WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – MAY #20-22

  • Madrid based, Santa Cruz De Tenerife-native kraut /shoegaze /noise pop solo project DUELE “Dependientes” single

An enticing mercurial debut single from Spain with an intriguing winding combination of shoegaze hazy distorted guitar textures and chiming swirling keyboard echoes to build churning bittersweet dimensions over haunted, pain-filled vocals, longing in hopeless ‘dependencies’, suddenly speeding up with a droning swarm of dynamic motorik pace and insistent flashing and droning synthetic flurry, to stridently collapse reality into a shredded shame of tattered emotions.

  • French shoegaze /indie pop solo project Maud Anyways “That Way” single

Already unveiled in video format a few days ago, an experimental new single from the French one-woman indie band that blends an energetic tumbling waterfall of rolling syncopated broken beats, cloaked in a serene flow of gauzy synths washes, pierced by obsessive dissonant guitar strains to resonate against the wonderfully evocative icy elated vocals waxing and waning in the agony and ecstasy of sheer mesmeric bliss.

  • Paris, France dream pop /indie rock /shoegaze band Rumuolumeni “Take It Further” from the debut EP “Kopfkino”

Enigmatic French outfit debut with three slow glacial-paced slabs of equally abrasive and sludgy, yet hypnotic and atmospheric heavy shoegaze to ooze ominously dense and grungy distorted guitar riffs, haunted by soaring, seemingly serene, yet dramatically evocative synth swathes, amid steady tinny drums and buzzing bass tones, to submerge undiscernible, dreamy distorted vocals into a toxic sea of swarming melancholic and angsty edge.

  • Sheffield, UK ambient /psych-folk collaboration, Justin Hopper & Sharron Kraus “Ivory” from the upcoming album “Swift Wings” based on the poems by Victor Neuburg.
  • Maine‘s surf psychedelic instrumental guitar trio KIOEA “Black Sand Beach” from s/t EP
  • Glasgow, UK Shoegaze /Dream Pop /Ambient /Avant-Garde band Perpetual Void “Trapped” from the upcoming LP “The White Room”
  • Boston‘s ambient /trip-hop /electronic solo project of Mirza Ramic, AKA Arms and Sleepers “Je suis je ne suis pas” from the 13th studio album “Former kingdoms” on SlyVinyl Records / DXFXWXU Collective
  • Toronto, Ontario electronic /indie /chillwave /synthwave act DIVISION STREET “3AM (feat. VIQ)” from the cassette LP “Districts” on Stratford Ct.
  • New York based dreamy /electronic /psychedelic /experimental pop solo project Death Hags “Teleport Now” from the new album “BIG GREY SUN #4”
  • Melbourne‘s retrowave dreampop 3-piece Double Vanity “Night Moves” single from the forthcoming concept album “Love to Leave You” via Psychic Hysteria
  • Fayetteville, Arkansas art-rock /synthpop trio Modeling “In Creases” from the album “Somewhere Before”
  • Malmö, Sweden dream pop/indie-pop duo, WY “Teeth” from the upcoming “Something Amazing” EP on Rama Lama Records
  • Madrid, Spain bedroom /dreampop project MIEDO “La gente como tú debería desaparecer” (Another Sunny Day cover) from the 2-track single “Como un juego” on Discos de Kirlian
  • ’90s Australian indie-pop group based in Melbourne, The Cat’s Miaow “I Take It That We’re Through” from limited edition LP w/ bonus 7″ & zine “Songs ’94-’98” on World Of Echo
  • Greek psych /indie pop supergroup formed in 1992, Impossible Tymes “Dreambrushpaint” from the vinyl 12″ vinyl edition of the compilation album “Popadelic” a co-release between Shelflife (US), Make Me Happy (Greece), and Fastcut Records (Japan)
  • Californian indie-garage-jangle pop singer, songwriter and musician Josh Hwang, aka CASTLEBEAT “Looking For Something” (Single) on Spirit Goth
  • Norway/Germany jangle-pop collaboration of Jørn Åleskjær (The Loch Ness Mouse, Sapphire & Steel) and  Sebastian Voss (Nah…, The Fisherman and his Soul), AKA HERR WADE “Welt ohne Rechner” new single on Platiruma!!!
  • Austin, TX Lo-Fi /Post-Punk /Dream-Pop solo project EVNTYD “Sleepy Head” single
  • Michigan based, London-native twee /C86 /indie-pop solo project THE PHOTOCOPIES “You Used To Tell Me Everything” from “The Not Knowing / You Used To Tell Me Everything” single
  • Copenhagen, Denmark indie /dream pop project Atomic Blue “Velvet Cherry” single on Nice Guys
  • South London, UK based indie rock /dream pop 5-piece MARGOT “Fame” from the second EP “Inertia” on Full Time Hobby
  • French C86 /jangle /indie-pop solo project of Thierry Haliniak, AKA My Raining Stars “If You” from the upcoming second LP “DK89 89 memories” a co-release with Discos de Kirlian (EU) and Shelflife Records (US)
  • Malmö, Sweden indie rock band (members from Emerald Park, Björn’s vänner, Golden Kanine and Chunks/God Grows His Own), AND THE BROKEN “My Heart’s Desires” from the “The Black And Blue” EP
  • Melbourne, Australian indie /psych pop band Majak Door “Forever” single                                                       
  • Kansas City, Missouri based shoegaze /dreampop songwriter Chris Thomas, aka BOLINAS “Bloom – Feat. Chelsea Rose” (Single)
  • Manchester, UK dream-gaze duo ATMOS BLOOM “When We Met” single via Spirit Goth
  • Singapore‘s noise rock /dream pop /shoegaze band Coming Up Roses “Glass Stained Eyes” from the upcoming long-awaited sophomore EP “Everything Is”
  • Krakow, Poland Dream Pop /Shoegaze 5-piece Strangers In My House “Clouds” single
  • Boston, Massachusetts based Post-punk /Noise Rock /Shoegaze one-man band, Idler Wheel “Mind” from the upcoming LP “Run Straight Down” on Candlepin Records
  • Post-punk /shoegaze /noise band based in Poland, SKUUND “Thylacine” from the new LP “Social Animal” on Shore Dive Records
  • Portland, OR-based ambient /post-punk /psychedelic /shoegaze band Lost Echoes “Stay With You” single from the debut album “Stars” on Velouria Recordz, out summer 2022.
  • Mexican ethereal /psych /noise rock /shoegaze trio Sadfields “Suficiente” single
  • Sarasota, FL shoegaze /dream pop band CAPTIVE FRAME “Something In The Way” (Nirvana Cover)
  • South Korean emo /dream pop /shoegaze outfit Syupeo Jenjang “The Girl In The Pool” off of the album “The Great Escape”
  • Edmonton, Alberta based lo-fi fuzzy shoegaze solo project of musician Corbin Cammidge, AKA Five Day Morning “Tall Tree” from the first album “Reverie Slips”
  • Australian shoegaze project of the Flying Colours bassist Melanie Barbaro from Melbourne, MOPE BURN “Secret Autograph” from the debut EP ‘Mope Burn’ out now                                                                                   
  • Northville, New York emo /shoegaze musician, Ian Edwards “Push” single
  • Poughkeepsie, New York alt-rock /noise rock /shoegaze 5-piece MANU “Endless Mind” from “III” EP
  • L.A. based indie /art-rock recording project of musician Pascal Stevenson (Moaning, Girlpool), AKA Fashion Club “Pantomime” from the upcoming LP “Scrutiny” via Felte Records                                                                        
  • Nashville, TN based Indie Rock /Post-Punk band Palm Ghosts “Another Way Escapes Me” single
  • Berlin-based indie rock band RAYVENTURAS “Bigger Moons” single
  • Lille/Paris, France dance /kraut /post-punk /indie /avant-pop /electronic 4-piece NOR BELGRAAD – “Landmarks” second single                                                                                                                                         
  • Chichester, UK kraut /psych /shoegaze /post-rock trio TRAAMS – “Breathe” from the upcoming third LP “Personal Best” on FatCat Records
  • New Jersey surf /garage /psych-rock trio fronted by guitarist and vocalist Melissa Lucciola, Francie Moon “In the Light” first single from the upcoming LP “What Are We Really Even Doing?” on Halfshell Records
  • Portland, Or indie rock /psychedelic pop band Shadowgraphs – ”Motionless” 2nd single from the upcoming s/t album
  • Madrid, Spain lo-fi indie noise rock band KATOVIT “¿Por qué no te creo?” single on Caballito Records
  • Limoges, France indie /power-pop trio BEACH BUGS “Thinking Of You” first single from an upcoming LP, out in 2022 via Only Lovers Records
  • Seattle, Wa power-pop /indie rock trio Supercrush “Trophy” from the upcoming EP “Melody Maker”
  • Brittany‘s indie rock /new wave /garage pop 4-piece BASTON “Zodiac” from the sophomore LP “La Martyre” on Howlin Banana Records                                                                                                                                     
  • 80s Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK jangle indie guitar pop pioneers Hurrah! “This Boy (Jensen session)” from the upcoming double 7″ vinyl edition “David Jensen session 08.12.82” on Precious Recordings of London
  • West Wiltshire, UK based home-recorded garage punk project of Tom Brown (of indie-rock duo Rural France), Teenage Tom Petties “Boxroom Bangers” from the upcoming cassette S/T album on Safe Suburban Home and Repeating Cloud
  • New York post-punk /garage /power pop DIY 4-piece, Famous Logs in History “Cactus Pricks” from the cassette EP “Fancy!” on Fuzzy Warbles Cassettes (FW29)
  • Phoenix-based lo-fi /noise /garage punk /rock’n’roll duo The Christian Family – “Who’s gonna catch me” from the LP “The raw and primitive sound of” on Voodoo Rhythm Records
  • Woodstock, New York blues /garage /DIY rock and roll band The Bobby Lees “Strange Days” from the upcoming “Hollywood Junkyard” EP on Ipecac Records
  • Melbourne, Australia garage punk rock’n’roll band Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters “Expectation” single
  • Saskatchewan, Canada twang /folk /psychedelic pop solo project of Snake River guitarist and vocalist, Christopher Sleightholm “The Acid Cowboy” from the upcoming third LP “The River Flew Right Past”
  • Toronto, Ontario post-rock /dream pop /indie rock collective Tidal Wave “SunBleached” single
  • London UK indie-folk duo Bear’s Den “New Ways” from the new “Blue Hours” album on Communion Records                                                                                                                                                                   
  • WelshAustralian indie pop singer-songwriter based in Perth, Stella Donnelly “Lungs” from the upcoming sophomore LP “Flood” via Secretly Canadian.
  • Kaohsiung City, Taiwanese math /post-rock /folk pop trio Elephant Gym “Dear Humans (JP Version)” from the album “Dreams” on Topshelf
  • Saskatoon, Canada indie rock /r&b /soul singer-songwriter Katie Tupper “Honey” single
  • El Paso, TX psych /dream pop /shoegaze solo project of singer/songwriter/guitarist for EEP, The Rosie Varela Project “Night Sky” 2nd single from the upcoming debut LP “What Remains” on Hogar Records

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