop / post-punk / shoegaze band Be Forest “Bengala” from upcoming album “Knocturne” out January 29, 2019 on We Were Never Being Boring collective                                                                                  
  • Chicago‘s indie dream pop trio Capital Soirée “Daylight” new single                                                                     
  • Victoria, BC, Canada electronic / shoegaze / electro-gaze project od Drew Harris, aka GERMANY GERMANY “Aimless” title track of the new EP via his own Distorted Disco Records
  • London, UK electro-pop / dream pop trio WOMAN’S HOUR “Don’t Speak” from the upcoming debut album “Ephyra” out February 15, 2019                                                
  • Buffalo, NY alt / grunge / jangle / shoegaze 4-piece PREVIOUS LOVE “Optical Illusion” new single                   
  • Salt Lake City, Utah dreamy psychedelic rock duo THE SPIRAL JETTIES “Dusk To Dawn” new single
  • Los Angeles, CA post-punk / dream-pop 5-piece SMALL PLANETS “Window (demo Version 2)” from 2-track single “Demo V2”                                                                                                                                             
  • California‘s lo-fi jangle dreampop solo project of Josh Hwang (also in Jaded Juice Riders), CASTLEBEAT ”Telephone (feat. Sonia Gadhia)” new single on Spirit Goth                                                                                   
  • Swedish synthwave/synthpop producer / musician / DJ Tobias Isaksson aka AZURE BLUE “Shine On” new single on Hybris                                                                                                                                                        
  • Los Angeles‘ cinematic surf-noir 5-piece The Buttertones “Shut Out” (Walker Brothers cover) b-side of 7″ single “Madame Supreme” on Innovative Leisure                                                                                                   
  • Sidney, Australia organ driven folk pop / psych-pop project led by Natalie de Silver, THE DANDELION “Every Other Day” title track of the new 3-track EP 7″ via Six Tonnes De Chair Records                                                 
  • San Francisco East Bay Area indie shoegaze band Youngest of Elders “Fiction” new single                               
  • Philadelphia‘s indie fuzzy shoegaze garage trio GOLDENAIRE “Nor’Easter” from new EP “Modern Meltdown” 
  • London, UK based recording artist and soundscape lo-fi ambient electronic ‘post sludge’ / slowcore composer Savanh Phaophanit aka PALENCE “Rust Theory” from the album “Echo Epoch”                                                               
  • Italian electronic/dreamy/psych-pop solo project Quaint Ash • ”For You” from V/A cassette compilation • “C18-Pure Italian Gems” via Lady Sometimes                                                                                           
  • Oceanside, California grunge / psych-punk trio WARISH “Fight” from the forthcoming s/t debut EP on RidingEasy Records
  • New Haven / NYC art rock / dream pop / psych-pop artist MICKEY BLURR “Mickey the Knife” from the new EP “DIONYSUS, PART I”
  • San Francisco, CA DIY jangle pop project of Glenn Donaldson (Skygreen Leopards, Art Museums etc) and friends, The Reds, Pinks & Purples “Bad Habits” (Demo)                                                                                             
  • São Paulo, Brazil indie / shoegaze 4-piece ECHO UPSTAIRS “Not The Same” off of V/A “Little Fury Things, Dinosaur Jr. Revisited” via The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records                                                                    
  • Chicago based noisepop/grunge/shoegaze duo (members of also Savage Sister, Eyes Behind the Veil, Soft Lashes), Lazy Legs “Limbo” from the split cassette EP with Lacing                                                                           
  • Minneapolis‘ Gloom-pop/Sludgegaze trio (formerly known as Hollow Boys), ANOTHER HEAVEN “AHAD” from the album “II: FOR EVER FOR EVER FOR EVER FOR EVER FOR EVER FOR EVER”   
  • Los Angeles based / Newfoundland born grunge / shoegaze / dream pop solo project YOUTH “Swim Reaper” new single on Moonbus Records
  • Fredericksburg, Virginia emo / shoegaze outfit COLOURWAY “The Tide” from sophomore EP “Seed”
  • Seattle/Olympia, WA dream pop 4-piece JUPITER SPRITES “Save The mistery” from the upcoming sophomore s/t EP
  • New Jersey‘s jangle / power pop project of Garett Goddard (formerly of King Tuff, Girls, Personal and the Pizzas, The Cuts and many more), THE DATES – “Any Other Nite” from the upcoming debut album “Ask Again later” due out in 2019 via Burger Records
  • Utrecht based, Dutch/German shoegaze / dream pop duo THE DAY “Grow” from upcoming debut LP “Midnight Parade” out January 18, 2019 on Sinnbus
  • Australian dream pop / shoegaze band from Sydney, PURRING “What You Said” from cassette EP “Purring Demonstration” on Library Group Records
  • Chicago-based experimental / industrial / noise / black metal / electronic musician and producer SURACHAI “Empress of the Starved Lung (Featuring Locust’s K. Joseph Karam)” from upcoming cassette album “Come, Deathless” out January 25 on BL_K Noise.                                                                                                        
  • Japanese dream pop / indie rock duo from Tokyo, CHARLOTTE IS MINE “Hoarfrost” from 3-track cassette EP “When The Daybreak Comes” on Indonesia’s Gerpfast Record                                                                         
  • Stockholm, Swedish lo-fi dream pop / indie pop band GENTLE IVANHOE DEATH SKULLS “Hairdresser” from the cassette album “Beaches” via Toulouse’s tape label Hidden Bay Records                                           
  • Rochester Hills, Michigan jangle pop / shoegaze / dreampop artist Andrew Younker ”Unhook The Stars” from the Split EP with Foliage                                                                                                                                        
  • Portugal‘s indie / shoegaze / dream pop solo project of Pedro R., MIDPOINT UNION “Our Time” from debut s/t EP                                                                                                                                                                         
  • Newport, South Wales alternative indie band THE DARLING BUDS “New Year” new single on Odd Box Records
  • UK Engineers‘ songwriter and co-founder and Ulrich Schnauss collaborator, Mark Peters “Jingle Bells” charity single on Sonic Cathedral                                                                                                                                       

’50s London Girl Gang Photographed by Ken Russell