WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – APRIL #16-22

  •  Somerville, Massachusetts jangle pop /indie rock /folk songwriter Doug Tuttle “Ratchet” single

Six years have passed since the first official solo album from Massachusetts‘ former MMOSS guitarist and songwriter Doug Tuttle, a fine purveyor of vintage psychedelia with strong Beatlesesque melodic flairs, over time incorporating funk, jangle pop, country and folk elements, while developing a strong ’80s and ’90s refined pop-rock quality. The new single is a poignant ballad imbued with shimmering pensive melancholy, not unlike Glenn Donaldson’s The Reds, Pinks and Purples like achingly pastel-hued emotive introspective spells, through nostalgic pain-filled strummed guitar sparkles, wandering like wistful memories around airless breaths of angst-ridden vocals to evoke fear, melancholy, and tragedy from the fragile chimes of hope and despair.

  • Auckland, New Zealand doom pop /deathgaze  /shoegaze duo Backseat Arsonists “Gaze” from EP “III” on brown bunny records

New Zealander two-piece teases the upcoming EP with a bustling energetic and distorted blend of 90s noise-rock and shoegaze stuffed with hazy melodic hooks, through distressed warm rumbling fuzzy riffs that buzz and vibrate in relentless emotional turmoil laced with obsessive painfilled guitar melodies to smear the high anxiety of haunted layered female vocals with a negatively charged bittersweet lyrical confession of hopeful dreams amid fear and chaos

  • French metal /grunge /shoegaze 4-piece Mascara “Eleven the Fair” from “HLA-11TF” ltd. 2-track 7″ lathe cut vinyl EP on Fever Ltd.

French quartet return in great shape with a two-tracker filled with immersive, trance-inducing, MBV-esque grotty shoegazing distortion combined with churning, droning grungey abrasiveness, loaded to the brim with a groovy, infectious towering guitar work and a throbbing and steady rhythm section, cloaked in a heavy doomy metal zest, burying ominous detached vocals laced with a hopeless sense of desperation and dread.

  • Wellington, New Zealand trip-hop /breakbeat /post-gaze /electronic solo project of musician and composer Matt Dalzell, aka METROSIDEROS “Elegy in Dm” from V/A “MAKE MUSIC STOP WAR” charity humanitarian compilation on Trip Hop Nation

Kyiv, Ukraine based music chart – сommunity Trip Hop Nation put together a fundraising humanitarian compilation featuring 20 electronic /hip-hop acts from all over the world, put together this fundraising compilation with 20 international hip-hop acts from all over the world, out of which we know New Zealand’s project Metrosideros with a sitar-charged entrancing orchestral instrumental track.

  • UK ambient /indie pop-dream pop duo which featured gnac‘s Mark Tranmer and Lovewood drummer Roger Quigley, AKA The Montgolfier Brothers “Sins & Omissions” from the digital version of the third and final album “All My Bad Thoughts” originally released in 2005 by Vespertine & Son.
  • São Paulo, Brazil psych /spiritual /tropicalia /bossanova singer-songwriter Sergio Sayeg, aka SESSA “Gostar do Mundo” from the upcoming LP “Estrela Acesa” on Mexican Summer
  • Portland, Or avant-folk /cosmic /psychedelic singer-songwriter Jesse Carsten, AKA Half Shadow “Inn of the Dawn Horse” from the third LP “At Home With My Candles” on Bud Tapes, Dove Cove Records, and Illusion Florist Records.
  • London-based Tel-Aviv bred bossa nova /experimental pop /psych pop artist Oh Imanuela “Agua” single on We Were Never Being Boring Collective
  • Chichester, UK kraut /psych /shoegaze /post-rock trio TRAAMS – “The Light At Night” from the upcoming third LP “Personal Best” on FatCat Records.
  • Tangerang, Indonesia ambient /shoegaze /dream pop duo PALE SKIES “Solace” single
  • Tokyo, Japan experimental pop/dream-pop musician OTOM “Dream Away” single
  • US power /psych /indie-pop solo project (aka Evie Atarax), Penelope Aveline “Disconnect” single on Spacegirl Records
  • New Zealand dream pop project of Steve Mathieson (ex-Collapsing Cities), LUNAVELA ”You know who you are, you know how I feel” single
  • Seattle, WA indie /folk /jangle /dream-pop solo project of Danny Rowland (Seapony), Space Daze “Thrown Stone” from the EP “Remote View”
  • Californian guitar indie pop project of Blue Broderick, aka DINERS “Don’t Wanna Be Bad” from the upcoming LP ” Four Wheels and the Truth” on Lauren Records
  • London, UK based ethereal folk duo PET DEATHS “Swingtime” from the upcoming second album ‘Unhappy Ending’
  • London, UK noir-pop /shoegaze /dream pop duo of Dean Garcia (formerly of Curve) & Rose Berlin, aka SPC ECO “What You Mean” from “Be Everything” EP [April 2022 Series]
  • Brighton-based, ScottishThai art rock /electronic /dream pop musician Helen Ganya “Beautiful Country” from the upcoming “Heart to Heart Mirage” EP on Bella Union
  • Manchester, UK dream-gaze duo ATMOS BLOOM “Daisy” single via Spirit Goth.
  • Orlando, Fl based lo-fi /indie pop /dream pop project PROCESSIONS “Coalesce” single on BIRTHDIY
  • Padua, Italy experimental pop /jangle pop solo project WAKE IN JUNE “The Baseball (feat. Angie Death)” single on Z Tapes
  • Singapore‘s fuzzy indie-rock /dream-pop 4-piece The New Modern Lights “Somebody” single
  • Glasgow, UK indie-pop collective Belle and Sebastian “Young and Stupid” from the upcoming LP “A Bit of Previous” on Matador Records 
  •  Swedish C86 /dream pop /jangle-pop band (formerly The Early Days), Stephen’s Shore “Close To A Dream” from the 12″ vinyl EP “Green” on Meritorio Records
  • Toronto, Canada indie /dream pop band TALLIES “Hearts Underground” from the upcoming LP “Patina” on Bella Union.
  • 5 piece alt rock /shoegaze band from North Wales/NW England, HOLY GLOAM “Sleepwalker” fromthe 2-track single ” The Sun Has Set On My Heart” on Mai 68 Records
  • Fort Worth, TX shoegaze /dreampop /noise-pop band FLOWERBED “Crying” new single
  • Canadian shoegaze /noise-pop /indie rock trio PULSE PARK “Factory Fire” from the debut album “Phonac Music” on Shore Dive Records
  • Portland, OR-based atmospheric shoegaze band Lost Echoes “Stars” single
  • Italian emo /shoegaze /noise-rock /synthpop band from Rimini, Cosmetic – ”Laccio d’amor” from the LP “Paura di Piacere” on To Lose La Track
  • Boston, Ma surf /indie rock trio VUNDABAR “Nosferatu” from the album “Devil for the Fire” 
  • Dundalk, Ireland shoegaze /trip-hop /post-punk 5-piece Just Mustard “Mirrors” single from the upcoming sophomore LP “Heart Under” on Partisan Records
  • Los Angeles-based dream pop /shoegaze musician John Cudlip, AKA Launder “Unwound” from forthcoming LP “Happening” via Ghostly International.
  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil noise rock/shoegaze duo Gorduratrans “enterro dos ossos” single on Balaclava Records
  • Barcelona, Spain shoegaze /dreampop /indie rock solo project MIRELIGHT “At The Speed Of Light” from the album “Us, As We Intended”
  • Fort Worth, TX grunge /shoegaze 4-piece TRAUMA RAY “Liftoff” single                                                                          
  • French experimental /post-punk /krautrock /noise 3-piece band from Caen, Veik “Honesty (I Don’t Wanna Know) (Vanishing Twin Remix)” on Fuzz Club Records
  • Italo/Greek post-punk /psychedelic /shoegaze duo based in London, Monochromatic Visions “Run” from the forthcoming album “REFORM”
  • Paris, France shoegaze/post-punk/coldwave/new wave solo project of multi- instrumentalist composer Anton Guillou Paris, aka GARDEN DYNAMICS “Hourglass” from the album “Fearless”
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina indie rock 5-piece band Las Ligas Menores “La Nieve” single
  • Shepperton, UK native, Durham, NC based garage /folk rock singer-songwriter (Billy Childish and Holly Golightly collaborator), DAN MELCHIOR “The Truth In Bits” from the upcoming vinyl 12″ album “CB Odyssey” co-released by Sophomore Lounge and Feeding Tube Records.
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia metal /garage /psychedelic /proto-punk collective SONIC DEATH “DER KLANG DES LETZTEN ECHOS” from “LÄRM” EP
  • London, UK based library /vintage soundtrack /acid folk /psych-funk-rock project of musician, producer and writer Paul Osborne, AKA Project Gemini “Scorpio’s Waltz” from the upcoming LP “The Children Of Scorpio” on Mr Bongo
  • German Electronic /Psychedelic /Spacerock all-star collective (members from Sula Bassana, Weltraumstaunen. Johnson Noise, Blumenwunder), Sula Bassana And The Nasoni Pop Art Experimental Band “Daydreams” from “Vol. 1 – Anniversary Edition | 2021- 25 years Nasoni-Records / 15 years Sula Bassana” vinyl 12″ LP remastered edition on Nasoni Records
  • Japanese psychedelic acid folk collective from Tokyo, Kikagaku Moyo / 幾何学模様 – “Cardboard Pile” from the upcoming fifth studio album “Kumoyo Island” via Guruguru Brain
  • Adelaide, Australia drone fuzzy psychedelic 3-piece band (members of The Howling Fog, The Dunes and Byzantines), Night Rites “Dark Patterns” single
  • Brooklyn, NY based, Auckland NZ-born garage-punk rocker (formerly of A Place to Bury Strangers/The D4), Dion Lunadon “Living And Dying With You” from the upcoming LP “Beyond Everything” on In The Red
  • Phoenix, Arizona ambient /post-rock instrumental four-piece Still Motions “Welcome Oblivion” first single from upcoming EP “Syn-the-sis”
  • Indiana electronic /indie /dreampop solo project Austin Partida, aka WHIRLING “August 8th (The Lights Were Brighter)” single
  • Rangiora, New Zealand power-pop 4-piece BEST BETS “King Cnut” from the upcoming debut album “On An Unhistoric Night” via Melted Ice Cream and Meritorio.
  • Melbourne, Australia lo-fi dream pop project of Andy Szetho, AKA Soft Powder “Douse The Flames” from the cassette album “Somewhere Like Paradise”
  • Hamburg, Germany dream pop /psychedelic /shoegaze /indie rock 5-piece MELTING PALMS “Cascades Of Noise” single on La Pochette Surprise Records
  • El Paso, TX based New Wave /Shoegaze /Post-punk trio LESSER CARE “Cherry Picked” from the debut LP “Underneath, Beside Me” on à La Carte Records
  • Belgium noisy shoegaze three-piece from Antwerp, OHIO MARK “In Utopia” taken from the second EP “Whoever”
  • Dublin, Ireland krautrock /space rock /psychedelic band MELTS – “Signal” from the upcoming debut album ‘Maelstrom’.
  • Leipzig-based math-rock /psychedelic pop /techno /krautrock group Flying Moon In Space “The Day The Sun Was Made” from the upcoming LP “Zwei” on Fuzz Club Records
  • Icelandic electro /dance /synthpop band and DJ team from Reykjavík, FM Belfast “Lotus” from the fourth LP “How to Make Friends”
  • New Jersey bedroom psych pop project of Kevin Basko, AKA Rubber Band Gun “Tug of War” from the album “WOULD-BE”
  • San Francisco, Ca pop-punk /indie rock trio JOYRIDE! “Flyover States” from the fourth full length “Miracle Question” on Salinas Records
  • Phoenix, AZ based indie rock quartet KITIMOTO “Time Saved” from upcoming LP “Vintage Smell” on Fort Lowell Records
  • Sydney, Australia indie rock all-girl 4-piece Sweetie “Blind Spot” from the EP “Collision” on Blossom Rot Records
  • Austin, TX-based lo-fi /folk rock /dreampop singer-songwriter Quiet Light “Dogma” from the new EP “Stories I Am Now Telling You”
  • Vancouver, BC based ambient /synthesizers /glitchy electronics /field recordings /post-rock solo project of British musician Lee Nicholson (member of Preston’s Formula One in the late 1990s and Brighton’s Domestic4 in the early 2000s), TEST CARD “Dream Fifteen” from the ltd. CDr album “Patterns” on Athens’ Sound In Silence label                                                                                                                                                   

Anna Karina, ‘Le Petit Soldat’ (Jean-Luc Godard, 1963)