WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – OCTOBER #42 – 22

Takuma Nakahira photography

  • DTP#07 – PETRO SPATHAROS                                                                                                                                 

“Metallic rhythms, withering vocals on slow and heavy hitters define his trademark sound as you can also hear in this dark and kinda frightening mix”. Courtesy of Leipzig‘s Disposable Time podcast, a masterful heady and alluring interaction of EBM Industrial /Synthwave /Electro and Techno sounds from Athenian DJ, Producer and monthly host of “Forget the rules” Radio Show on Athens-based Fade Radio.

  • BelgoItalian Leftfield /Dub /Downtempo /Balearic /Synth-pop project Sexo Y Fantasia “Oneirotic” title track from the upcoming album “Oneirotic” on Macadam Mambo

BelgoItalian aural freak show Sexo Y Fantasia foretaste the upcoming album with a murky and sluggish leftfield downtempo daze, that effortlessly plays with palpable sexual tension, floating over a quivering wiggly blanket of a dub-strewn, compulsive smoothly crispy percussive pattern, morbid vocals, whirring and radiant swirling echoes and fluttering wiry synth motifs, into a sultry narcotizing surreal dance.

  • Vilnius, Lithuania downtempo /bass /breakbeat /electronic music composer-DJ-Live performer Auren — “Low We Go” from “Electrically Shaped” EP on Electric Shapes

Lithuanian producer delivers a coarse and gritty oddball crisscrossing of bouncy dubbed-out syncopated breakbeats, thick churning and snaking basslines, droning FX and entrancing esoteric vocal loops, that will ignite a dizzying and mind-bending dancing trip.

  •  German/France EBM /Techno /Industrial project from Daniel Myer (Architect / Haujobb) & Clement Perez (14anger), AKA Rendered “BASSPORN” from “NOTDEADYET” EP vinyl 12″ on Intervision

Veteran FrancoGerman production duo span a sonic blast of EBM-fueled Electro meets Techno enshrouded in rattling Industrial atmospherics, that will mess you up with a stark propulsive onslaught to the dancefloor, striking merciless forward with a turbulent flurry of hypnotic kicks, steadfast, sharp and crispy rhymic patterns, percolating and chugging low ends, bleeding droning synth stabs and ominous rough fierce shouts, the David Carretta EBM/Electro remix is just the cherry on the top of the cake.

  • Turkish lo-fi folk, dreampop, ambient, electronica female artist (one half of Proudpilot) from Istanbul, Ekin Üzeltüzenci AKA Ekin Fil “Dora” from the album “Dora Agora” on helen scarsdale
  • Dresden, Germany neo-classical solo project Val Atra Niteris “Dead Silence” from the album “Vobis on Gondwana Records
  • East Berlin-bred, Potsdam-based ambient /electro-acoustic /neo-classical brother duo Sebastian & Daniel Selke, AKA Brueder Selke “Marienborn” title track from the upcoming vinyl album “Marienborn” on Oscarson
  • Southend-on-Sea, UK ambient /electro-acoustic /modern classical artist Adrian Lane “Faint Recollections” from the album “Missing The Crows” on Whitelabrecs
  • Ambient /drone /neo-classical project of friends and collaborators Henrik Meierkord (cello), Pawel Kobak (flute), Marco Lucchi (electronics) and Rocco Saviano (guitar), – Meierkord Kobak Lucchi Saviano – “Indigo Moon” from the upcoming 12″ vinyl debut album “Venusia” via Ambientologist
  • Edinburgh/Bolton ambient /drone /field recordings /dark electronica duo Simon Holmes and Paul Nash, AKA Holmes + atten Ash “Phoebe” from the vinyl album “Saturnian” on Blackford Hill
  • Berlin-based Colombian experimental /avant-garde /electronic artist Lucrecia Dalt “El Galatzó” from the album “¡Ay!” via RVNG Intl.
  • The Hague, Netherlands one-woman experimental /analog dark synth project Dim Garden “6000 Pierres” from the cassette album “Elle Tombe La Lune” on Tanzprocesz
  • Finland/Argentina dark ambient /synthwave /witch-house /darkgaze collaboration Crystal Cage + MORGVE “Enemy” single
  • Vilnius, Lithuania ambient /avant-garde /psych /experimental /modern jazz collaboration between percussionist-producer Marijus Aleksa and DJ-producer Manfredas, AKA Santaka “555 (Radio Edit)” from the vinyl 12″ debut album “No Rivers Here” upcoming on Byrd Out
  • London-based 80s experimental/ambient/electronic pioneer duo of Nottingham‘s Roger Horberry & Andrew Hulme, aka O Yuki Conjugate “Mansoases (live 1993)” from the ltd. tape live album “OYC40” with unreleased tracks for OYC’s 40th birthday.
  • London/Instanbul ambient /dub /acid /psych /percussive /kosmische /minimal music project, Y Bülbül & Yumurta “Jah Oto” from the upcoming album “Not One, Not Two” on Pingipung
  • Rennes based ambient /minimal /electroacoustic /cosmic /modular synth artist Héron Cendré “3-2” from “3-4” album on moli del tro records
  • Berlin, Germany ambient /cosmic chamber electronic music composer and performer Hainbach “BTM Blau” from the album “Tagwerk” on Industrial Complexx
  • Glasgow‘s ambient /IDM /minimal techno /electronic producer (AKA Lucky & Easy), PUB “Fall In Leaves” from the vinyl album “Autumn” on Glasgow‘s label Ampoule
  • Runcorn, UK ambient /coldwave /experimental /electronic /synth project of musician Gordon Chapman-Fox, AKA Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan “Community Square” from the album “Districts, Roads, Open Space” on Castles In Space
  • Swedish kosmische psychedelic electronic project of drummer Hanna Östergren (Hills / Träd Gräs och Stenar), AKA Laughing Eye “An Die Freude” off 7″ single EP “An Die Freude / Pass In Light” on Höga Nord Rekords
  • Edinburgh based dub /leftfield pop /post-pub electronic solo project of John Bryden AKA Eyes of Others “Jargon Jones and Jones” from “Bewitched by the Flames” 10″ EP on Heavenly Recordings
  • Brussels-based acid/ industrial /techno /breaks /electro French producer and Vastechoses label co-head, LostSoundBytes – “SULTANIC GROOVE (Ft. Air LQD)” from V/A “BRUINE PERSISTANTE II – PART 1 – Face A & B” compilation on Demord Enregistrements
  • Prague based Endless Illusion label head, ambient /techno /electro synth producer Ladislav Zensor, AKA Exhausted Modern “Thought Forms” from upcoming “Notions of Causality” EP 12″ on brokntoys
  • Italian experimental /industrial /EBM /minimal electronics /techno producer Francesco Baudazzi (AKA Violet Poison), AKA Diana Berti – “Tension, Please” off upcoming split cassette “Analogie Perdute” with Entire City (Mace.) [Blame Records]
  • Zürich based New Beat /EBM /Synth Wave /Techno producer (half of GOTT), Scannoir “Get Ready (but sorry)” from “Through My Silence” EP upcoming vinyl 12” on Frigio Records
  • Detroit-born/New York-based electro /synthwave /electronic /new beat project of Nico Nightingale, aka Neud Photo “Moth Breeder (Undo Remix)” from “Boca a Boca” EP on Samo Records
  • Parisian acid /rave /breakbeat /dark techno DJ-producer collective Minimum Syndicat “Rorshar” from upcoming V/A “Deviate VA005″ EP 12” [Deviate Records]
  • London-based EBM /Industrial /Dark Techno concept by Piotr Sledzinski, AKA Fairground of Tears “Trap (Undertaker’s Tapes Remix)” from “Death + Life” EP on House of Reptile Records
  • French cyberpunk /industrial /techno /EBM producer ROÜGE – “Get A Day Job” single
  • Viña del Mar, Chile experimental /industrial /EBM /techno /electronic producer ccciclo “Interrupcion Subita”
  • Dutch acid techno /electronic producer Roel Dijcks aka Ekman “The Mistake Chaos Made” from V.A. – “Acid Meltdown” compilation on New York Haunted
  • London based ambient /bass /breakbeat /techno /electronic music DJ-producer, Pearson Sound “Red Sky” from the EP “Red Sky” on his own Hassle Audio
  • London-based acid house /electro /techno Japanese designer, sound artist and Pentagram partner, Yuri Suzuki “Radar System” from “Twilight” EP upcoming 12″ on Super Rhythm Trax
  • Sheffield, UK acid /house /breakbeat /electro producer DJ Steve “Universes” from the “Reality” EP on Klasse Wrecks
  • Brazilian indie dance /acid /body music producer ROTCIV – “Dancity” off upcoming V/A “Ombra INTL 023: Passion Incarnate” EP [Ombra INTL]
  • Italian acid house disco queen Hard Ton – “Girls And Boys (Posthuman Remix)” off upcoming “Bigger Is Better Remixes” EP 12″ [Schrödinger’s Box]
  • Austrian new beat /disco /wave /synthpop project DIE MINIMALISTEN “Die Minimalisten (Heap Megamix)” off “Die Minimalisten” EP 10″ [Wiener Brut]
  • London-based dark electro disco funk producer Tech Support – “Feeling Electric (Shubostar Remix)” [AnoAno]
  • German Electro /Italo Cosmic Disco producer Martin Matiske – “Dimensional Mode” from forthcoming V/A “Diamonds In The Night V” compilation on Bordello A Parigi
  • Hanover, Germany Italo Disco /Synthwave producer (90s member of the legendary Hamburg Hip-Hop band Poets of Peeze), Machia & Velli – “Pentecoste (Extended Mix)” from upcoming “Discorsi” EP on Bungalo Disco
  • Swedish Cosmic /Trance /Tribal /Disco duo Elfenberg “Macacos Rosas (Zombies In Miami Jungle Remix)” from “Macacos Rosas” EP [Stil vor Talent]
  •  Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian Techno /Synthwave/Cosmic /Italo Disco producer Neurotiker “Arcadia” from EP “Arcadia” upcoming on Nubians of Plutonia Records
  • Australian funk /dance /electro-pop artist from Brisbane, Lemonade Baby – “I’ll Give U Dedication” single | Kitsuné Musique                                                                                                                                                      
  • Lesbos, Greece ambient /chillwave /synthwave brother duo Nanonovo “Loon Garden I” from the EP “Hesperides I” on Midwest Collective
  • Berlin-based ambient /chillout /downtempo /trip-hop /electronic DJ-sound artist DR. ATMO “Kissing Clouds” from the upcoming album “Seefeld” on Fantasy Enhancing
  • Ambient /electronic /experimental /instrumental artist XMYRI “Vestige” from “Affect (self) burial, gestalt afterflow” EP on Leipzig‘s label Cime
  • US/Italy Ambient /Drone /Electro-Acoustic /Electronic collaboration between producers Brock Van Wey and Glacial Movements head Alessandro Tedeschi, aka BVDUB & NETHERWORLD “Seas of Stones and Sand (excerpt)” from the album “Equilibrium” upcoming on Glacial Movements
  • Berlin-based German electronic ambient composer and sound designer, SVEN LAUX “The Cohesion” from the album “What Remains” on Whitelabrecs
  • Melbourne-based ambient /drone /electronic multi-instrumentalist, producer and sound healer, Phoebe Dubar aka IKSRE “Dust (Spring, 4.53pm) – Handpan Meditation” from the album “Awake Within A Dream (Sound Meditations, Vol. 1)” on Lo Recordings
  • New York based, US/Colombia ambient /drone /soundscape /electro-acoustic /electronic collaboration, Greg Dallas & Jan Esbra “Deep Dive” from “Confluence” album upcoming on The Slow Music Movement Label
  • Spanish experimental /drone /ambient personal project of Valencia‘s musician Juanvi Fortea (member of Mecánica Clásica and half of Materia and Güiro Meets Russia, AKA Mínim “Herba Salada” from the cassette album “Llacuna Infinita” upcoming on ROHS! RECORDSLontano Series
  • Buenos Aires ambient sound artist Juan Pablo Giacovino AKA Natural Life Essence “Dune (Lights n Shadows)” from the upcoming album “Dune” on Neotantra
  • Canadian ambient /drone solo project of musician Aidan Woollard, AKA Absence “Equinox I” from the album “Equinox/Solstice”
  • Ambient music moniker of Hong Kong-based producer Ben Tatlow, AKA Antarctic Wastelands – “As Waves Pass By” from V/A “Echoes in the Valley Vol. 6” compilation on Echoes in the Valley
  • Antwerp, Belgian experimental /improvisation /ambient composer (aka Fear Falls Burning and Vidna Obmana), Dirk Serries “Part One” from the album “The Rapture Of Seclusion”
  • New York cosmic country /psych-folk guitar project Seawind of Battery “Clockwatching” from the cassette album “Live: September 2022”
  • Manchester, UK ambient /drone /folk guitar solo project Black Brunswicker “Dreams We Share” from the album “Under an Autumnal Sky”
  • Dresden, Germany neo-classical solo project Val Atra Niteris “Dead Silence” from the album “Vobis”