WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #47

Evgeny Larin


  • Dimensions of NIKKATZE                                                                                                                              

The weekly mix comes from São Paulo electronic woman DJ/artist NIKKATZE, resident of Buraco – label/party, that embodies that haunting and mesmerizing style of dark synth-driven dance sound, walking the lines of EBM, Post-Punk, Dark Disco, Wave, scattered with 80’s vibes, we’re fond of. A perfect start to the week!

  • Dutch industrial /dark electro wave artist Sophie Hütten aka “Vrouwe Fataal”, aka Sophie du Palais “I Have To Work Today” off upcoming V/A “Modernation Vol.1” EP on Italo Moderni                                                          

The ‘Vrouwe fataal’ of the Elektro pack injects modern dystopian moods winding through her pained deadpan vocals’ dry demeanour underpinned by a seethingly oscillating surging array of gurgling mechanical bassline danger along with tight and lashing beats cut by flashing acidic synthetic bursts to form an intoxicating release of primal Disturbia.

  • Berlin-born and Kraków-based electro DJ, producer, multi-instrumentalists and artists Leona Jacewska, aka CHARLIE “Polarity Walk” off V/A “Aid EP II” on Mechatronica

Up-and-coming Polish electro, with EBM and wave undertones, producer layers airy asymmetrical synth melodies over grinding, crawling, thick bassline treachery to create an abrasive friction flow scattered in fluttering icily bright bursts of a twinkling tension-inducing spell.

  • Madrid based experimental dark ritual techno Peruvian producer OPAKE – “Withered And Motionless (Llimbs Remix)” off upcoming EP “El Devenir de la Carne” on Borders Of Known                                                               

Maltese producer Llimbs instils his crumbling and hypnotic industrialized touch into the Lima-born original track, triggering dark ominous atmospheric anticipation that stirs heavy stomping beats dragging and scraping metallic hardships over distant drone alarm and high shamanic cries, to create a raw ceremonial dance rhythm, left echoing shattered arcane dimensions.

  • UK experimental/dark/ambient/darkwave/post-punk solo project Abrasive Trees “Bound For An Infinite Sea (Sebastian Swarm Remix)”
  • Japanese experimental/ambient/noise/drone/electronic producer Hiiro Issiki – “Katto” from upcoming LP “1000 Plateaux” on Bedouin Records                                                                                                                           
  • Toronto, Canada based experimental/ ambient/ breakcore/ industrial/ breakbeat/ dark electronics Iraqi-born producer Rita Mikhael, aka E-Saggila “Mouth In Reach” from new “Corporate Cross” album on Hospital Productions
  • UK experimental electronic legendary group lead by the remaining member Richard H. Kirk (Sweet Exorcist), Cabaret Voltaire “Universal Energy” from “Shadow of Fear” CV’s first studio album in 26 years on Mute
  • Russian dark electronic ‘brutalist house’ duo from Moscow, ODOPT “Lower Ground Floor 5″ from “Lower Ground Floor” EP
  • Frankfurt-area experimental/trance/minimal wave/post-punk electronic artists Benedikt Frey and Naia d’Alò, aka INIT “Bourgeoisie” from the new cassette album “Gravity” on Hivern Discs
  • Zagreb, Croatia minimalistic dark electro project of Miljenko Rajaković aka Dj Mary (co-founder of Implant Code and TeHôM projects), Principia Audiomatica – ”Eliminate Programming” from upcoming “Re-Information” on Frigio Records
  • Tula, Russia lo-fi / punk / post-techno / electronic duo КРИК – “Тупая боль” off the cassette album “Ферментация” on Raw Russian
  • Bogotá based rave/electro Venezuelan producer DAGGA “Nasty (Feat. DJ Fuckoff)” from the new EP “Nasty” on International Chrome
  • Bogota, Colombia breakbeat/electro producer Confidential Recipe – “They Know” off upcoming V/A ‘’Metaphysical City Riders’’ on new Colombian label Bogoture Records
  • Montreal, Quebec dark ambient/wave/electro project of Claude Charnier, aka Aether Pilot “Screen Phosphor” from the LP “Mechanochrome” on Bioskop
  • French/Taiwanese mysterious experimental/industrial/techno producer Limbus Puerorum “Channel Mutant” off the new EP “Cantus Firmus” on TV Showw
  • French IDM/synthwave/electro/jungle/electronic producer from Reims, BRUIT FANTÔME “Robert Smith (Are You Wireless)” off upcoming cassette album “Robert Smith” on Tripalium Corp                                                           
  • Prague-based acid/techno/EBM duo Fractions “Ultra2000″ off upcoming V/A “ABS030” compilation on the Cuban imprint Abstraction                                                                                                                                        
  • Prague-based experimental/ritualistic/industrial/EBM/electronic French producer Léo Hivert aka The Undertaker’s Tapes – “Out Of Reach” from “Autolysis” EP on Prague’s Wrong label collective
  • Colombian Electro/EBM/IDM/Acid project by Bogotà co-founder of Pildoras Tapes label and half of Felina Spank duo, INVALID USER “Contacto Ft. Panorama Lineal & Romany Dear” off upcoming V/A “Stratagemas III” cassette EP on Pildoras Tapes                                                                                                                            
  • Tbilisi, Georgia heavy industrial techno producer Giorgi Kolbaia, aka Downwell “Brainwash” from upcoming cassette album “Oppression Index” on X-IMG
  • French drum&bass/cinematic/industrial techno producer based in Paris, NN “The Blood Of A White Monark” from upcoming V/A “Rite Of Initiation” on Forbidden Teachings
  • Austin, TX based industrial techno DJ/producer Sara Landry – “The Devil Inside” off the new EP “Inside Enemy” on Crisis of Man
  • Lyon based French industrial techno/EBM experimental producer Weltmeister “The Prisoner” (WTM 01)                 
  • French Cinematic Industrial Techno project (aka Primitive Tribe) started in Paris, NN – “Deception” from V/A “5Y” 3xvinyl 12″ compilation on Berlin’s 47 label
  • Berlin-based Italo-electro-techno new collaboration of Pablo Bozzi & Phase Fatale, aka Soft Crash – “Haute Surveillance” off upcoming EP “Spritzkrieg” on BITE                                                                                                             
  • Medellín, Colombia lo-fi experimental/electro/EBM/techno/dark synth solo project of Faunes Efes, FILMMAKER – “Data Bombing” from “DATA BOMBING” Split EP with Wachita China
  • Chicago-based industrial/EBM/electro musician Beau Wanzer “Alarm Men” from the new cassette EP “Busted And Bamboozled” on Ophism
  • Copenhagen, Denmark EBM/new beat/acid/electronic artist ALBERT SEVERIN “Baba Homarus” new single
  • Berlin-based Industrial/Experimental/Electronic/Techno producer Monya “Gegen Me Out” from upcoming V/A “The Sorceress” compilation on GEGEN                                                                                                                               
  • Berlin acid industrial techno produced COSLOW “Stuka” new single
  • Greek oldschool/breakbeat/hiphop/electro-funk/electro producer Bionic Breaker “Break It Down” new single on Athens’ Rockers Lane
  • UK lo-fi/acid/electro/techno producer E.L.I. – “Point-blank Discharge” from cassette mini-album “L/F/D/M VS E.L.I.” via Label In Disarray
  • Berlin-based cold cosmic electronic synth DJ/producer and Griessmuehle’s resident, Vivian Koch – “Find Your Way Out” from V/A “Anthems for No State” on Life And Death
  • Berlin-based EBM/dark electronic/techno/Italo disco French producer, half of Imperial Black Unit, aka Lapse Of Reason, PABLO BOZZI “Body Double” off upcoming V/A “Mirror Fantasy” EP on Ritmo Fatale                      
  • Marseille, France dark cosmic electronic dance producer, Did Virgo “Perpetual Motion (Franz Scala Remix)” off upcoming EP “Perpetual Motion” on new Montessori’s Innisfallen label                                                                    
  • Hong Kong-based house/disco/new beat French producer Romain RFX, aka RFX “Jack’s Swing (Edit)” from “Nu New Beat Vol. 1” EP on Fauve Records
  • Berlin based psych/slow techno/house/electronic producer Faber – “Lullabies (Sidirum Remix)” off “Loophole Remix” EP on Heimlich Musik
  • New York-based by the way of London and Belgrade electronic/Italo/new beat/techno/space beats producer and Samo Records founder, FACETS “Echoes” from the upcoming V/A “Spiral Cuts” compilation on Samo Records
  • Turkey dark disco duo FAT & BALD “XYZ Problems” from “Parallel Dimensions” EP on NEIN Records
  • Mexican indie/dark disco producer Colossio – “Inocência” title track from upcoming EP on Duro                            
  • Greek EBM/midtempo/ethnic/slow techno electronic producer Aggelos Baltas (aka Dream Weapons and Fantastikoi Hxoi), aka Anatolian Weapons “Naked Eye” off the EP “Cause And Effect” on new Edinburgh’s Sounds Of Ogigia label
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia acid/ethnic/tribal/breaks/psych/electronic producer ED DIX “Pukau (Original Mix)” from “Halusinasi” EP on Playground Records
  • Michigan experimental/electro-acoustic/IDM/electronic trio of Kevin Hayes, Kirk Marrison and Clark Rehberg III, aka KILN “Oceantumblers” from the new LP “Astral Welder” on Ghostly International
  • Vilnius, Lithuania ambient/deep/dub techno producer Echo Delta – “Fluid” from the 4th album “Subluminal Projections” on his own Cold Tear Records
  • Italian experimental/techno ambient/electronic producer from Rome, Simone Giudice – “Diffusione” from V/A “[CMC001]” cassette compilation curated by Spazio Disponibile co-founder Neel on Camera Magmatica
  • Spanish experimental/IDM/drum&bass/Braindance/electronic artist RTR “GatorC” off upcoming album “Symmetriades” on Analogical Force
  • Melbourne experimental/IDM/Braindance/electronic producer CYPHA “Hyperobject” from the album “Escape Velocity” on .jpeg Artefacts
  • UK 90s experimental/ambient/drum & bass/IDM/breakbeat/electronic producer (aka Norken and Nacht Plank, part of Ishqamatics, Autumn of Communion, Moss Garden…), aka METAMATICS “Beautiful Mutations” from “Vogue Casio 96” a collection of unreleased tracks and remixes recorded between 1996-1998
  • Hungarian ambient/IDM/bass/breaks/Detroit techno/minimal house producer ROUTE 8 “4th Journey” from “Rewind The Days of Youth” LP on Lobster Theremin
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands kraut /dream pop /electronic /psychedelic /synth /wave duo SPILL GOLD “Oyster” from the new debut LP ‘Highway Hypnosis’ on Knekelhuis
  • Los Angeles-based Filipino ambient/ethereal/electronic musician Ana Roxanne “A Study in Vastness” off second LP “Because Of A Flower” on Kranky
  • Washington D.C. based ambient/ drone/ experimental guitarist, musician, artist from Northern Virginia, Tristan Welch “Social Hopelessness” from the album “Ambient Distress” on Somewherecold Records
  • Melbourne experimental/ambient/IDM/electronic producer R HUNTER “Spectre” from the album “Dead Ambient” on .jpeg Artefacts
  • Dutch ambient/electronic collaborative project Omit Iwik & Dwaalgast – “Fucking Oyster” from upcoming V/A “SOMEWHERE IV” cassette compilation on Something Happening Somewhere
  • Indianapolis ambient/ drone/ ethereal/ electronic artist Zakè “Violette” off the album “Orchestral Studies Collectanea” compilation vinyl album on Past Inside the Present
  • Leicester, UK ambient/drone/minimal/post-rock/shoegaze guitarist Jon Attwood, YELLOW6 “day one” from the new album “DAYS”
  • Queens, NY ambient/field recordings/dub/electronic/experimental producer J. Albert “Saved” from “Young American Artist” album
  • London, UK ambient/drone/field recordings/electronic artist CEDRES “Sheltered Under Oak” debut single
  • Canadian experimental/ambient/drone collaborative project of Bradley Deschamps (Anthéne) and Jamie Jones (Fossil Hunting Collective), Still Harbours “Passerine” from the album “Armature” on Lᴏɴᴛᴀɴᴏ Series
  • Armenian pianist and composer born in Lebanon, Marie Awadis – “day 3” from the upcoming album “Una Corda Diaries” on Oscarson