WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #7

Nate Hill


  • Serenades Podcast #85 – Anatolian Weapons                                                                                                       

Set of the week comes from dynamic Greek DJ and producer Aggelos Baltas, better known as Anatolian Weapons (aka Fantastikoi Hixoi), expect one of his usual fascinating, hypnotic and unpredictable eclectic sonic excursion, blurring the dots between house, techno, dub, industrial with alluring Middle Eastern and Kraut scents.

  • Greek dark industrial electronic techno producer from Stavroupoli, Penelope’s Fiance – ”Relinquished” title track from the upcoming cassette album on Ernest D. Tapes                                                                         

A striking mix of tight industrial rhythms, droning noise, techno and ambient pads with spirals of sound that unfold dense and hypnotic, creating a totalizing and immersive atmosphere, subtly pervaded by stifling restlessness and anguish, which shows the imaginative power of the Greek producer’s dark electronic sound.

  • Medellín, Colombia lo-fi experimental/electro/EBM/techno/dark synth solo project of Faunes Efes, FILMMAKER “Outlaw” from the new album “Eternal Return”

Prolific Colombian producer Faunes Efes kicks off the new year with 10 new tunes that back and forth between heavy techno energy, powerful and menacing EBM, deep and hypnotic synth sounds, digging deep into pulsating and vibrant dark sonic soundscapes.

  • Czech Republic experimental ambient/drone/electronic artist Blochemy “Teum” from the album “Nebe” on Whitelabrecs

Czech artist uncoils an ecstatic and magnetic exploration among bright, glistening and glitchy droning mists that slowly expand and unfold over enchanting sinuously enveloping, blissfully melodic, iridescent soundscapes.

  • Fotoplastikon “Kontury” from “Kontury” LP original score from obscure Polish movie ‘Kontury’ (1984), directed by Lucjan Kut, via Endless Illusion
  • Electro retro-futuristic jazz kraut synth collaboration between ’80s German electronic musician Felix Kubin and Polish drummer Hubert Zemler, aka CEL “Elektrybałt” off upcoming S/T LP on Bureau B               
  • Athens, Greece experimental ambient industrial techno producer and Vanila Records owner ANFS “Hate Came Way Before Love”
  • Greek vintage analogue synth/electronic producer Tsampikos Fronas (also part of the duo Manie Sans Délire), aka JUNE “Vortex 21” from the new album “Silver Demon” on Mannequin Records
  • Athens based electronic music artist METAMAN “ΣΤΑΣΙΜΟ ΑΝΤΙΓΟΝΗΣ (ANTIGONE’S STASIMON)” from “ΙΡΙΝΑ” mini-album on Won Ton Records
  • Nashville, TN experimental/new beat/cold electro producer Daniel Holt “Traveller” from V/A “It’s Always Raining Vol.1” benefit compilation for the Youth Music Foundation charity via London’s Rain World
  • Dutch experimental electronic producer from Rotterdam, IAN MARTIN “Neo Modernist” title track from the new EP 12″ on Pinkman
  • Lincoln, England experimental/post-punk/electronic/new wave/ambient project born in the early 80s of Kevin Kettle, aka Cacophony 33 – “Old Codger III” from V/A – “Transition Vol.1” EP on Knekelhuis
  • Dutch experimental electronic producer Olf van Elden aka Interstellar Funk – “7:21″ from s/t Limited Edition White-label 12” Vinyl on Indigo Area
  • Moscow, Russia techno electronic producer Destroy †Deffect “Clap” from the cassette EP “Diski” on Raw Russian
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands experimental house/techno producer Robert Bergman “Whats On Yr Mind” from upcoming four-track EP on Long Island Electrical Systems (L.I.E.S. Records) to be released Feb. 2020               
  • Medellín, Colombian EBM /electro /techno producer Felipe Marín aka RETROGRADE YOUTH ”Wrong Target” off of the new EP “Mass Asphyxia” on Pinkman
  • French industrial dark electronic producer UVB aka ELEMENTS OF JOY ‘PI08.4’ from 12″ EP ‘PI08 [π08]’ on Athens’ Pi Electronics [π]
  • Berlin-based experimental/industrial/techno/dark electronic collaboration Esker + Swarm Intelligence – “Seventh Continent” from V/A “Mothership” first, triple-vinyl, collaborative effort of Midnight Shift and Voitax labels
  • New York based industrial/EBM/minimal synth/dark electronics artist Oliver Chesler aka The Horrorist ”Assimilation Blender” from V/A “Barro #003” EP sampler on Barrio label
  • Unknown – ”My Name Is Mud (Part VI)” (Ólta Karawane Edit)                                                                                   
  • Detroit-born/New York-based electro/synthwave/electronic/new beat project of Nico Nightingale, aka Neud Photo “Dreamz” title track from the upcoming EP on Mysidian                                                       
  • Boston-based Italo/synth electronic/dark disco/synth-pop duo Dead Husband “Lake” from the ”Iguana” EP on Bordello A Parigi                                                                                                                           
  • Leipzig’s electro producer Perm “VLIW” off of V/A “Green” 12″ on Uncanny Valley
  • Moscow based experimental/acid/techno Russian producer PAUL BEGGE “Sofa Is Bad” from “Russian Sofa Grows Up” EP on Beggnoise
  • Brooklyn, NY synth electronic project of budapest-born producer Guinæpig “Latent Lability” from the forthcoming album ‘Glass Ceilings’ on TONN Recordings                                                                                    
  • French techno producer EKORS “Dead Trees” title track from upcoming EP on Leyla Records
  • São Paulo, Brazil techno/EBM producer GIXI “Modern Baboons”                                                                                   
  • Medellín, Colombia electro/EBM/industrial producer Gärtner – ‘A2’ from the EP “Espeletia” on the Analogue Texture Records‘ Machine Series
  • Greek raw industrial dark electronic techno producer DJ LOSER “Evacuated Senses” from “Club Torturia” EP              
  • Japanese Techno/Industrial main project of Shouji Sakurai from Aichi, Gutenberg – “Neu AG” from upcoming “Final Disposal” EP on 9ravesnuff
  • Berlin-based UK techno DJ/producer Steve Bicknell – “Defence Mechanism” from V/A “Vortex Chronologies Evo. 1″ 12” EP on KR3 Records
  • South Korea based Industrial/Techno/EBM/Rhythmic Noise/Rave DJ and producer UNREALNUMBERS – “Klkl” from split 12″ EP with Livigesh on UN LABEL CORP
  • Brighton, UK industrial/acid/noise/techno based producer Richard Smith, aka L/F/D/M “Midnight Muscle” from the EP “Ambitions Of Guilt” on Night Gaunt Recordings
  • Paris‘ industrial techno/hardcore/rave duo MOTH – “Oh My Gosh” new single
  • USSR-born, South of Spain based raw /dark electro producer, Rise Black “Russian Soul” from “Phrase Rose” EP on Tripalium Corp
  • Rijeka, Croatia acid electro producer Buccari “Aquificae”                                                                                   
  • Barcelona-based ambient/EBM/electro/industrial/techno producer by way of Venezuela, Cardopusher “Just A Ride” from upcoming EP “Fed With Lies” on Mechatronica                                                                             
  • Experimental ritualistic electronic hostile trio project MOKEN – “Torpedo (Kluentah Rmx)” off upcoming “Lay Environment” EP on FU.ME                                                                                                                                   
  • London, UK house/techno/downtempo/leftfield/electronic producer Joseph Ashworth ft. Vanity Fairy – “Breathe (Tunnelvisions Remix)” from upcoming “Breathe” EP on Disco Halal                                                                
  • Amsterdam-based Italian Italo disco/synthpop/ethnic/electronic producer DANIEL MONACO “La Guerreira Araba (Adrian Marth Remix)” from the new EP “La Guerreira Araba” on Barcelona’s Italo Moderni Label
  • German nu-disco/house/electronic „four-armed“ music producer, DJ and illustrator from Leipzig, Panthera Krause “Road To Arcadia (Kasper Bjørke Disco Rework)” off new EP on Riotvan
  • UK/Mexican electronic/dark disco collaboration between Berlin-based Nein label boss and Guadalajara’s label mate, Tronik Youth + Lusca – “Found Again” from upcoming “Cash Us” E.P. on NEIN Records
  • Italian dark disco/wave/electronic producers Cisky & Paolo Soncini, aka Dog.ma – “Mistique (Mastered At The Wall)” off of upcoming V/A “Ombra INTL 013″ 12” EP via Ombra International                                        
  • Hungarian ambient/dub/techno producer Ádám Erdei, aka Megcsillan – “Fa (Wood)”from the new LP “Egy Lesz (Become One)” on Lett Records
  • US classical string quartet led by cellist Mark Bridges (High Plains/Loscil, Kranky Ltd), T.R. Jordan “Familiar Waves” from “Recollections Suite” album on Past Inside the Present
  • Orlando, FL experimental/ambient/drone producer Secretflowers “Celebration of the celestial body” from the album “VHS” on Illuminated Paths

Nate Hill