WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – APRIL #14-23

JH Engström photography


  • Dystatik Podcast – INININ [DSTKP046]                                                                                                                             

Started Djing in 2019, Seoul, South Korea-based INININ, resident DJ at Volnost Seoul, has collected a heap of vicious and overdosed grooves, shaping his sound from EBM, Techno to Electro, Industrial and Noise, refined with his own style.

  • Berlin-based industrial /acid /hip-hop /drum & bass /breakbeat /electro Italian producer and Gravitational Waves head, Dj Nephil “Timeless” from upcoming V/A “Trust The Rust vol.1” cassette compilation [KRI]                                                                                                                                                           

A relentless reiteration of mechanical crisp broken rhythms, rolling droning low ends, topping obsessive synth swells, and shrilling shivering FX define a foreboding and alienating dystopian electro cut for the darkest conspiratorial corners of the dancefloor.

  • Hamburg-based kraut /acid /psych /breakbeat /electro /experimental producer Sebastian Felstau (Teerpappe label head and part of Nostalgie Eternelle, Sauerstofff and Fallbeil), aka WOSTO “Body Catcher” from V/A “Devil Dancers” cassette compilation [Unrealistic Expectations]

A leftfield, twisted, squelchy, and squeaky concoction of Acid, Electro, Hip-Hop, Computer 3-Bit FX, and wicked vox to melt your brain and stretch your imagination.

  • Torreón, Mexico ambient /dub /techno /tribal /downtempo /psych /electronic duo Depresión Tropical 🙁 “Fe (Re Work)” [Proximomx]

Trance-inducing heartfelt edit/tribute steeped in crisp intricate percussions, chugging bass grooves, swirling mystical melodies, and sultry organic tropical ambiance, heightened by stirring and soulful vocalizations to be transported to a vivid and serene spiritual dimension.

  • San Francisco‘s ambient /ethereal /drone /minimal techno /space music /electronic veteran producer Brock Van Wey (AKA Earth House Hold, East Of Oceans), AKA bvdub “Under Dying Skies” from the album “Slowly Shifting Lakes” [Past Inside the Present]
  • Tel Aviv-based experimental ambient electronic Israeli singer, songwriter, and film composer, Zoe Polanski “Home Alone (feat. Kumi Takahara)” single [FLAU Records]
  • Estevan, Saskatchewan lo-fi /ambient /tape loops /pastoral /electro-acoustic producer and sound artist (member of the free jazz outfit Peace Flag Ensemble), Michael Scott Dawson “A Barn On Fire” from the upcoming album “Find Yourself Lost” [We Are Busy Bodies]
  • English ambient /drone /tape loops /neo-classical /guitar-experimentalist Andy Cartwright AKA Seabuckthorn “The Landscape Seemed To Glance Back” from “Inlandscape” 2xCD album [Facture]
  • Danish experimental/ambient duo of Mikkel Valentin Dunkerley & P.E. (aka Rosen & Spyddet), AKA Olympisk Løft – “Livet Giver Sig Til Kende Ved Brydninger” from the cassette album “Vi Efterlader Bøgerne, Historierne Bærer Vi Med Os” [Janushoved]
  • Brooklyn, NY based Iranian-North American composer and ambient musician Aria Rostami “Thirsty Moon” from the upcoming “PSALM012: Allegory” album [Phantom Limb]
  • Copenhagen, Denmark experimental /ambient /trance producer Schacke – ”Mutual Secrecy” from upcoming 6-track EP “Synchronized Breathing” [Posh Isolation]
  • London, UK experimental /drone /techno /dream pop /electronic multi-instrumentalist Amanda Butterworth, AKA Mücha “Lines of Force” from the album “Hello Caller” [Frequency Domain]
  • Netherlands ambient /IDM /sci-fi /post-industrial /cinematic /drone /electro-acoustic /electronica duo TANGENT “Refracted Visions” from the upcoming album “Presence Reverts to Absence” [N5MD]
  • UK sci-fi /radiophonic /kosmic /deep minimal techno /analog synth electronic producer Martin Jenkins AKA Pye Corner Audio “Seen From Above” single
  • Hebden Bridge, UK-based electronica /electropop /synth project of Mark Vorderhaus AKA Vorderhaus “Home Video Recorders” 7″ lathe cut vinyl single on Feral Child
  • Paris-based experimental electronic analog synth wizard and member of duo La Punta Bianca, Philippe Brown “Derrière La Cascade” off the concept cassette EP “Paranormalement” [ERR REC]
  • Las Vegas, NV bred, West Virginia based minimal house /dub techno artist and synthesist Ivana Carrescia aka ISOLA “Too Soon” from “LP1” [Smartdumb]
  • West Germany via South London ambient ethnic electronic producer Abu AMA “Taliban Bakshish”
  • UK groovy experimental acid house /Detroit techno /psych electronic project of Andrew Weatherall & Nina Walsh, aka The Woodleigh Research Facility “Crack-Ed” from “Apparently Solo Volume 1” EP
  • Brussels-based leftfield electronics /dub /tribal /psych /downtempo /cosmic disco /electronic producer Giacomo Toffano AKA Caramel 3000 “Ottagono Corse” from “Rapido Superstudio” EP [Hell Yeah Recordings]
  • Munich-based acid /psych /trance /house producers and Terra Magica Rec. founders Mirko Hecktor & Tom Sprenger AKA Hektisch Sprengen DJ`s “Jenseits Jeglicher Existenz” from upcoming V/A “Life Of Phoroma” [Terra Magica Rec.]
  • Belgrade experimental /industrial /ambient /tribal /psych /acid /downtempo /electronic duo Nebojša Bogdanović and Goran Simonoski, aka TAPAN feat. Decha “Twenty (Full Circle’s Dub)” Digital Bonus of the EP “Twenty” [Malka Tuti]
  • UK psych /dub /chug /tribal /ethnic /disco producer Al Wootton “Vitus” off upcoming “Vitus” EP [Optimo Music]
  • Lithuanian experimental /leftfield /electro /kraut /psych /electronic producer Gediminas Jakubka, AKA Patricia Kokett “Khaoss” from “Psykhe” EP [Isla to Isla]
  • UK cosmic disco /dub /electronic producer Dark Strands “The Drop” new single
  • Lyon based indie dance /Balearic /Afro /disco /house Brazilian Dj and producer Pedro Bertho “Tornei feat. Mariana Gehring” from “Le Lien” EP [Hell Yeah Recordings]
  • UK indie dance /machine funk /analog electronic DJ-producer and tici taci label head, Duncan Grey “Nodcast” [tici taci]
  • Morocco ambient /industrial /techno /drone /ethnic /experimental electronic music project of producer and Rhadâb label co-founder Othman Cherradi, AKA Prophän “Timukrisin (Lotar)” from upcoming cassette album “Imuran” [Several Minor Promises]
  • Tbilisi, Georgia-based industrial /noise /drone /dark ambient /experimental artist and founder of SHISHI Records, CTPAX “Metempsychosis(Hålbå remix)” from the cassette album “Eternal Black” [OSM tapes]
  • Paris/Moscow cinematic /modern classical /industrial /electronic duo, GWENN TREMORIN & ANATOLY GRINBERG “Night in Gale” from the upcoming “Singularity Spectrum” album [ant-zen]
  • Italian experimental electronic producer Alessio Di Mezza (AKA Religius Order and Strangers For Love), Sintesi Eclettica “La Pace” from “LA PACE” EP
  • Experimental /industrial /old-school /sludge /techno duo of Chicago‘s Beau Wanzer (Streetwalker, Mutant Beat Dance, Civil Duty, and Corporate Park) & Brussels-based French producer Florent Mazzocchetti aka Maoupa Mazzocchetti, DE BONS EN PIERRE “Card Short of a Full Deck” from “Card Short of a Full Deck” EP 12″ on Dark Entries Records
  • Belgian rhythmical noise /dark industrial techno project of Eric van Wonterghem AKA Monolith “Blade On Skin” from the upcoming 12th album “Concrete Playground” [HANDS]
  • Berlin-based post-industrial / EBM/ techno Italian producer Andrea Riberti, aka UNCONSCIOUS “Obey” from the V/A compilation “Hound Vol. 2” soon on Hound
  • Italian Metal-minded EBM /techno /industrial DJ-producer Endless Nothing “Fear Of Perfection” from the upcoming V/A ” Psychostasia Vol.1 / Vol.2″ compilation [Brutal Forms]
  • Canadian experimental /acid /EBM /techno /industrial /dark electronics duo ORPHX ‘Man Of Sorrows” from “The Way Through All Things” EP 12” [Sonic Groove]
  • Argentinian EBM /dark wave /industrial /techno producer  Abby Knives – “The Death Of The Black Swan” from the upcoming V/A ” Psychostasia Vol.1 / Vol.2″ compilation [Brutal Forms]                                                   
  • New York City-based EBM /industrial /minimal electronics /dark electro producer-DJ, ANDI “Liebesträume” off new EP 12″ “Compelling Evidence” [aufnahme + wiedergabe]
  • Italian experimental /industrial /noise /techno punk DJ-producer Andrea Natale, aka ANNA FUNK DAMAGE – “Suckers” from the upcoming album “Church Of The Poisoned Minds” [Raw Culture]
  • Japanese Electro /Techno /EBM /Industrial Producer-DJ-Live performer, Baroque – “Overexposed” off upcoming “OVEREXPOSED” EP [Wie Ein Gott]
  • Berlin based Industrial /Doom /Power Ambient /Techno /EBM solo moniker of Arthur Boudet (half of ATT Corp, Axes of Fire, Burnt Offerings and Human Spine), AKA Incendie “Global Security (feat. Elena Moroder)” from “One Cursed Dance” EP 12″ [aufnahme + wiedergabe]
  • Lyon, French dark ambient /rave /industrial /techno producer, ISTIGKEIT “CYBERDELIC” [ISTIGKT 015]
  • Mysterious Berlin-based EBM /noise /industrial /techno project HARSH MENTOR “Kaioken” off upcoming V/A “DSR01 – There Is Nothing” EP [Dead Svn Records]
  • London, UK industrial /noise /techno /electronic DJ-producer Lesser Of “Increased Disease (Pierre Berge-Cia‘s Cold Rework)” from “All I Can See Is The Silver Light (Remixed And Remastered)” EP
  • Medellín, Colombia lo-fi experimental/electro/EBM/techno/dark synth solo project of Faunes Efes, Filmmaker “Conscious Crisis” from “Thoughtcrimes” EP
  • Spanish industrial techno/EBM producer and Soil Records head, SOJ feat Arnaud Rebotini – “Astronomia Geometrica” EP 12″ [SOIL]
  • Berlin-based, NewYorker electronic /Italo disco /new wave /post-punk /coldwave /dark techno producer Luca Venezia AKA Curses feat. Jennifer Touch “Boundless (L.F.T. Remix)” from “Boundless feat. Jennifer Touch (Remixes)” EP [Dischi Autunno]
  • French electro /techno /Italo disco /electronic artist KIKO “Data Entry” from “Data Entry” EP [Watergate Records]
  • Margate, UK-based techno /electro DJ, producer and Vivod label founder Ali Renault AKA Cestrian “Satan” off “DDS07″ split EP 12” with Roberto Auser [Dalmata Daniel]
  • London UK based IDM /acid /techno pioneer producer and Asymmetric label head, Inigo Kennedy ‘The Long Tail’ off the new EP ‘The Long Tail’ [Asymmetric]
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto – “Kacha Kucha Nee (Jensen Interceptor‘s Kawaii Flip)” [International Chrome]
  • Italo /techno /acid /electro collaborative project between Ernestas Sadau, Rapha & PRZ, aka Pluto Junkies “Space Ghost” from “Contact” 7-track mini-LP 12″ [Pinkman]
  • Dutch/British bass music /dubstep /house /drum & bass veteran producers, Martyn X Om Unit “Basilisk” from “AJ^6″ EP 12” [3024]
  • French techno producer Sonotik – “Psychotrope ( Original mix )” [Qubiq Records]
  • France techno /synth-punk solo project of Bordeaux‘s Gaston Larrouy, La Rouille “Basalte” first single off the upcoming compilation “Extinction de Voix”
  • UK new beat /trance /dark disco Producer-Remixer-DJ and Nein Records label boss, Neil Parnell AKA Tronik Youth – “10PM (Louis De Tomaso Remix)” off upcoming “10PM” EP [Nein Records]
  • Berlin-based Electro /New Wave /Dark Disco live project by producer Kalipo and DJ/producer couple Local Suicide fronted by Greek native Dina P., aka DINA SUMMER “Rimini (Fabrizio Mammarella Remix)” from “Rimini Remixes” EP 12″ [Iptamenos Discos]
  • Indie dance /electro /dark disco producer Sadissimo – “Dance 4 Me” off upcoming “Dance Curse” EP [Nein Records]
  • Seville-based freestyle /Italo /indie dance DJ-producer Marinelli “El Forastero (Alen Skanner Remix)” from “Manteca” EP [Espacio CIELO]
  • Italian house /techno /dark disco musical project created by Gabriele Lori, Astroloop “Hold Me” title track of the upcoming EP [Nein Records]
  • Italian Italo Disco /Synthpop producers Fred Ventura and Paolo Gozzetti aka Italoconnection “Flash In The Night (Italoconnection Saab Mix Instr.)” off “Flash In The Night” maxi single
  • Amsterdam/Berlin Italo body music /indie dance /cosmic disco trio thePhilosophica – “Grandma Jam” off  V/A ” A Retro Futuristic Collage” album  [CLUB MACKAN]
  • Brooklyn-based German native Techno /Wave /Euro Disco /Acid /Italo /Electronic DJ-producer Tony Y Not – “Your Exile In My Mind” off upcoming “Your Exile In My Mind” EP [Live At Robert Johnson]
  • Dresden-based indie dance /acid /disco /house DJ-producer Felkon – “Me Me Me” off the EP “Me Me Me” [Moodmusic Records]                                                                                                                                           
  • Berlin-based electro /dark disco /indie dance artist [one-half of indie dance act Leggings], Heidenreich – “Not What U Dance (Original Mix)” from V/A “Muy Duro Vol. X” compilation EP [Duro]
  • Toulouse, France Italo /Trance /Synthpop /Indie Dance producer, and Ulla Records co-founder, Austher “Ending Pleasure (Original Mix)” off “Resilience” EP [Mélopée Records]
  • Leeds UK-based Balearic /acid /house producer Lone Saxon “Raised By The Island (Orchid Remix)” from “Raised By The Island” [Balearic Ensemble]
  • Manchester, UK ambient /IDM /abstract /acid /cosmic /breakbeat /house producer and Bakk Heia Records co-founder, Schuttle “Shadout” from “BH006″ EP 12” [Bakk Heia Records]
  • Brooklyn, NY cellist and composer Issei Herr “Aubade (The Farewell Is a Beginning)” from the album “Distant Intervals” [NNA Tapes]
  • Japanese-born Florida-based ambient /field recordings /nature sound /experimental project of anthropologist and musician Yosihiko H. Sinoto, AKA Wave Temples “Key of Life (feat. Justice A. Gonzalez)” from the upcoming cassette /vinyl album “Panama Shift” [Not Not Fun Records]
  • Humlebæk, Denmark experimental /ambient /drone /electronic producer Oliver Vaupel (aka Telluric Current), AKA Manon Lescaut “A Garland For Her Head” the title track of the cassette EP “A Garland For Her Head” [Janushoved]
  • Iceland ambient electronic producer Árni Grétar, AKA Futuregrapher “Queen XY” from the album “Eyrarhús” (Live improvisation at Space Odyssey Music Space 10th of March 2022)
  • Tokyo, Japan ambient /chillwave /downtempo /dreamwave /electronic project KIMURA-AOKI 研究所 – “セッション Session 2.001194” from the session album “新 プログラム セッション”
  • Chicago based experimental /ambient /drone /noise /electronic sound artist Kevin Drumm “Old Shoes” from the cassette /vinyl album “Battering Rams” (series of remastered archival works dating from 2000 to 2022) [VAAGNER]
  • San Francisco-based ambient music /impressionism /jazz /sound poetry,/experimental artist, Lucy Liyou “Dog Dreams” title track of the second album “Dog Dreams” [American Dreams]

JH Engström photography