WL//WH Video Of The Day: SMALL PLEASURES “New Year”


Small Pleasures is a new Post-Punk duo from Victoria, British Columbia, made up of Viny (Bass/Vocals) and Nevada (Drums/Vocals/Synth), fresh from releasing last December’s debut Self-Titled EP; for the ones, like us, maybe distracted by the pre-festive period, here is, to remind us about it, the music video for most likely an infectious Pixies-que lead track New Year.

The song deals with a restless couple who decide to hang on to each other, as an eerie oscillating doom-laden cloud of a driving thick churning and throbbing bassline together with relentless pounding drum beats, and vibrant droning synth strains surround fearful and angsty male/female layered vocals with rustling icy winds and obsessive piercing glowing echoes.

Heady visuals by Sean Stanley shuffle vintage wedding footage with a candid rehearsal by Small Pleasures to sync with the hopeless romance theme of the soundtrack. Surreal neon-tinged auras crafted with kaleidoscopic editing and parallel timeline overlays transfix the viewer with hallucinogenic and ghostly perceptions to manifest the blurry dual headspace one might have whilst living in the past and the present.

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