WL//WH Video Of The Day: HEAT AND WHITE “Signal Echoes”

Video Of The Day  HEAT AND WHITE

For nearly eight years the Malmö based poet and experimental multi-instrumentalist Olof Persson under the moniker Heat and White, a name inspired by fellow Swedish author Mare Kandre‘s 2001 short story collection “Hetta och Vitt”, has concocted, through a minimal array of synths, guitars, drum machines and evocative vocalizations, a rich blend of Krautrock, Dreampop, Psychedelia, Jazz, Ambient and Indietronica laced with freshness and originality.

The Scandinavian artist has just shared a suggestive DIY music video for the soul-stirring new single, “Signal Echoes”, featuring  Sara Hausenkamp on Vocals, recently released via the Midsommarkransen and Malmö based label Bibliotek.

“Signal Echoes” unfurls subtly twanging slivers of atmospheric guitar strings that ripple drearily into surreal droning frequencies, amid fluffy breathing synth swathes, ebbing and flowing in restless swirling sentient grips, whilst urgent and hypnotic soft beats drive forceful energies around the emotional turmoil of sensual pains, rising tensions, and breathless celestial whispers, to transform an isolated stratosphere of fear into lost signals and longing echoes.

The abstract, interpretive visuals dive under the curtain of preconceived notions to extract hidden insight from the subconscious archetypes of ancestral heritage. Clear, gentle waves of concentration flux into depth-defying reflections over jagged rock formations to transform lights and shadows into the faces and customs of our ancestors. Black and white angles shift a fragile translucent veil of buried truths to explore new meaning and direction from an etched inner path of inherited memories, lost by the manipulated sands of time.

Olof Persson‘s illustrated book of poetry “Ultrarapid War” [Zeon Light Text 2] is still available on Zeon Light Bandcamp.

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