WL//WH Track Of The Day: DREAM ROOM “Ride”

 Track Of The Day  DREAM ROOM

Unfortunately, albeit perhaps the exception makes them even more precious, it doesn’t happen too often to receive such an immediately captivating and refined debut directly from the bands in the mailbox, in the rare spare times I pay attention to.

Teetering between vivid consistency and atmospheric abstraction, introspective dream pop and twinkling shoegaze, “Ride” is the reverb-laden multifaceted reverie of a debut single from Melbourne-based 3-piece Dream Room.

Confessional lyrics that brood in confusion and dread over letting go, “I don’t wanna do this.”

Anxiety, hopes and uncertainty overlap and intersect seamlessly in a densely rippling and slowly enveloping, sullen harmonious ride, weaved by swaying sun-dazzled strummed guitar melodies, amidst a gently obsessive fluttering and changing sensorial intertwining of sizzling sparkles, distorted drips, refracting fragments, and serpentine shimmering swirls, whilst distant, desperate male vocals, wrapped in a mesmeric gauze of melodious uplifting and elegiac heartache, fearfully float and fall, over an achingly emotional dramatic surge of erratic soft percussions, glaring keyboard swells and sky-gazing searing leads, into a detached dreamlike cloud of hopeless gloom.

An all-encompassing aural immersion that pulls at your emotions.

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