WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips #40

photo by Katia Chausheva

  • Boise, Idaho goth /darkwave /post punk ‘sad synth trash’ project SCRY “Still Feel” from the new single “Love Now, Die Later”

On the same page of Portland-based Dancing Plague, just more restrained, seething, yet equally compelling, Boise one-man-band delivers a double dose of ‘sad synth trash you can writhe to’ with an oscillating bleak gurgling bassline creeping danger, emphasised by glistening dismal guitar melodies bleeding over isolated disturbed baritone male vocals sulk in obsessive broods about lost love and pain.

  • Connecticut two-piece synth/darkwave/post-punk duo GRANDEUR “Tourniquet” from the new album “The Illusion of Power”

Finally, the proper debut album for our beloved duo bursting with their sharp, powerful and soulful dark post-punk sound, made up of minimal yet effective arrangements and sparkling, epic melodic songwriting, enhanced by the distinctive husky, romantic voice that croons his way through 10 emotional-ridden tracks simply overwhelming with edgy attitude, lyrical honesty, and sonic intensity, It’s not a record you can approach without mentioning urgency, love, passion, pain and despair…as a hypnotic cathartic relief from today’s impending doom.

  • Detroit-born, Austin based darkwave/post-punk outfit GRAYSONS “Don’t Let Go (Demo)” new single

The new demo single from the elusive Austin based outfit rides on nostalgic somber twangy guitar melodies that spark and reverberate, amid menacing growling basslines and steady punchy drums, over alluring distressed croons that frailly haunt and quiver within the murky shades of intense ghostly melancholy.

  • Norwegian cinematic electronic project Erlend Eilertsen from Essence of Mind, aka LIGHTS A.M. “Agnes” off the new 2-track single from his forthcoming conceptual full-length album “Stories Without Words” on Alfa Matrix
  • Leeds, UK gothic rock project of Joel Heyes, aka Byronic Sex & Exile “The Bells” new 2-track single on Goth City Records
  • Rhode Island-based experimental industrial artist, composer, and performer Kristin Hayter aka LINGUA IGNOTA “Kim” (Eminem Cover)
  • Berlin-based experimental/electronic/dark ambient/post-industrial/darkwave project by Warsaw‘s duo Lee and Michal Laudarg aka NNHMN [Non-Human Persons] “Tulips” (re-release track from back catalogue)
  • 80s Dutch industrial-experimental/minimal synth heroes Doxa Sinistra “The Other Stranger” off upcoming 2xLP vinyl collection “Universo – Selected Works 1982-1988” on Mannequin Records                                      
  • Oakland, Ca cold wave/minimal wave/analogue synth project Taraval – “Plaza” off two-tracker “Exhibition”                                 
  • Antioquia, Colombia darkwave/post-punk duo Insepulto ~ “Ansia” new single
  • Swedish indie rock/new wave/shoegaze/post-punk band Principe Valiente “Broken Wings” (Mr. Mister cover)
  • UK primitive synth electronic music project THIS IS THE BRIDGE “Less Of Me”                                                 
  • Barcelona-based experimental/minimal synth/synthpop/electronic project of Irish musician Gerard Ryan, aka Le Cliché “Laugh laugh laugh laugh” new single on his own Manufactured Desire Records
  • Vienna based post-punk/minimal synth duo Violetiger “Eternal Avenues” from the 12″ vinyl EP “Transformation” on Modern Tapes
  • Seattle’s dreamy post-punk outfit FOTOFORM “Yves Klein Blue (Styrofoam Remix)”
  • Paris, France minimal/coldwave/darksynth solo project of artist Rom B, DEAD MASCOT “Far, Very, Very Far” new single
  • Sofia, Bulgaria synthpop/electro/post-punk/minimal wave trio, Les Animaux Sauvages “Andy Weather” from the album “Materia Medica”
  • Indianapolis coldwave/darkwave/minimal synth act SQUARE HOLLOW “Radio Static” from the album “Useless”
  • Turin, Italy electro dark synthwave solo project ZOLTAN FREITAG “Strain”                                                                        
  • Los Angeles based new wave/darkwave/electro-pop project of Carlo Mancia, MortalBoy “Catacomb”         
  • West Ukraine’s dark minimalistic electronic ‘autumn pop’ project BEDROOM TALK “Non – Existent Promise” from “Nothing Twice” EP                                                                                                                                           
  • Adelaide, Australia darkwave /gothgaze /post-punk solo project MONOWORLD “Offend” new single
  • New Orleans, Louisiana esoteric deathrock band, Cervix Couch “Now Nothing” from the album “Kharôn”
  • Detroit, Mi synthpop/post-punk/synthwave/coldwave solo project Soft Touch “Halloween” new single
  • Vancouver, BC veteran post-punk/new wave band The Gathering “Ocean Star” from the upcoming “Night Light” EP on COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC
  • Texas gothic rock/shoegaze/coldwave/post-punk/darkwave project Delphine Coma “Plastic Flowers” off upcoming album “Tortuosa” on SwissDarkNights Label
  • Russian indie/post-punk outfit from Ivanovo, THE SADNESS “Кормушка” new single
  • Dallas, Texas 3-piece coldwave/post-punk/darkwave band SEVIT “Bleed” from the upcoming album “On The Edge Of A Darker Place”
  • Russian new wave/post-punk band from Novosibirsk, Siberia, PLOHO ‘Между нами’ from forthcoming LP ‘Фантомные Чувства’ on Artoffact
  • Turkish post-punk/goth-wave band Merry’s Funeral “With The Fading Lights” new single
  • Canadian Post-Punk/Synthpop duo from Ottawa, THE SEANCE “Moments In Ice” from S/T debut album
  • Chicago, IL dream pop /post-punk outfit FRENCH POLICE “Feo” from the new single “Feo / Craving You” on Icy Cold Records
  • Indianapolis‘ ambient/dream pop/shoegaze/post-punk multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter Jackson VanHorn “Sunday” new single from the upcoming LP “After the Rehearsal” on Icy Cold Records/Manic Depression Records
  • Russian synthpop/new wave/coldwave band from Moscow, THE LOUR “Apples” new single
  • Portuguese Goth/Post Punk/Darkwave band from Lisbon, SHE PLEASURES HERSELF “Bury Me” new single
  • Canadian dark electro/coldwave/synthpop project from Montreal, LA MÉCANIQUE ‘Rive gauche” (Alain Souchon cover, 1999)
  • Parisian dark electro wave duo Minuit Machine “Don’t Run From The Fire” from the EP “Don’t Run From The Fire” to be released on October 16 through Synth Religion
  • Michigan bred, L.A. based synth-pop duo, Milliken Chamber “Forgotten” off the newly mastered and proper vinyl 12″ reissue of the debut recording “Lily Of The Valley” on their brand new Michigan label TechNoir
  • Toronto‘s EBM/industrial/darkwave/dark electronic project by ex-Crystal Castles drummer and producer Cam Findlay, aka KONTRAVOID “Too Deep” off “Live From The Void” live album
  • Leipzig, Germany synthpop/coldwave/synthwave solo project of Gregor Heisterkamp, aka Schluss Licht “Wiederholungszwang” from debut cassette EP “Spät Dran” on åtåmåtån
  • Berlin-based Greek/Italian goth/industrial/EBM/post-punk/dark electronics collaboration of producer Manos Simotas and performer/activist Petra Flurr, aka UNHUMAN+PETRA FLURR “Heile Welt” from the cassette album “Cause of Chaos” on She Lost Kontrol
  • Kaliningrad-based dark electronic DJ/music producer NEMESIS “Forgery (feat. NEGATIVE DATURA)” from V/A “OBERWAVE VOL. 2” on Oberwave Records                                                                                         
  • French dark electro/techno producer from Grenoble, Michel Amato aka The Hacker, aka AMATO “2 in 1 (Years of Denial Androgynous love version)” from “Barro#004 Amato – 2 in 1 + Rmxs” EP on BARRO
  • Polish post-punk/darkwave/coldwave project by Mariusz \\VOID\\ Łuniewski, aka undertheskin – “End This Summer [Ash Code Remix]” from the new single EP “End This Summer”
  • Brownsville, TX new wave/coldwave/darkwave/post-punk duo TWIN TRIBES “Shadows (Matte Blvck Remix)”
  • Palmira, Colombia EBM/synthwave/minimal wave solo project HUMAN 80 “Absolutely this is body” from the EP “Elektronik Vorhut”
  • Madison, Wisconsin electro/new beat/EBM project by Caustic’s Matt Fanale and Null Device’s Eric Oehler, KLACK “Two Minute Warning” (Depeche Mode Cover)
  • Harrisonburg, Virginia dark synthpop outfit BUCK GOOTER “The Sparrows and the Nightingales” (Wolfsheim Cover)
  • Los Angeles, Ca future pop/synthpop project State Of The Union “Rise Up! (Short Version)” from upcoming “Rise Up!” EP on Infacted Recordings
  • Boston synthpop duo Antidote For Annie “Combien” new single
  • Hong Kong-based noir nordic synth-pop project of Swedish musician Johan Hansson, We The North “To The End” new single
  • Swedish synthpop trio from Gothenburg, Vogon Poetry “exposed Thoughts” from upcoming 4th album “Deep Thoughts” on pbhmedia
  • Boston, Ma veteran electropop 4-piece FREEZEPOP “Fantasizer” off new “Fantasizer” Maxi Single
  • Charlottesville, Virginia synthpop solo project The Rain Within “Delicate” from the EP “Hungry Like The Wolf” on Negative Gain Productions
  • US producer Colin Cameron Allrich‘s experimental/ambient/IDM/Industrial Electronic project Slighter “Velocity” from upcoming EP “WETWARE: Volume Two” on Confusion Inc.
  • German new romantic/wave/synthpop trio Beyond Obsession “Speaking Of A Devil (Ruined Conflict Remix)” from upcoming album “Speaking Of A Devil” on Infacted Recordings
  • Chicago, IL synthwave/darkwave/post-punk solo project of Jack Armondo, PANIC PRIEST “WHEN DAYLIGHT DISAPPEARS (demo)”
  • Perth, Australian 80s/indie/dance-pop/synthwave/synthpop artist GIA COMO “Love Myself!” off upcoming LP
  • Los Angeles‘ dark electronic/electro-punk/EBM/audio/visual solo project of Sextile’s Brady Keehn, aka Panther Modern “Ready” new 2-track single
  • Berlin, Germany Dark Punk/Deathrock four-piece Totenwald – ”Black Drops” from “Forward to the Past” vinyl 12″ EP
  • Salt Lake City‘s goth/new wave/post-punk trio Sculpture Club “Not Impressed” from “Ep. |||”
  • Swiss experimental/NDW/coldwave/psychedelic/minimal wave/synthpop side project of Carlo Onda, Karl Kave “Geratewohl” from the upcoming album “Deine Freiheit”
  • Austrian minimalistic post-punk artist from Wien, BRUCH “The Underground” from the forthcoming album “The Fool” on Cut Surface & Trost Records
  • San Francisco-based shoegaze/post-punk/coldwave project Sara Stuttgart “Трапеза” from the new album “Женщина в Колодце”
  • Kyiv, Ukraine Middle East/ethnic/art-punk/coldwave/post-punk solo project of Alex Ashtaui (formerly 563/Pyat’shest’tri), MORWAN ‘Волны’ from the new vinyl 12″ album ‘Zola-Zemlya’ on Feel It Records
  • Adelaide, Australia darkwave/electro/post-punk gothic disco project THE GHOST OF BELA LUGOSI ”Excommunicado” new single taken from the upcoming new album in the works “CALIGULA”
  • Manchester, UK-based Industrial/Anti-Pop/Electro-Noise four-piece St Lucifer “Sirens” from the new EP “FutureNoisePsychology” on Analogue Trash.
  • Toronto goth/swamp/rockabilly/post-punk 4-piece BLOODY BLUE DARLINGS “Deadly Indigo” new single on Palais-de-Lis Noir Records
  • Mexican darkwave/indie rock/post-punk project of Javi Maldonado, aka NACROMATIC “Shallow” single
  • Baltimore, Maryland post-punk/punk trio LIP “Secret World” from the album “Commodity”
  • Melbourne punk/post-punk 5-pi3ece MOTH “DIGITAL CRISIS” from “MODERN MADNESS” C/S EP
  • Belgian alt/post-punk trio from Antwerp, Disorientations “Wandering” new single

    Hamburg, Germany indie/new wave/post-punk quartet FLUPPE – ‘aals’ from upcoming EP “Billstedt” on la pochette surprise records // chateau lala

  • Berlin-based one-man post-punk/darkwave project DEUS EX LUMINA “Under His Grave” from the work in progress “Dark Wave (Playlist)”
  • Spanish dark ambient/industrial/neo-folk/post-punk/darkwave solo project from Madrid, THE WYRM “La Muerte no es el final” title track from the 2xCd retrospective collection plus unreleased tracks “La Muerte no es el final” on GH Records
  • Peruvian lo-fi/EBM/industrial/dark synth/coldwave/darkwave project TRIUMVIRS “Grief Ravine” the first single from the upcoming album “Venoms of Woe”.
  • Los Angeles‘ post-punk /electro-punk solo project by former Cinema Strange and The Wraith member Colin Ambulance aka BITE MARX “Unrest at the Gender Reveal” new single
  • Italian post-punk solo project by Simone Valentini from Trento, ASTIO † “Astio” from the cassette EP “Demo 2020”
  • East Germany neo-folk duo ORPLID “Deutschland 2016” from the new album “Deus Vult” on Prophecy
  • Russian dark pagan folk act Shunema “Contrary To”



photo by Katia Chausheva