WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #31

  • DJ HEAP – Edwin № 92                                                                                                                                             

To cool down and brighten this post-pandemic, or still pandemic in most cases, sultry masked summer comes to our help the groovy and unpredictable “Balearic Lovesong Collection” DJ-set from forward-thinking Vienna‘s music stalwart Florian Stöffelbauer aka Heap, who co-runs the influential label Neubau and sub-label Wiener Brut, alongside local producer, Simon Heidemann aka Bocksrucker.

  • Experimental electronics/electro solo project by Colombia‘s drummer and synth music producer Christian Valderrama, aka PANORAMA LINEAL “Smash the system ft. Ravetop” off V/A cassette ”Crime Violente Vol.4” on Melbourne’s Up North Records

Another killer electronic punk compilation from Melbourne based Lbeeze‘s Up North Records, replete of some of the best contemporary international DIY lo-fi/EBM/industrial techno sound; Colombian producer Panorama Lineal joins forces with the unmistakable vocals of Revetop inviting us to ‘Smash The System” through bouncing and trance-inducing, dub-poetry tinged, industrial electro rhythms.

  • Canadian electronic musician from Toronto, GABE KNOX “Synthetic Soundbath” off forthcoming 10″ EP “Cosmic Motorik Adventures & Machine Language Music” available on Polytechnic Youth (PY 114)               

Canadian cosmic synthesist delivers a steadily motorik built-up jam, as mesmerizing as it is gripping, centred around moody mind-expanding anodyne yet blazing floating synth swirls and repetitive pulsing basslines, wafting to mind-expanding extrasensory interstellar realms.

  • Brazilian experimental industrial noise techno producer Edvan Marques Ferreira, aka MVQX “HIGH, DRUNK AND HELPLESS feat. RAVETOP” from the new EP “Social Disaster” on BURACO

4-tracker from Brazilian producer MVQX of crackling and booming heavy rhythms, menacing EBM-infected rumbling bassline, amidst hypnotic industrial clanging, and blistering, cutting synth stabs, to create oppressive states of minds filled with sheer claustrophobic terror and social anxiety, heightened in this case by Ravetop‘s sick vocalizations.

  • London, UK based experimental/ambient/drone/electronic producer Guy Andrews “Twenty Seven Inches Of Mercury” on Houndstooth
  • Japan ambient/IDM/Detroit techno electronic producer Yasutaka Sato, aka VIRGO “Remains” from “Landform Code” CD album (originally from 1998 on FORM@ RECORDS) via Fantasy Enhancing
  • TUXEDOMOON – ’59 to 1′ (Eliezer Edit)                                                                                                                 
  • Rotterdam‘s shapeshifting analogue electro duo Animistic Beliefs “Blind Submission” from the EP “Thief of Sanity” on brokntoys
  • Lyon, France industrial/electronic/acid/techno project of pioneer musician Laurent Prot, In Æternam Vale “Rattlesnake” from upcoming S/T EP on Zone Music                                                                                                         
  • Italian acid/techno/house/EBM/coldwave/electronic producer from Bari (aka Dj Plant Texture), aka Dona feat. Aloth – “Mindscapes” title track from the upcoming EP “Mindscapes” on Mannequin Recordings  
  • Kyiv, Ukraine post-punk/darkwave/gothic/electro/industrial project of Stan Przhegodsky, aka Black Light District “Posture”                                                                                                                                                             
  • UK dark electronic industrial noise project of Jamie Blacker, ESA – “The Scorn” from “Eat their Young / The Scorn” EP on Negative Gain
  • London based experimental/ritualistic electronic/techno collaboration between Metempsychosis Records heads, Flaminia Vs. End Train – “Sense Withdrawals” from Flaminia vs. End Train vs. Tapefeed “Full Swap” collaborative EP, forthcoming on Metempsychosis Records
  • Italian post-punk/synthpop/electro/EBM duo of Michele Caserta aka Kela (Drama Emperor, PicNic and Il Catarro Del Popolo) and Vanni Fabbri (Dj Smegma, La Tosse Grassa), aka Twin Towers “Sato-Sato” off “Chaos & Banana” EP
  • Brooklyn, NY based industrial/rave/cosmic/acid/hard techno producer BRÄLLE – “Spačva Forever” off upcoming “Hands Of The Master” EP on Märked                                                                                                 
  • Canadian industrial/rhythmic noise duo MDD “No Mercy Inside Us” off cassette EP “Convene + Obey” on Drøne
  • Glasgow industrial/acid/EBM/techno producer Punke – “Maxilla (Evil Dust Remix)” off new EP “Maxilla/Parilla” on Still Distant Records
  • Los Angeles based, Tijuana born dark electro producer MACHINO “The Future Disappeared” from upcoming cassette album “CIUDAD VIOLENTA” on X-IMG
  • Spanish dark electro /synthwave Dj/producer from Bilbao and Eclectic Reactions Records label co-founder, WLDV [We Love Dolce Vita] “Mission Mind Control” from V/A “ER030 Compilation V.4” sixth anniversary Eclectic Reactions Records label sampler celebration
  • Ibiza-born leftfield/techno/electronic music producer, live performer and DJ based in Berlin, Carlota “Cool in the pool” from her debut EP “The Bow” on трип
  • French breakbeat/industrial techno/electro producer from Angers, Unklevon “Planet Robot Choices” off V/A “DÔME VA.01” EP on DÔME
  • Argentinian experimental/acid/breakbeat/electro producer from Buenos Aires (one half of Shpshft) Javier Vairo a.k.a NOT4 “(Buko) Non Capisco” from the EP “Assurda Illusione” on Of Dolls and Murder
  • Prague-based synthwave/synthpop/electro DJ/producer and co-founder of Endless Illusion label Ladislav Zensor, aka EXHAUSTED MODERN ft. NVST – “Something Stronger” off debut full-length LP “The Year of the Rat” via his own Endless Illusion imprint                                                                                                              
  • Toronto‘s breakbeat/synthwave/minimal synth/electronic project of David Lush, MEMOREX “Service Canada (mix 1)”                                                                                                                                                                          
  • Glasgow, UK dub/breakbeat/acid/electronic producer Kyle Webster (Dark Partials Project, Sixteenth, Krokakai, General Krull), KROKAKAI “Far Reaches Of Decay” from upcoming “Strange Behaviour” EP on Silver Dollar Club                                                                                                                                                   
  • Hamburg experimental/psych/tribal/electronic producer, Teerpappe label head, and one half of Fallbeil (aka Wosto), Acid Lion – “The Planet Doesn’t Mind” off upcoming V/A “Teerschwestern” on Teerpappe                  
  • Leeds, UK experimental/wave/cosmic/electronic project by Tim Hutton & Joe Gill from Zmatsutsi/Outlaws Yacht Club, aka Cheap Thrill “Cassette Jam 1” (recorded Leeds 30.07.20)                                                           
  • Guatemalan born / Paris based ethnic/psychedelic/acid/electronic music producer Diego Pappa, aka DI LAIF ‘Flama’ off the EP ‘Xibalbá’ on Frente Bolivarista
  • Greek-born, Berlin-based breaks/leftfield/techno DJ and producer Aroent “Quirky Chance” off new EP “Eelese” on Awkwardly Social
  • Berlin-based, Lebanese experimental electronic/leftfield pop producer/singer (E-Saggila and Northern Electronics collaborator) Zainab Marwan, aka THOOM – “Large Fly” off the upcoming album “Pork” produced by Ike Clateman, on her own label Career Whores
  • Toyko’s japanese folk/jazzy/Detroit Techno/Chicago house producer Hoshina Anniversary, aka Shifting Gears “Miyatsukomaro” from upcoming “Evil” EP on MUSAR Recordings
  • Paris based author, performer and DJ Agnès AOKKY – “Les Poissons-Chats (Hologram Teen‘s Ottawa Disco Dub Remix)”                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Lithuanian Italo disco/house/electronic DJ and producer located in Vilnius (a member of “Soundwax” DJ collective), Lowe Aka User “Palms Boulevard (Romain FX feat. Liberté ‘City of Angels’ Rework)” from “Plastik Tanzen” EP Remix Pack [WWWEP0002] on Vilnius’ label Where Were We?
  • Mexican dark disco /dark electronic duo from Puebla, FLXXX “The Past Has No Power (Local Suicide Remix)” from new EP “Violent Birds Fly” on Roam Recordings
  • UK based deep/dark disco music producer and DJ, Sahar – “Flashback (Dario Dea Remix)” from “Flashback” EP on Paradiso Records                                                                                                                                                
  • Mexican electro/house/dark disco collaboration, Zombies in Miami & Joseeph – “Walking Home” from V/A “Freeride Millenium presents Queer Base” fundraising compilation
  • London-based, Southern Italy deep house/Italian dance/synth/Italo disco female producer Francesca Macri, aka System Olympia – “Mystified” from V/A “Italian Synth Planetarium Sistema 3” compilation on Slow Motion Records
  • Australian electro-pop/electronic project of Melbourne’s Rohan Newman, aka Roland Tings “Lights On The Headland” from upcoming EP “First Wave” on Cascine
  • US/Argentina experimental/ambient/drone duo of Taylor Deupree and Federico Durand, aka THIS VALLEY OF OLD MOUNTAINS “Wintir” from the album “This Valley Of Old Mountains” on 12K Music
  • German/Swedish ambient/dub techno collaboration between Daniel Danieli and Ludvig Cimbrelius, aka Daniel[i] & Purl “Tesseract V” from the album “Tesseract” on Pyramid Blood Recordings