WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips // MAY #20-24

photo by Heinrich Heidersberger


  • Karagi ಏ BENEDIKT FREY

Courtesy of Parisian Karagi channel, German producer, DJ and R.i.O. label co-founder carries us on an electrifying journey into experimental electronic music with a ‘knack for curating strange yet captivating sounds’ delving into Kraut, Dub, Post-Punk, Wave, Psychedelic, and Downtempo mind-bending realms.

  • Glasgow acid /techno /electro DJ, producer & Lifeforms label head honcho, Gavelman – “Ashes In The Wind” from the upcoming cassette album “Fata Morgana” [Dead Channel Records]

Glasgowian producer churns out raw, twisted and detuned psyched-futuristic-acidic-electro jams with loose sharp twingings of stomping beats, eerie enigmatic strings and snake charming 303 bleeping addiction to experience unpredictable mutant twitches and flashes on every cutting-edge dancefloor.

  • New York-based EBM /industrial /electro noise producer Michael Renfield (aka Soillodge), R010R “Augment Unreality” from “R02” EP

Nuanced high-octane Electro-Noise discharges coalesce with clanging Industrial streaks in a turbulent and cathartic compound full of tense grim visions, twisted fantasies, and mesmeric transfigurations, amid driving skittering and slamming rhythms, buzzing seesaw low ends, harsh jarring frequencies and ominous and desolate angsty glacial strings, to throb relentlessly while hopelessly lost in an overarching dystopian ambience.

  • Dublin, Ireland dark disco /techno /chug /psych /downtempo /electronic producer Eric Whelan, aka Steady State “The MultiKlang”

Irish producer outstretches slashing snare beats and murky oscillating bass grooves to lure into a downtempo impenetrable dark rabbit hole that simmers, rumbles, and chugs, intricately layered with clattering chromatic sheen, buzzing echoing menace and exotic female vocal magnetism, in a relentless sultry yet haunted locked-in trance that seems to never end.

  • Icelandic ambient /neo-classical composer and producer Snorri Hallgrímsson “The Girl in the Dark” from “Innocence (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)” soundtrack LP to Guy Davidi‘s documentary film of the same name [Moderna Records]
  • Paris-based ambient /drone /ethereal /soundscapes /experimental Australian artist, vocalist & musician Karen Vogt “Cloud fifty-two” from upcoming cassette album “Diary #5” [sonic-dialogue]
  • Minneapolis producer Chris Bartels’ minimal-neoclassical-ambient project, Blurstem – “Eagles Flight” from the album “Ocelli” [Western Vinyl]
  • Cologne/Lisbon based ambient /drone /electro-acoustic French/English collaboration Ryefield Society & James A. McDermid “A dead world of sunshine and rain” from the upcoming “S’accommoder / Perdido” CD album [rohs! records]
  • Northern France ambient /drone /meditative project of electronic producer Erell Ranson (aka Souldancer), aka Nosnar “Night Getaway from “Beyond The Clouds” LP [Neotantra]
  • London, UK tape loops /drone /experimental ambient musician Nicholas Mark Lisher, Lesjamusic “Every Colour at Once” from the cassette album “Lesjamusic Is Lost” [Mystery Circles]
  • Japan ambient /drone /analog synth sound artist Tokyo Bedroom Orchestra “Tokyo Bedroom Orchestra “Kenun” from the album “Yadoru”
  • Neukölln, Berlin based ambient /electronic outfit of Camilla Padgitt-Coles (Ivy Meadows, Energy Star, Future Shuttle), Maïa Ibar (Dual Split, TEEN, Malentendu), and Boshra AlSaadi (Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang, TEEN, SAADI), Lighter “Oxygen” from upcoming album “Massage” [Crash Symbols]
  • New York ambient /drone /experimental sound artist Luke Entelis, aka Viul “Acres” from the cassette “Green Corridor” EP [Dauw]
  • Alexandroupolis, Northeastern Greece ambient /drone /tape loops /electro-acoustic /electronica sound artist Giannis Gogos “Movements” from the CD album “Linger” [Whitelabrecs]
  • Pisa, Italy ambient /drone /chill-out /electro-acoustic sound artist Andrea Morana, aka Runaway Horses “Mirrored Self” from “Recollected in Tranquility” LP [DRONARIVM]
  • Naples, Italy ambient /post-rock /shoegaze /electronic duo of Bruno Bavota and Fabrizio Somma (K-Conjog), aka Not Me But Us “No Words (Dawn Chorus and the Infallible Sea Remix)” from the single “Remixes” [Sonic Cathedral]
  • US dark ambient /drone /noise /experimental /electronic /synth sound artist Death Aria “Birds of a Fleeting Paradise” from the cassette album “As If An Arrow Pierced The Flesh” [No Rent]
  • Springfield, Missouri ambient /drone /electronic producer Ryan Howell aka Oceanographer “Cral Dancing” from the album “Radiance” [Shady Ridge Records]
  • Kazakhstan ambient /barber beats /dreampunk /slushwave /soviet wave producer Insomaniac “Воспоминания о пионерлагере” from the album “новое и старое начало” [Arctic Contact]
  • UK-based ambient /IDM /electro /techno /electronic musician Oli Love, aka Lovetrip “cfe” from “Pareidolia” double album 2xCD [Móatún 7]
  • LA-based ambient /downtempo /jazz producer (Home Decor, and Shower), Danny Scott Lane “10 O’Clock Ride” from “Caput” LP (Originally released in 2021 on cassette only) [WRWTFWW Records]
  • Barcelona based ambient /psych /deep /techno DJ/producer Salva Coromina, aka ABSIS “Traveling Wind” from “FENIX” E.P. 12″ [Hivern Discs]
  • Valencia, Spain ambient /abstract /dub /techno duo Pajaro Dune – “Cerro Tololo” from V/A “V.A.01″ EP 12” [Grabaciones Perpendiculares]
  • Parisian ambient /deep /dub techno DJ-producer and founder of Lost Area collective, m.n.lith “Inverted Dimension” from “Individual Strength” LP [insectorama]
  • Bristol, UK ambient /dub techno Jamie Paton and Mike Bourne‘s collaborative act, Metal “DISLOCATION CLIMB (Jamie Paton Dubwise I)” from “Point Vacancies [Remixed]” EP 12″ [ESP Institute]
  • London-based bleep /kraut /cosmic /bass /dub DJ-producer Will Hofbauer – “Can Dub” off of “Dingers” EP [Optimo Music]
  • Sheffield, UK ambient /IDM /experimental techno outfit The Black Dog “She Never Wrote Back” from forthcoming “Other, Like Me” LP [Dust Science Recordings]
  • Canadian dark ambient /dub /noise /industrial /minimal drone /electronics project of Cyclic Law, Cavsas and Aesthetical record labels head Frederic Arbours (Visions, Skorneg, Stärker), aka Purgate “Matter” from the LP “Transcend” [OPAL]
  • Italian trip-hop /post-punk /leftfield /electronic musician, producer and DJ based in Milan, Lamusa II “I Am The Void (feat. Marie Davidson)” from the album “DON’T” [Extended Techniques Records]
  • Athens based, Greek industrial /experimental electronics artist, Expropriation “Kropotkes” from V/A “Evropes #1” cassette compilation [HOMVA032]
  • Icelandic ambient /IDM /techno /experimental electronic producer and Móatún 7 label head (aka Futuregrapher), Árni Grétar “Kurt Russell” from the split 7″ single “MOA139” by HúsdrekiÁrni Grétar [Móatún 7]
  • Los Angeles experimental /psych /dub /electronic /jazz improvisational quintet SML “Industry” from the upcoming album “Small Medium Large” [International Anthem]
  • Tel Aviv indie dance /downtempo producer Omri Smadar “Dub Mbira” off “Disco Salameh” EP
  • North Devon, UK experimental eclectic /downtempo /electronic producer Will Flisk “Death At The Table”
  • Thailand based ambient /psychedelic /electronic producer (one half of Mogambo), Sunju Hargun ” मूलानि” from V/A “Chakravyūh” label’s centennial compilation release LP [Qilla Records]
  • Italian acid /psych /ethnic /leftfield /downtempo /trance /dark space electronica producer A-Tweed “Vinnie Jones Right To The Bones (Original Mix)” from upcoming “Rave The Cave” EP [Playground Records]
  • Brussels-based acid /dark disco /electronic DJ-producer and Higher Hopes boss (half of Los Niños Del Parque), DC Salas “Acid Breath” from upcoming “Pixelated Dream Theory” EP [Higher Hopes Records]
  • Bristol, UK house /techno DJ-producer Peverelist “Pulse TEN” from “Pulse Phase” E.P. 12″ third and final volume of the Pulse trilogy series [Livity Sound]
  • Bern, Swiss house /tribal /funky techno producer Samuel Geiser, aka Deetron presents Soulmate “Bourg” off “Drone” EP 12″ [Ilian Tape]
  • Munich, Germany-based experimental /ambient /house /techno /electronic DJ-producer Robin Wang aka SAM GOKU “Tides (Under The Moonlight)” from “Radiants” EP 12″ [Dekmantel]
  • Netherlands ambient /breaks /house /electro producer POLEJAM “It’s Been A Few… (Shevin Kields Remix)” from “It’s Been A Few… (But It’s) All Good, Mate” EP [Sound Transitions]
  • French dubstep /breakbeats /drum and bass /experimental electronic artist Jan Loup “Mojo Nosae” from “In My Fury” EP [Nerve Collect]
  • Atlanta, Georgia breaks /house /psych /bass /techno DJ-producer Nikki Nair “Catenate” from “Snake” EP [LUCKYME®]
  • Sheffield‘s leftfield /house /techno /breaks producer Hedge Maze “Strukku’s Beat” from “Riding The Wave” EP [Selvamancer]
  • London-based hardcore /techno /breaks producer MANI FESTO “Instinct” from “WNCL048” EP [WNCL Recordings]
  • UK ambient /kraut /jungle /breakbeat /electronic producer and DJ, Catherine Backhouse (aka DJ Bunnyhausen), aka Xylitol “Moebius” “from upcoming LP “Anemones” [Planet Mu]
  • UK veteran electro producer (aka Random Factor and Silicon Scally), Carl Finlow “Liquid Crystal” from “Informatique Dynamique” EP [Stung Records]
  • The Hague, Dutch lo-fi /acid /house /trance /techno /electro-funk musician Danny Wolfers, aka Legowelt Legowelt “Like Twin Peaks” from upcoming “Ruins of Cracktopolis” EP 12″ [Altered Circuits]
  • Belgium dark electro /analog synth producer Holtz “82” from the album “Objectif” [Les Disques Cockpit]
  • Philadelphia ambient /psych /acid /electro duo Thomas Roland and James Weissinger (aka Girls Chat Room and Peyton Farquhar), aka Zillas On Acid “Should/Must” off upcoming “Mars Hum” EP 12″ [NEUBAU]
  • New York via Miami techno /electro hardware producer Alonzo “Jealous Eyes” from V/A “Code of Conduct” EP 12″ [FERMA]
  • Charleroi, Belgium experimental industrial /IDM /coldwave /electro producer and Roulette Rekordz head, Poladroïd “Message To Henry Hearse” from upcoming “Danse Macabre” EP [META MOTO]
  • Amsterdam-based cosmic /kraut /psych /dark electronic pop duo Rosa Ronsdorf & Nina de Jong, aka Spill Gold – “Witches Finger – feat Dolkraut” from the sophomore “Zaza” LP 12″ [Teenage Menopause Rds]
  • Thessaloniki, Greece-based EBM /Industrial /Italo Body /Techno DJ-producer Alpha Sect – “La Ultima Vez (Curses x Tutto Vetro remix)” from upcoming “Fragmented Reality” EP 12″ [SOIL]
  • Brussels/Montreal dark ambient /industrial /EBM /techno collaboration Ottoman Grüw & Inside Blur – “Requiem for a Collapsing Star (sch_tsch remix)” from “Endless Desert” LP [KHOINIX]
  • Milan, Italian Industrial /EBM /Noise /Electro /Techno trio MOKEN “Raise The Algorithm” from V/A “Survivors vol.1” compilation [FLOWTAPE]
  • Berlin-based Australian cyber body /EBM /techno producer Kris Baha “Double Helix Overdrive” from the cassette “Cyber Body Music Vol.1” EP [Kindcrime]
  • UK industrial /EBM /techno producer EVIL DUST “Rest In Peace”
  • Berlin, German new beat /techno /coldwave /EBM project of Wie Ein Gott label head Johannes Stabel, aka XTR HUMAN – “Frust” from “SCHRANK” LP [Negative Gain Productions / Wie ein Gott Records]
  • UK techno /EBM /industrial electronics project of William Maybelline (one half of Lebanon Hanover), Qual “Techsick” title track from upcoming 12″ EP “Techsick”
  • Spanish EBM /Cyberpunk /Synthwave /Darksynth /Electronic music producer Nightcrawler “Course Navette (Alpha Sect Remix)” single
  • Barcelona-based EBM /New Beat /Techno project Florida Cancer “Colony” from “Graveyard” EP [Aspecto Humano]
  • Valencia, Spain Industrial /EBM /Working Class Electronic Music project of Ana Spammer & David Spammer, aka Spammerheads “Awakening in Metropolis (digital bonus track)” from upcoming LP “Disclaimer” [Soil Records]
  • Bordeaux, French industrial /new beat /wave /techno DJ-producer Jérémy Cottereau, aka Djedjotronic feat. Anna Lann “Consequence (Club Mix)” from “Consequence” EP [Superwave]
  • Estonian new beat /dark disco /Italo /synth wave /electronic producer Sugar Rody Feat Local Suicide – “Disco Knife (Original Mix)” from “Disco Knife” EP [Nothing Is Real]
  • Irish acid /electronic /nudisco /trip disco solo act Signa Rust “Top Gestion” from “Top Gestion” E.P.
  • Paris-based new beat /indie dance /acid /psych /techno /electronic producer Yan Wagner, aka The Populists “Step Inside” from upcoming “Dancers” EP [Lumière Noire Records]
  • Berlin-based experimental electro /wave /electronic DJ-producer and Rio Label Co-head, Benedikt Frey “Dominatrixx (Edit)”
  • UK EBM /house /disco /techno /electronic collaborative project between producers Nathan Gregory Wilkins and Richard X, aka Cowboy Rhythmbox – “Rock Music (Erol Alkan Rework)” from the compilation “COWBOYS ONLY” [Phantasy Sound]
  • Belgium-based dark disco /techno /indie dance DJs & producers Sylphomatic – “Push Puglia” off upcoming “Coldfusion” EP [Nein Records]
  • AC/DC – “Thunderstruck (Niv Ast Edit)” [Break Apart 002]
  • Gino Soccio — “It’s Alright (Paris Acid City Classic 12″ Edit)”
  • Scottish cosmic /leftfield /trance /electronic producer Keep Me In The Light – “Hotplate Memoirs” [Paradise Palms Records]
  • Mexican dark disco /Italo /electro-funk /psych /indie dance collaboration Ali X x Ximena & Pvlomo – “Pastillitas (BadWolf Remix)” off “Pastillitas – The Remixes” EP [Roam Recordings]
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland Italo disco /acid /house /indie dance DJ-producer Jordan Nocturne – “Nostalgia” from “Nostalgia” EP [Correspondant]
  • La Plata, Argentina dark disco /indie dance DJ-producer Cosmosolar – “Misterio En La Disco (Size M Remix)” off “Immaginazione” EP [Espacio CIELO]
  • Mexican indie dance /dark disco /cosmic Italo DJ-producer Oscar Avendaño, aka Levantine — “Ecstasy And Desperation (David Garcet Remix)” off “Interdimensional Love Triangle” EP [Mélopée Records]
  • Mexico City’s ambient /cosmic disco /nu-disco Julps Feat. Loulou Ferrari – “Tisno (Rafatel Reconstruction)” off “Tisno” EP [Discos Tabú]
  • Cádiz, Spain Italo /cosmic /dark disco /acid /indie dance /nu-disco producer Calystarr ” Analog Seduction” off „Garden of Eden“ EP [Emerald & Doreen]
  • Berlin-based indie dance /tribal /acid /techno collaboration Radial Gaze x Pyrame “Outrageous” from Voodooridoo” EP [Thisbe Recordings]
  • French ambient /breaks /trance /techno producers Olympe4000 & DJ Physical – “Free Access To Nothing” off ‘’Hack Me I’m Famous’’ EP [Adrenaline Quality]
  • London, UK ambient /dub techno /house /electronica alias of veteran producer Luke Slater (The 7th Plain, Planetary Assault Systems,), aka L.B.Dub Corp “You Got Me (Ft. Robert Owens)” from upcoming double LP “Saturn To Home” 2×12″ [Dekmantel]
  • London-based audio-visual collage project started in 1991 by artist Vicki Bennett, aka People Like Us “Hymn to Collage” from the upcoming album “COPIA”
  • Bradford, UK electronica /downtempo /post-rock/ambient project of Gavin Miller (former member of Johnny Poindexter), worriedaboutsatan “Acid House Matinée” from the double LP “If Not Now, When” 2xCD
  • New York psychedelic /loop /feedback /soundtrack /folk /experimental music project of multidisciplinary artists Jim Jarmusch and Carter Logan, SQÜRL “Leave Me Alone” from the film score album “Music for Man Ray” via Sacred Bones Records
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK ambient /experimental /electronic producer Burning Pyre – “Healthcare” from the collaborative cassette album with label’s founder, Kid Smpl “027/028 – Burning Pyre & Kid Smpl” [DISPLAY]
  • Ben Jones “Music for Life – A Home Normal Mixtape” second of two mixes by Home Normal co-curator Ben Jones off Home Normal’s 15th-anniversary celebration mix series [Home Normal]

Preston Bus Station – Keith Ingham and Charles Wilson (BDP), 1968-69


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