WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – AUGUST #33-23


  • English  5-piece Jangle /Indie Pop guitar band The Shop Window “It’s A High” from the upcoming third double album “Daysdream” [Jangle Shop Records]

Back with an additional member and the announcement of an upcoming multifaceted sounding double album that promises to be intriguing, the band’s captivating first teaser, both sparkling and caressing, steeped in nostalgic summer breezes, vibrates with C86 sheen and fizzing 60s vibes in equal measure, swaying between striking, twinkling jangly guitar melodies and bittersweet romantic vocal harmonies, to burst and end with stirring trumpet motifs in glorious style.

  • Birmingham UK post-punk /indie rock /dream pop /shoegaze singer-songwriter Oliver Beardmore “The Risk” single

Brand new single for the highly talented Brummie songwriter, a nostalgic heartfelt love song, infused with intimacy and introspection, palpitates over an intense transcendental lilting flow of sparkling six-string melodies to carry languid lovelorn vocals, longing and aching to be understood, through swaying distorted riffs of passion, into brighter emotional horizons of acceptance and joy.

  • Kolkata, India dream pop /synth-pop band French Girlfriends “He Said, She Said” debut single

Met around 5 years ago as part of a promising indie/dream pop band called Nilein, Indian electronic producer Subhas Mazumdar returns with a new moniker, French Girlfriends, and a darker, moody and atmospheric sound closer to Synthpop, that drifts ceaselessly in and out of lights and shadows, urgently throbbing its way through mechanical racing beats, murky droning basslines and whimsical synth flares, around dreamy, disconnected “He Said She Said” mental banter.

  • Sapporo, Japan ambient /dream pop /slowcore project of Hayaki Saito, aka moonageandthegoats “Shallow Moon” from the cassette album “Visions”
  • Cardiff, UK drum machine-led folk singer-songwriter, novelist and playwriter (1954 – 2014), Charlotte Greig “Seven Seas” from the vinyl 12″ edition of 1998 debut album “Night Visiting Songs” originally releases as a very limited edition CD
  • German electronic downbeat producer (Fka Keno), Lehto “Home feat. Jepka” (Zero 7 cover) [Bathurst]
  • San Diego, CA-based trip-hop /dream pop /shoegaze act led by Cara Potiker, moondaddy “Fortune Teller” from the album “Poet Lies” [Volar Records]
  • Portland, OR indie /dream pop duo Pure Bathing Culture “The Memento” from upcoming LP “Chalice”
  • Chicago-based DIY ambient /shoegaze /dream pop singer-songwriter Alessia Kato, aka Ghost Days “Feel For You” single
  • Rockford, Illinois lo-fi /shoegaze /dream pop duo Side Thing “8 Minute Mile” from the album “Funeral Friends” [BIRTHDIY]
  • Detroit, MI shoegaze /dream pop 4-piece VAEGA “You On” third single
  • New York-based shoegaze /jangle /dream pop project of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Patrick J. Smith, aka A Beacon School “KITM” from the upcoming second LP “yoyo” [Grind Select]
  • Glasgow, UK lo-fi slowcore /indie rock singer-songwriter Kenny Bates, aka Quitter “Hey, Useless” off the upcoming new album “Monument Road” [GoldMold Records / Heavenly Records]
  • Oslo, Norway-based indie /dream pop quartet Future Nostalgia “Where We Left Ourselves” first single from the upcoming debut album
  • Seattle, WA bedroom pop /indie rock solo project of Mo Herbert, aka Mount Planet “Do You Really Want It?” from the album “Springtime”
  • Vallejo, CA bedroom /twee /indie-pop music project by girlonbus, AKA The No-Yeahs “I’ll have what she’s having” single
  • Finnish/Swedish indie pop trio founded in 2012, Vasas flora och fauna “Ett torg där man blåser bort” from the upcoming album “Man blåser bort” [Startracks]
  • Boston, UK-based twee /jangly /indie-pop duo of Liam James Marsh (Kid Chameleon) and Alice Kat, aka Fine “Down After Hours” single
  • Melbourne, Australia jangly indie pop duo Local Derby “Bad Side” second single
  • Boston, MA shoegaze /indie rock /twinklegaze band Honeywave “Killing Time” debut single
  • Baltimore, Maryland lo-fi jangly pop /power-pop /freakbeat /indie band The Smashing Times “Monday, In A Small Dull Town” from the upcoming album “This Sporting Life” [perennialdeath]
  • Seattle, WA noise gaze-pop band VERSING “Circles” from the cassette “Tape II” EP
  • Adelaide, Australian indie /synth-pop project New Labour “Dream Thief” single
  • Blacksburg, VA electronic/ indie pop band led by Jack Tatum, Wild Nothing “Headlights On (feat. Hatchie)” from the upcoming fifth album “Hold” [Captured Tracks]
  • Hamilton-based indie /dream-pop band Linebeck “Give Us A Try” single
  • Budapest, Hungary dream pop /indie pop band The Colibris “Life couldn’t help us” single
  • Austin, TX indie /dream pop /regret pop band Sun June “Get Enough” from upcoming LP “Bad Dream Jaguar” [Run For Cover Records]
  • North Carolina indie rock musician Tracy Shedd “Let It Ride” new single [Fort Lowell Records]
  • Los Angeles-based shoegaze /space rock /dream pop veteran band Modern Time Machines “All I Wanna Do” (The Beach Boys cover) from “Beachtime” EP
  • Bergen, Norway indie rock singer-songwriter BO MILLI “Come After Me” single
  • Fort Wayne, Indiana shoegaze /dream pop band Necromoon “Remission” single from the LP “Nature Makes Our Graves For Us”
  • Trondheim, Norway shoegaze /indie rock band Fuckleberry Hinn “Nobody” single from the upcoming double album “Neither/Nor”
  • Oakland, CA indie /new wave /power-pop duo of Adam Widener and Bobby Martinez, THE 1981 “Nelson’s Camera” from the vinyl 12″ debut album “Move On” [Dandy Boy Records]
  • Syracuse, NY cult power pop band formed in 1977, The Flashcubes “Forget About You” (The Motors cover) from the album “Pop Masters” [Big Stir Records]
  • Perth, Australia jangle garage power poppers (former members of Screwtop Detonators and Snowman), Rinehearts “Could You Would You” from the upcoming second album, “Full Bloom” produced by Dom Mariani of the legendary The Stems [Cheersquad Records & Tapes]
  • Chapel Hill, North Carolina 1989-formed punk noise rockers Superchunk “Sunny Brixton” off 4-LP/2-CD collection “Misfits & Mistakes: Singles, B-sides & Strays 20072023” [Merge Records]
  • Bay Area noise rock /power pop singer/songwriter (ex Ovens), Tony Molina “I’m Not Down” from the vinyl 12″ reissue of the first solo album “Embarrassing Times” originally released on cassette in 2009 [Catholic Guilt Records]
  • Irish three-piece psyche-pop / punk rock band from Dublin, SOFT ON CRIME “Catamaran” from the upcoming album “Rarities Vol. 1” (20172023)
  • New York proto-punk /garage /rock’n’roll /neo-glam trio of singer-songwriter-poet Jordan D’Arsie (Women of the Night), Aaron Mika (Televisionaries) and Supremo Massiv (Revel in Dimes), DREAM PONY “Bikini Vision” single [MANIC Records]
  • Montreal, Québec garage/ fuzzy indie-rock band Feeling Figures “Across The Line” from the upcoming debut album “Migration Magic” [perennialdeath]
  • Oakland CA’s electronic /psych /shoegaze /noise pop trio Blue Ocean “Fertile State” from upcoming debut LP “Fertile State” [Slumberland Records]
  • Magelang, Indonesia 5-piece noise /indie /power pop band Tossing Seed “The Flower Still Remains” from the debut cassette EP “When You Come Around” [Paska Records]
  • Cardiff, UK instrumental ambient /shoegaze /post-rock band, False Hope For The Savage “Motherless Brooklyn” from the debut album “False Hope For The Savage”
  • Denver, CO post-rock /shoegaze solo project of Jared Barnes, aka CREEK “Mourning” from the 2-track single “Elegy”
  • San Francisco garage rock /grunge /shoegaze trio, chokecherry “Around Around Around” single
  • Malmö-based post-punk /noise pop /synthpop /shoegaze /alternative rock trio Spunsugar “It Never Gave Me Anything (Single Edit)” single [Adrian Recordings]
  • Setagaya City, Japan alt /indie rock /shoegaze band D.B.Inches “That I” from the debut EP “Instinct, Filter Bubble”
  • Pennsylvania alt-noise rock /shoegaze band Gloomer “Being and Nothingness” single
  • Seattle, WA shoegaze /alternative rock band Divaria “Off Your Face” from the album “September”
  • Richmond, VA emo /alt rock /post-hardcore /shoegaze band Desert Beagles “Supernova” from the second “Desert Beagles” EP
  • Japanese indie rock /shoegaze 5-piece STOMP TALK MODSTONE “Kill For Me/Maelstrom Jam” single
  • Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Fuzz-Pop /Psychedelic Rock /Shoegaze outfit LLOLLYANNA “Out There Alive” from the album “Out There Alive” a collection of unreleased songs, live recordings and alternate versions of released songs
  • Madison, Wisconsin kraut /shoegaze /fuzzy psychedelic rock band The Cult of Lip “Convene” 2nd single from the upcoming vinyl 12″ debut full-length “Marsha”
  • Seattle-based kraut /garage /psychedelic rock project of Sam Larson, aka The Groovy Nobody “Invisible” from the album “Solarium”
  • Manchester, UK psych-rock two-piece Strange Dream “Mirrors” single
  • UK acid psychedelic rock band founded in 1990 and led by guitarist & vocalist Gary Ramon, SUN DIAL – “Echoes All Around” first track of the forthcoming brand new vinyl album “Messages from the Mothership” [Sulatron Records]
  • Stockholm, Sweden electronic /dream pop /trip-hop /shoegaze duo Isoberlinia “Paraline” second single off the upcoming “Silhouette Bound LP [Black Hair Records]
  • Allentown, PN noise rock /shoegaze /indie rock /psychedelic 4-piece Catatonic Suns “Be As One” single from the forthcoming S/T album ‘Catatonic Suns’ [Agitated Records / Forte Distribution]
  • Los Angeles based dark wave /garage /indie rock /post-punk band, Warsaw Pact “Surround” from the second EP “The Kompromat”
  • London, UK indie rock band YOWL – “The Machine” single from upcoming debut LP “Milksick” on Clue Records
  • South-West London-based alt /indie rock trio Slaney Bay “The Fall” off the upcoming EP “Why Does Love Mean Loss?”
  • London, UK indie rock duo Wings Of Desire “Be Here Now” off double A-side single “Made Of Love / Be Here Now”
  • Berkeley // Tokyo shoegaze /math /indie rock /power pop band Curling “Pastoral” from the LP “No Guitar”
  • Californian folk pop /indie rock singer-songwriter Joe Vann “If It Makes You Feel Right” from the album “For Everyone”
  • Melbourne, Australia bedroom pop / indie folk pop singer-songwriter Bridgette Winten, aka Winten – “Waving To My Girl” title track of the debut album “Waving To My Girl”
  • Brighton, UK bedroom /indie /dream pop singer-songwriter Frances Mistry “Dreaming” from “Let them eat grass” EP
  • Norway/Germany jangle-pop collaboration of Jørn Åleskjær (The Loch Ness Mouse, Sapphire & Steel) and Sebastian Voss (Nah…, The Fisherman and his Soul), aka HERR WADE “Το περιστέρι (feat. Judes)” from “Το περιστέρι (To Peristéri) / Morgen, Übermorgen” single on Bureau Platiruma!!!
  • Japanese Balearic /ambient /jazz /blues guitarist (former member of Hachimitsu Pie), Shinsuke Honda 本多信介 “Yumeya” from the vinyl reissue of the album “Silence” originally released on Apollon Music in 1983 [Studio Mule/Mule Musiq]

photo by Harry Gruyaert

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