WL//WH Track Of The Day : GIRLS IN SYNTHESIS “Splinters and Rust”

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I was late with the London-based power trio Girls In Synthesis, made of vocalist and bassist John Linger, drummer Nicole Pinto and guitarist James Cubitt, just discovered them last November with their sophomore 4-track 7inch EP “Suburban Hell”, an incendiary and abrasive mix of noise, no-wave and post-punk. 

The upcoming new EP “We Might Not Make Tomorrow”, to be released on May 29 via Hackney’s Blank Editions, is a further step forward, definitely their most mature and bold work so far.

We often hear about “the seduction of noise”, think about Simon Reynolds of “Blissed Out”, something that envelops you, captures  your body, fills your ears and blow your mind, the vibrations you feel feel deep in your gut overwhelmed by the low frequencies. Girls In Synthesis’ music fully embodies those seductive ecstatic qualities.

“Splinters and Rust” rings with the dissonant, raw and loudly sharp, showing their unwillingness to soften their hard hitting nature just tempered by shards of suffering melody; groovy and rumbling bass lines lay the strong foundation along a powerful and punchy drums underpinned by bitter punky vocals, roaring with anger and frustration, hits by slabs of excrucianting guitar noise. A primal, visceral and disorienting cry of pain and angst for the inability of liberating from the ghosts of the past. 

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