WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – October #40-21

  • Oren Greenberg [Disintegration 4/10/21] – Live at Netil Radio                                                                             

DJ, radio host and a music collector based in Tel Aviv kicks off an eclectic and gripping two hour-live-mix that takes place somewhere amidst Coldwave, Industrial, Techno, Darkwave, Electro and EBM in a heady combination of hypnotic sharp-edged pounding dancefloor beats and hypnotic atmospheric cold layers of ritualistic and synthetic sounds.

  • Oaxaca, Mexico indie disco /dark disco producer DIRC “Ktma” from the upcoming EP “Aura Divina” on NEIN Records

Mexican producer focused on dark and lucid sounds enkindles crisp and stomping beats to stack obscure dancefloor attitudes through a lost winding road of flashing drones, low erratic bass tones, and sparkling rev-ed up synth strains, whilst quivering abrasive strings and acidic swirls shift gears midway with a low driving menace to distort gritty electric grooves and exotic footwork dangers with alarming vibrational frequencies.

  • Cincinnati, Oh acidic leftfield electro brother production duo Keith and Kevin Frey, aka Keith&Kevin – “Chest Tight” off “The Body Lies” tape soon on Kentucky based Dead Channel Records                                                  

Cincinnati brother duo unleashed hallucinating, warped and distorted electro cut with a heap of acidic and industrialized injections through tight spirals of disorienting wiggles, rambunctious industrial-strength throbbings, and relentless repetitive mechanized beats to attack neurotic vocal grunts, moans, and echoes with unyielding metallic abrasions and rapid-fire dance rhythms to light adrenaline-fueled anxiety into a claustrophobic release of heady asphyxiations. Sick stuff.

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina Industrial /Dark Techno /Acid /Electro /EBM producer Dim Deck / ??? ???? “7355608” (Single)                                                                                                                                                       

Acidic spiralling mechanized electro fire from Buenos Aires producer igniting obsessive warbling bassline frequencies to drive throbbing tension and menace through a sonar swirl of eerie synth drone and crisp percussive hits, whilst heavily lashing kick drums cut fierce intentions through mechanical crisp percussive hits, whilst minimal desperate, detached, and distorted male vocals reiterate haunting fear into the gritty, rough-edged dancefloor rhythms.   

  • Finnish experimental /sound collage /field recordings /alien dub /electronic /avant-pop multi-media artist Heta Bilaletdin “Anaksa” from upcoming vinyl 12″ LP “Nauhoi” on KRAAK and Fonal Records
  • Czech Republic dark indie dance /electronic producer Andreas Rund – “Red Eye (Original Mix)” off of upcoming “Red Eye” EP on HEARec
  • Canadian ambient /sci-fi /electro /industrial /cyberpunk electronica producer from Toronto (aka Sylac), HOLON “The Last Mission”                                                                                                                                         
  • Los Angeles-based EBM /electro /experimental techno project of musician and visual artist, Ori Ofir (one half of Sterile Hand and party/label L.A.U.R.A co-head) aka LOWER TAR “Rite It Off” from the upcoming “Abstract Parasite” cassette album on DKA Records
  • Montpellier, France ambient /darkwave /techno /dark electro producer Fille de minuit – “Euphorie”                 
  • Berlin-based Canadian industrial electronic dark minimal techno producer (also a member of Teste), Dave Foster aka /ϟ/HUREN/ϟ/ ”Autiomaa” from upcoming V/A “NADRYV 01” compilation on Nadryv Records/FLUX Musical Art
  • French Electronic /Synth-Punk /’Post-Synthwave’ duo from Toulouse, Blind Delon “Queens Kings” from “Liftoff” Split EP 12″ with IV Horsemen [SOIL]                                                                                              
  • UK based electro /rave /industrial /post-punk /techno project of French musician/DJ and producer Jerome Tcherneyan and Czech performance artist and DJ, Barkosina Hanusova, aka Years Of Denial “Lover’s Crime” from V/A “GEGEN DECADE III” on Gegen Records                                                                                                    
  • Mexican minimal synth /wave /synth-punk /EBM /dark techno producer Carlos GrabStein, aka 89s† feat. Cruz de Cal & Petra Flurr – “We’re Here” from upcoming V/A “Terrorize Mortals” compilation album on S H I S H I
  • Italian dark trippy acid hardcore techno project of Alessandro Gaia, aka GAJA “Buddy stub Makes Beats” from cassette/vinyl 12″ LP “Morning Fist” on Ophism
  • Detroit-born/New York-based electro /synthwave /electronic /new beat project of Nico Nightingale, aka Neud Photo “Party Line” off upcoming “The Bone Zone” EP 12″ [Pildoras Tapes]                                                      
  • French dark techno/EBM producer from Le Mans, Xavier Malleret, aka Nasdrowie – “Endless Fear” from “[SHARPVA003]” compilation EP on Sharped Records
  • Brussels based industrial /noise /post-punk /dark electronics producer and Unknown Precept co-founder AIR LQD “Just a Little Laugh”                                                                                                                                                      
  • Latvian experimental /breakbeat /synth /electro producer from Riga, STARPLIKTUVE “Dominant Minority”       
  • Dutch rave /trance /acid /techno duo NKN Nightshift “Let The Sirens Speak” from “Motorbreath” EP on OBSCUUR Records
  • Moscow based ambient /industrial /techno /acid /electro producer Stas Zavyalov, aka DJ VST “JSR 260921 pt.1″ off of “260921” EP
  • Budapest dark electro producer, CT Kidobó – “Dark City” off upcoming Split EP with Maelstrom on Dalmata Daniel.                                                                                                                                                                         
  • Rotterdam‘s Danny Bosten‘s dark electronic techno /synth /electro project DAS DING – “Want Need (I-Robots Reconstruction)” from V/A “Electronic Emergencies reconstructed by I-Robots” 12″ EP on Electronic Emergencies
  • London’s techno /electro producer Phil Bolland, aka SYNCH 24 “Haunt Times” off of the upcoming debut LP “Inside The Microbeat” on his own Cultivated Electronics                                                                                              
  • French dark techno /EBM /electro producer from Bordeaux, Djedjotronic “Statistics” from “The Great Red Spot” EP on Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code’s International Chrome
  • Zagreb-based ambient /techno /electro producer & DJ, Ivna Ji “Laax” from V.A. – “Reticular Activating System” compilation 12″ LP on Noise To Meet You
  • German acid /synth wave /electro producer BLACKPLOID “Star Patrol” from upcoming “Strange Stars” EP on Central Processing Unit
  • Paris based electronic /dark disco /post-punk /trance /new beat /dark electro producer La Mverte “Nigredo feat. JC from Vox Low (Javi Redondo Remix)” off of upcoming “Alchemy Calls” EP on his new Les Enfers label.
  • Paris based house /Italo /wave /electroclash /dark disco DJ /producer Joe Lewandowski Feat. Stolt – “Here I Am” from the EP “Here I am (Lauer MKII Remixes)” on SKYLAX RECORDS
  • Italian dark disco /kraut /new wave /post-punk /electronic young musician, DJ and Live Performer, AMARCORD “Titoli di Coda” off of the EP “The Blue Hour Club” [Dust & Blood]                     
  • Paris/Hamburg breakbeat /electro /techno /electronic duo of Public System boss Myn and Zement label head Kluentah, aka MYNTHA – “Creepin Neva Sleepin” off of upcoming V/A “Palace Of Memory Where Nostalgia Is Fear” compilation [Public System Recordings]                                                                                                     
  • Amsterdam-based, UK acid /old-school rave electronic producer, one-half of Eskimo Twins, and Insult To Injury head honcho, Timothy Clerkin “Plasticity” from the upcoming “Plasticity” EP on Insult to Injury
  • Krasnodar, Russia-based eclectic electronic DJ /producer Konstantin Isayev (aka Volta Cab), Rambal Cochet “The Hidden Magenta” from the EP “Enter The Infinite” on Slow Motion Records
  • Argentina‘s tribal /psych /acid /trance /electronic producer Balam “Yagè” off of “Chants of Pachamama (Part. 2)” EP on Hard Fist
  • Israel/Italy experimental /downtempo /dub /tribal /ethnic /electronic duo Ninja Exotic Machine Feat Yeho – “Disolve” from the upcoming EP “36 Questions” via Pho Bho Records                                                                        
  • Lithuania/Mauritius leftfield /breakbeat /acid /electro duo of Pletnev (aka Ponty Mython) and Fourmï Rouz, aka MOISK “Differential Equations” off of ‘Melancholic Raver’ EP [Pleasure Express]                                             
  • UK based Jungle /Breaks /Ethno /Techno DJ/Producer, DARAMA “Marudhaani” (Presence Records)                         
  • Cosa Rosa – “Toledo Girl (Lau Tropico Edit)” [Italo disco classic 1986]                                                                       
  • UK Hi-NRG disco producer Rory Hamilton aka HAMMER “Think About Me (Radio Edit)” on his Italo Hiits label
  • Leeds, UK electro /cosmic disco duo PBR STREETGANG “GCP” from “Trans Pennine Express” EP on Sprechen
  • Islandic acid /house /cosmic producer (aka B.G. Baarregaard), Tonarunur – “Flotholt” from V/A “Buena Onda – Balearic Beats 2021″ EP 12” on Hell Yeah Recordings
  • Lausanne, Swiss rave /trance /bass /breakbeat /jungle producer JOLEK “Aela” off V/A ” SSTR/VA01″ compilation 12″ on Lyon’s SousTraitance
  • Leipzig-based GermanTurkish experimental /downtempo /acid /folk /techno artist and Paryìa label head, Marie Montexier, AKA a.b.u.3.0.3. “Space Trybez” from “Anatolism” EP on Paryìa
  • London, UK ambient /hardcore /breaks /analog electronic producer Zodiac Childs “Channels” from the upcoming 3×12″ vinyl album “Atoms To Atoms” on Zodiac Wax
  • Brussels ambient /cosmic /sci-fi /dub techno producer Faestos “Jupiter Gravity Assist” off of the new album “Departure From Sol” on Leipzig‘s Insectorama114
  • L.A. based ambient /breaks /downtempo /chillout /synth /house producer Glo Phase “Ice Sleeper” off of “Early Moments” LP on 100% Silk
  • French ambient /chillout /cinematic /downtempo /electronic producer Evin Schneider “Yellow Star” from the mini-album “Black Sun” on Golden Forest Records
  • Dorsten, Germany ambient /dub /kraut /electronic producer Aroma von Troisdorf “Eichelbaum” off of upcoming S/T LP on Papercup Recordings                                                                                                             
  • Liverpool electronic art-pop trio and legendary sound innovators re-imagine the soundtrack from René Laloux’s 1973 sci-fi animation, Stealing Sheep and the Radiophonic Workshop “Council of Draags pt.I” off of “La Planète Sauvage” album to be released on Delia Derbyshire Day 2021 via Fire Records‘ re-imagined score series
  • Moscow, Russia abstract /ambient /experimental project of multi-disciplinary artist and Klammklang label co-head Stas Sharifullin, aka HMOT “Goodbye Black Sky” from the 10″ vinyl album “This Music Greets Death” on Warm Winters Ltd.
  • New York City-based ambient /drone /soundscape /electronic composer Christina Giannone “Telepathy [worriedaboutsatan remix]” from the new album “Glazed Vision” on Past Inside the Present.
  • Portugal ambient /drone /synth /electronic project of Rui Andrade, aka Canadian Rifles “Neither Power Nor Love” off of “Lessons On Shells” 2-track single on Eastern Nurseries
  • Nashville, TN based ambient/ field recordings /drone /electronic sound artist and composer from Jackson, Mississippi, Nicholas Maloney (aka Thar Desert, Sleep Silver Lightning, The Stars Are Weeping) aka Blanket Swimming “Count The Stars” from the upcoming cassette album “All Auspices” on Tbilisi’s giraffe tapes
  • Canadian experimental /ambient /drone multi-instrumentalist (Sailors with Wax Wings & Nadja), AIDAN BAKER “In The Heat Of The Day” from the album “Seeing Past What Things Seem” on KARL
  • Washington DC/Gothenburg ambient /ethereal /electronic collaboration of Drew Sullivan (Slow Dancing Society) and Ludvig Cimbrelius (Purl), aka HALLOW UNDER “Night” from S/T album on LILA लीला