WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – AUGUST #35 – 22

Masao Yamamoto Photography

  • Narr Radio [27/08/22] // KIRSTY P.                                                                                                                         

Deft, immersive and intoxicating eclectic mix as usual from London-based record collector, quality music digger and DJ, Kirsty P. organically blending Downtempo, Cosmic Disco, Psychedelia, Synth-Pop, Italo, New Beat, World, Balearic and all in between.                

  • Spanish EBM /techno /dark electronic producer Alen Skanner “Change My Mind” from upcoming “The System” EP on Sharped Records

Spanish producer delivers all-out Hi-Nrg Techno-Disco-Electronic-Body-Music trancey anthems to dance around perpetual spaces into floating states of whelming euphoria.

  • Italian experimental /cinematic /wave /techno /electro /analog electronic producer (AKA Religius Order, Strangers For Love), Alessio Di Mezza “Placeless” from 2-tracker “Placeless” EP

Cinematic cold analog synthetic vibes from the Italian producer, to inject angsty obsessive melancholy and pain through resonant tinny snares, sombre merciless icy synth melodies, and gruelling, chugging bass lines to pave a heavy, oppressive path lit by light sparkling swarms of dire hope, taking the listener into a scenic head space of ominous, repetitive dread.

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina acid /techno /electro producer Saigg – “Aytoking” from upcoming “Gema Zhafiro” series 12″ album [Perlas]

Equally mechanical and cold yet highly snappy and groovy electro cut, that relentless jolts through stark pulse-pounding beats and bouncy chugging bassline, ominously stabbed by swirling buzzing distorted frequencies and reverberating arcade 8bit FX, spinning into a magnetic futuristic universe of edgy hypnosis.

  • Ambient /experimental /drone /electronic collaboration between Georgian artist FH HF and Tunisian artist Anasisana, aka Dunya “Constantinople” from V/A “Side By Side” double cassette compilation on Noir Age
  • Ambient musician from Turkey, Orix “Nothingness” from the upcoming album “A New Life Source” on Neotantra
  • Leeds, UK lo-fi ambient electronic sound artist Josh Hughes, AKA Cub\cub “Through A Narrow Window” from the album “Radiant Crush” on Subexotic Records
  • Glasgow, Scotland experimental /IDM /ambient/ electronic producer YOKER MOON “Forever Clanking In The In-Between” from the cassette album “Architect Of My Own ___” on Waxing Crescent Records
  • California electronic /digital Machine Dub producer (aka Mr Saturday), Billy Bates “Cold Nights in Dub” from the cassette album “Echoes into the Future” on Squirrels on Film
  • Berlin-based acoustic /no-age /krautrock /no wave ensemble KULKU “Hoodoo Blues” from the upcoming 5-track vinyl 12″ EP “Fahren” on Glasgow label Phase Group
  • UK experimental /IDM /braindance moniker of JK Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu, JK Flesh), AKA Pale Sketcher “I’m Your Possession” from the upcoming full-length album “Golden Skin” (originally mainly recorded in 2009-2013) on GIVE/TAKE
  • Basel, Switzerland early ’80s electronic pioneer group Schaltkreis Wassermann “LUX (Benedikt Frey Remix)” [composed by PJ Wassermann in 1982]
  • Russian experimental electronics /minimal synth project Mokre’tzy Konstruktor “The Imago” from the upcoming cassette EP “The Mystery of Maybug” on Dead Channel
  • Florence-based electro /kraut /minimal /techno /nuwave project of Barcelona bred DJ-synth musician Juanjo Obon AKA LoveTheMachine “Tempo Di Muoversi” from s/t album soon on Banshees Records                          
  • Paris-based, French body music /techno /minimal wave /post-punk act led by Timothée Gainet, POISON POINT “The Lost Wind” from the upcoming album “Poisoned Gloves” on Scars Into Silence
  • German EBM /synth pop /electronic music project from Hamburg, M/A/T “Liaison” from the EP “Jupiter”              
  • London-based EBM /Industrial /noise /techno conceptual artist Wvalaam Klous “Toxic Lover” from cassette album “Crimetime” on Phage Tapes
  • Slovenia/Croatia EBM /wave /electro collaboration Christian Kroupa (aka Alleged Witches) and LCN (Le Chocolate Noir), Christian Kroupa & LCN – “The Quest” from the upcoming ‘Worlds Connect’ EP on new Ljubljana‘s label KRI
  • Thessaloniki-based EBM /Industrial /Techno /Dark Electronics DJ-producer Alpha Sect “Priority” from V/A “Miseria Bonus Tape Vol 2” tape compilation on Miseria
  • Nashville, TN experimental/new beat/cold electro producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist Daniel Holt (AKA Human Figures), AKA Death Posture – “Entertainment (Chris Mitchell Remix)” from cassette mini-album “Perpetual Delusion” on Death Decay Magic
  • Berlin-based Italo /new beat /EBM /dark wave /electronic producer Johannes Stabel (aka XTR HUMAN), aka Nullstrahler “Stalker (Pierre Berge-Cia Remix)” from upcoming EP “Stalker” via his label WIE EIN GOTT
  • Spanish EBM /trance /techno /electronic producer Alen Skanner “Supernova” single on Ritmo Fatale
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina industrial /techno /EBM producer KRSSV “Adiós a las Cúpulas (SEXWORKS RMX)”
  • Latvian EBM /wave /synthwave /electronic versatile producer Dmitry Distant ft. Valeria Simonova “Into the Night (John Fryer Remix)” from the upcoming 7″ EP on his own label Garden of Dystopia
  • Tampa, Florida electro bass solo project of  Juan Espinosa AKA Cellmod “Control Nothing” from “Humans” EP
  • Italo /disco /synth wave new alias of Amsterdam based DJ/producer Simon Weiss (Isaie Reuling), AKA Isaie “Ace” from the upcoming mini-album “Psycho” on XXX
  • California industrial /post-punk /techno /electronic artist Juan Mendez AKA Silent Servant “Discipline (Optimist Decay Edit)”
  • Berlin based acid /rave /breaks /techno producer Estella Boersma “The Wave” from upcoming “Contact” EP 12″ on Lobster Theremin
  • US electro /ghetto-tech /hip-hop producer DJ Akoza – “Test Mine (Jensen Interceptor Remix)” from the EP “War Outside”
  • Russian EBM /trance /electro /breakbeat eclectic music producer from Saint Petersburg, NØNAME “Evil Live” from “U’re Guay Vol. 45” EP on U’re Guay Records
  • London, UK Techno /Electro /Breakbeat producer Mani Festo – “Eyes Open (Denham Audio Remix)” from upcoming “Eyes Open” EP [DEXT Recordings]
  • Russian breakbeat /drum & bass producer ROHO “Elemental” from “Elemental” EP on Samurai Music
  • Montreal, Quebec techno /prog house /breaks /dark trance /electronic producer Maara – “Rude, Crude & Out Of Control” from upcoming “Fancy Feast” EP on Kalahari Oyster Cult
  • Malta-based acid dark electro DJ/producer Acidulant ‘Drankx’ from the forthcoming V/A “CR002” EP on Co-Accused’s label
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK IDM /ambient /techno /electro producer THE JAFFA KID “Lef” from “Passing Signals” EP on Suction Records
  • London, UK atmospheric electro producer PLANT43 “Remote Signals” from upcoming EP “Remote Signals” on Plant43 Recordings
  • Medellin, Colombia ambient /electro producer DSUM “313 Clones” from the EP “Lighting Intermission” on his own Back Door Records
  • Rotterdam-based experimental /ambient /IDM /breakbeat /techno /electro South-East Asian duo Animistic Beliefs “Poetry In Earthly Whispers” from the album “MERDEKA” on N.A.A.F.I
  • London, UK Techno /Synth /EBM /Indie Dance DJ-producer Rest My Chemistry – “The Neon Wave” title track from upcoming EP “The Neon Wave” on Nein Records
  • Valencian EBM /dark disco /indie dance producer Mundo D “You Want It Back (Parissior Remix)” from “You Want It Back” EP on Espacio CIELO
  • Melbourne based dark disco /indie dance /electronic Edinburgh–born DJ-producer Iain Mac (aka Pyz), Stockholm Syndrome Au Feat. Birds – “The User (Black Light Smoke Remix)” [NEIN Records]
  • Spanish cosmic /dark disco /synth wave producer Undo “Aliens Go Home” from “Aliens Go Home” EP on Darkroom Dubs
  • Synth-wave /Techno /Dark Disco collaboration between Brazilian duo “Moozeic” (Joici Borges and Manuella Wintrich) and MexicanVeltran“, AKA Moozeic & Veltrán – “Disco Ritual (Lu Zero Remake)” from upcoming “Electrowave” EP [Neurokat Records]
  • Spanish Italo /dark disco /indie dance producer Arkademode “Second Lesson (Original Mix)” from upcoming “Work Out” EP [Mélopée Records]
  • Israeli house /indie dance /electronic DJ-producer Ido Morali – “Mondo3000 (Original Mix)” from V/A “Muy Duro, Vol. 8” EP on Duro label
  • Halle-based breakbeat /house /disco /electronic artist Peter Hecht “Nights (Chinaski Remix)” [Empore]
  • San Diego, Ca Italo disco project of 80s dance music producer Digimax, aka Midnight Silk – “Beautiful Dream” from V/A ” Pure Italo Disco, Vol.2″ on Aztec Records
  • Belarus bass /breakbeat /future beats /synth electronic artist Akiyan “Trust” single on Ezhevika
  • Wirral, UK ambient /noise /experimental electronic solo project Loopatronica “Darkling Sessions Project Pt. 2 – Snorra Edda” from the upcoming album “Darkling Sessions Project” on Moolakii Club Audio Interface
  • Buenos Aires ambient /techno /electronic producer N.A.R “Agenda Setting” from “Abstraer” EP on Dipnótica
  • Berlin, Germany ambient /cosmic chamber electronic music composer and performer Hainbach “Studie G – Vivace” from “Syn-Ket Studien” album (Music composed, performed and recorded at Museo Del Synth Marchigiano, Macerata 2022)
  • German based ambient /dub /techno artist Audhentik ‘Dimmer’ from the album ‘Hypno’ on Greyscale
  • Belfast, UK vaporwave /post-rock /ambient project of sound engineer and punk rock guitarist, Cregan Black “pastPresent” from the cassette album “New Directions”
  • Canadian experimental /ambient /drone sound artist Bradley Deschamps, AKA Anthéne “A portrait” from the upcoming “Frayed” album on Home Normal                                                                                                   
  • Japanese electronica /electro-acoustic /minimal /field recordings /ambient composer Morimoto Naoki “Koyoi” from the album “Kotoba”, tape on Seil Records.
  • Sierra Leone-native, NYC based ambient /experimental /dub /noise /electronic producer Lamin Fofana “The Unity is Submarine” from the album “The Open Boat”
  • Torrance, Ca experimental /noise /ambient /electronic musician and sound artist Stanley Keith Bowsza (October 30, 1951 – March 19, 2010), AKA Minóy “Rising Stars” from the previously unreleased album “Nocturnal Equations (1986)”
  • Tokyo based experimental /downtempo /hip-hop /ambient producer, beatmaker, DJ, and music activist (Unknown Me), Taro Nohara “The Universe Above The Garden” from the album “Poly-Time Soundscapes / Forest Of The Shrine” on WRWTFWW Records
  • Bristol-based ambient /minimal /neoclassical /experimental artist Rob Winstone “Haunting, haunting, I leave my suffering here” from the upcoming album “I dreamt we found a way” on Warm Winters Ltd.
  • Sydney, Australia ambient /field recordings /tape loop /electro-acoustic sound artist-musician, Alexandra Spence “a veil” from upcoming cassette album “a veil, the sea” on Mappa

Masao Yamamoto Photography