WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips # 42

  • Collaboration between Saint-Petersburg‘s Dj/producer and MSQ Label head Alexander Moralez and Berlin-based New-Yorker legendary techno/ hardcore/ EBM producer The Horrorist, Moralez & The Horrorist – “Sleep When You Die (Original Mix)” from the new EP on Mosaique Records

The new collaborative track, mentioned in the recent interview, oozes with an unmistakable addictive and dynamic analogue wave electro sound with industrial leanings, made of mechanical metallic rhythms, suspenseful filthy and steaming builds of buzzing synth, over charismatic vocals, bursting fiercely with the pair’s synth prowess. Wicked stuff!

  • Athens, Greece ambient/dub techno project of Greek musician, sound artist, DJ, songwriter, producer and mastermind of industrial group Mechanimal, Giannis Papaioannou, aka ION “Midway” from the forthcoming 7th album “North Wind” via Same Difference Music

Complex and intriguing conceptual work from Mechanimal‘s mastermind Giannis Papaioannou, based on a series of field recordings originally captured in isolated and uncontaminated places, lashed by the iced wind of the Swedish sea, then carefully manipulated, with collaborations from two cellists and one guitarist, with imaginative craftsmanship. Alternating dense atmospheric walls of sounds to repetitive enveloping, epic dub droning minimalism interspersed by sparse subdued beats, long evocative cello inserts, and e-bow guitar textures takes us to remote arctic lands, where under their apparent immobility and stagnation, exude life, sound, and movement. The artist captured them and gave us back, condensed and enriched, into a fragile yet intense, perfectly balanced, immersive and vibrating sonic universe.

  • Argentina‘s industrial/dark techno solo project of Agustina Vizcarra, half of Buenos Aires‘ darkwave duo Balvanera, Contacto – “Teorias y Derrumbes” from V/A “Bloque Sur” split compilation via Bogotà’s Pildoras Tapes

Once again to prove the current vibrancy of the South American dark electronic scene, the first volume of a new compilation series focused on showcasing a ‘manifesto from the depths of the streets of South America’, with dark electronic sounds varying from dark techno, industrial, EBM, noise, electro, experimental. Four promising new Latin producers, included the already known to us Abstract Deity and the solo project of Agustina Vizcarra, half of darkwave duo Balvanera, the latter with a surprising, industrial-infused, dark techno number, comprised of menacing and ominous bassline, utterly mesmerizing rhythms, flashing and echoing synth loops, that gradually builds and carries tension inwardly, grabbing your mind into a trance state. A brilliant young DIY label, Bogotà’s Pildoras Tapes, that deserves a close attention.

  • UK experimental/industrial/noise/dark synth project of Lilly Phoenix, aka The Subdermic “Trepidation Ladder” title track from the new album “Trepidation Ladder” on Opal Tapes
  • Portland, OR based electronic/industrial project of Michael Kurt, The Blood Of Others ‘I’ from ‘An Ocean’ EP
  • Alexandria, Egyptian ambient/drone/industrial/techno producers duo NOIZTATIC “Ritual” off of “Decapitation Of Sacrificed Hearts” EP via Clarence Park’s French label Larmes
  • Mysterious darkwave/witch house/dark electronic project xREDRUMx ‘Μιʀʀɸʀ’                                                          
  • French coldwave/post-punk/dark electronic trio from Toulouse, BLIND.DELON “Thunder” from V/A “Third Gate” on Union Trance Mission
  • London-based Andrew Weatherall’s engineer, formerly one half of The Asphodells and ambient /IDM /electro /electronic dj/producer Timothy J. Fairplay – “M Track” from four-track V/A EP ‘Strokes Of Industry’ on Artificial Horizon                                                                                                                                                          
  • Leuven, Belgium EBM/electro/dark techno producer SWART “Mary x Molly” title track from the new EP vial Istanbul collective/label COUP
  • New York based new experimental/electro/hip hop project of Kristina Esfandiari (aka King Woman, Miserable and Nghtcrwl), aka DALMATIAN “Pain Threshold (feat. Elkk)” debut single
  • Boston, MA rave/breakbeat production duo Warung – “Illusive” from V/A “Imprint Vol. 3” on W&O Street Tracks
  • London-based experimental/grime/dubstep/drum&bass/minimalistic/ electronic producer and co-head of Different Circles label, LOGOS “Dust” from the new “Fifth Monarchy” EP on Berceuse Heroique                   
  • UK Industrial/Synth/Electronic duo from Sheffield, Randolph & Mortimer “Body (R&M do acid mix)”               
  • Italian lo-fi/experimental/raw electro/techno/electronic producer (also Raw Ambassador) Antonio Barbetta from the Adriatic Coast, aka ANTONIO ” State Of Emergency” from upcoming cassette album “High Voltage!” on ALTERED STATES TAPES
  • Iranian-born, Toronto-bred, Berlin-based based dark electronic / EBM / industrial producer/musician Emad Dabiri aka SARIN “The Culling” opening track from forthcoming SARIN’s debut album “Moral Cleansing” on Bite                                                                                                                                                                           
  • Germany based, Tunisian dark techno/acid/industrial electronic producer TØLÅX – “R88 (Original Mix) from “Hueg” on INSANE INDUSTRY
  • Vienna, Austria dark techno producer and founding member of Bare Hands Records, Sedvs – “Toy Shop” from V/A “Under The Flag” on Body Theory
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina techno/industrial producer Aprilė “Masac (OFFËNSIV Remix)” from “Masac” EP on Basses Besognes
  • Late ’80s/early ’90s EBM duo from Aachen, Germany, PARANOID “I Dominate You (Moralez Edit)” / Re-Mastered 2019                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Derry-based industrial/dark experimental electronic/EBM project of Christian Donaghy, Autumns “12 Hours” from the the cassette album “Foyle Living” on DKA Records
  • Berlin-based post-industrial / EBM / techno producer Andrea Riberti, aka UNCONSCIOUS “Blood (Qual Remix)” from “new 12” vinyl album “Your God is Dead” on Detriti
  • Moscow based electro/EBM/dark techno Dj/producer and Maxima Culpa Records co-founder, GEGEN MANN “A.F.K.” from split cassette album “Abandoned Signatures” with Disco Morato via Fill-Lex Records
  • South London based EBM/industrial/synth-punk project PC WORLD “Next in Line” from cassette S/T EP on Gob Nation
  • UK based electro/rave/industrial/post-punk project of French musician/DJ and producer Jerome Tcherneyan and Czech performance artist and DJ, Barkosina Hanusova, aka Years Of Denial “Face To Face” from the upcoming debut full-length double vinyl album “Suicide Disco” on Veyl Records                                                 
  • Spanish Polegroup label’s techno dream team of Oscar Mulero, Exium & Reeko, aka Selección Natural “From Out Of Nowhere” from the upcoming “Left Behind” LP
  • Portsmouth, UK dark techno producer KILLAWATT “Go for Broke” from “Death in a Jeweled Box” EP on Leyla Records
  • Chicago-based industrial/dark electronic/new beat/EBM project of Ariel Motto (aka Death Valley), aka Club Music “New Zealand” from “Club Music, Vol. II” via Chicago Research
  • Kraków, Poland based EBM/electro/dark techno producer CHINO “Loch” from upcoming cassette EP “The Cave” on SYNTETYK                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Barcelona-based lo-fi/industrial/electro collaboration between Japan‘s DJ IndustrialWeaponFactory and Buenos AiresThissperso, SUiᏟᎥᎠᎥᎾ ᏞᎪᏆᎥᏁᎾ “Ini Mini” from the upcoming cassette album “Suade Sexo Duro” on Bristol’s Tutamen label
  • Belgium‘s electro/body beat artist Rudi Huybrechts, aka Schicksal “24 Hours (Perfect Body Mix)” from the album “365 Days” on Cluster-Park
  • French synthwave/electro producer from Bordeaux, Jauzas The Shining “Surveillance” from V/A “Magnetism Compilation Vol. 2” on Ukonx Recordings
  • Now-defunct UK experimental/post-punk/industrial/electronic group Bourbonese Qualk – “Head Stop” from the Platform 23 label‘s remastered vinyl reissue of “Head Stop”, album originally released in 1984 via their Recloose Organisation label
  • San Francisco‘s veteran psych/acid/techno/electro producer Solar Langevin, aka SOLAR “Unless, of course, you have wings like a bat” off V/A 12″ EP on his co-owned Squirrels on Film label.
  • Milan, Italian electronic / post-disco / new-wave project of Marcello Carozzi & Francesco Mingrino aka Younger Than Me – ”No Regrets (Curses Remix)” off new 2 track EP on Nein Records                                       
  • Berlin-based dark disco/electronic-rock duo project from Santiago de Chile, RANDOM ATLAS “Hedgehog (Original Mix)” from “Cara o Sello” EP on Esthetique Records
  • Guadalajara, Mexico psych/dark disco/electronic Dj/producer and co-head Calypso Records, Iñigo Vontier – “Don’t Go Back” from debut album ”El Hijo Del Maiz” on Chloè’s Lumière Noire Records                                         
  • Brighton, UK based ambient/soundtrack/synthpop/synthwave electronic musician Hattie Cooke “Evacuation” from the album “The Sleepers” on Spun Out Of Control
  • Offenbach-based experimental/krautrock/space techno producer Daniel Hermmann, aka FLUG 8 “Spacemodulation” from upcoming ‘Space Techno’ EP on Ransom Note Records
  • Italian ambient/dub/deep techno producer Aquiver – “My Valentina” from V/A “Italian Prodigies Vol. 2” on O V U N Q V E
  • Brisbane, Australia ambient/bass/garage/house/atmospheric techno producer Black Mannequin “Zero” from the EP “Zero/Sum”
  • German ambient techno IO label co-owner, producer/DJ, Sounddesigner and visual artist David Nowotny from Munich, Dycide – “Raijin” from V/A “Confluence 01” on Lowless
  • Melbourne, Australian experimental/ambient/dub/electronic producer YL Hooi “Prince S Version” from cassette album “Untitled” on Altered States Tapes
  • Berlin-based experimental/ambient/bass/IDM project of Jorge Camacho, aka VASE “Environmental Select” from 2xcassette album “Amos’ Flat: Room 1 & 2” on Opal Tapes
  • Tbilisi, Georgia ambient/IDM/deep techno/electronic producer Vako Pachulia – “Reliefbelief” from the cassette album “Hikikomori Dreams” on Solid Shape
  • Canadian-American ambient/electroacoustic/ethereal/electronic musician (half of Mint Julep with her husband Keith), Hollie Kenniff “Field Edge” from the debut album “The Gathering Dawn” on n5MD
  • Berlin-based German experimental cellist and composer Anne Müller ‘Drifting Circles’, from upcoming long-awaited debut solo album ‘Heliopause’ on Erased Tapes                                                                                            
  • Berlin-based, German experimental/ambient/drone/classical composers/musicians Ben Lukas Boysen & Martyn Heyne “Crest and Trough” from the upcoming 10″ vinyl album “THESIS 16 – Ben Lukas Boysen & Martyn Heyne” on Thesis

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